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RUSH: Northport, New York. This is Billy. Thank you for calling, sir. Great to have you with us.

CALLER: Great to be here. Mega dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Rush, last Thursday was a God-awful day in New York with traffic, but I want to tell you something. You made it worthwhile. There was a young girl that called in from Ohio, she was home sick, she attended a parochial school that she said was liberal, and she had a project to do on immigration. And your dissertation, that went on for quite some time, was absolutely beautiful, logical, factual. And the cadence of your answer to that young woman actually — and I kid you not — made me cry traveling south on the Taconic during the snowstorm. It was beautiful, Rush, absolutely beautiful.

RUSH: You know, thank you, Billy. I have had an incredible amount of reaction to that call. I’ve had more reaction to that call than any call in years, I think. And I’m very appreciative. I thank you so much for your analysis of it and your comments. But even though I think that I know all of you intimately, I am still nevertheless at times stunned and surprised at the things that make a huge impression.

What he’s talking about, there was a young girl, I think she was 13, and she was calling from Ohio, and she had a school project the next day, and she had to submit a presentation on should immigration to the United States be hard? And I gave her basically an explanation of why I think it is and should be. We’re talking about legal immigration.

And I was thinking the whole time, “You better shorten this up. You’re getting a little bit verbose here and going on a little long.” But I basically just used this opportunity, this occasion to give a lesson on immigration itself and America and why America’s special and why America is unique and why America thus is great and exceptional, and that’s why it should be hard to become a citizen. That we need to determine people who want to come here and become citizens, we better determine whether they’re gonna be good ones or not. That’s a responsibility we have to everybody else who lives here. It’s a responsibility all Americans have to preserve their country.

I don’t have kids of my own. I’ve got nieces and nephews. When they ask me stuff like that, that’s how I answer it. That’s how we were talked to when I was growing up. As kids, this kind of stuff was discussed frequently in our house. I thought all homes were like that, and I came to learn that they’re not, obviously. But, to me, it was just an opportunity. Here’s a young 13-year-old person who wants to know about immigration. And I thought I’d just expand on it and talk about America.

I’m overwhelmed and flattered how it was received, and I appreciate your comments, exceptionally so. I’ll tell you what, Koko, post this back up there at the top of the website today and headline it in such a way as “by popular demand,” or some such thing ’cause I’m not kidding.

In addition to this call, I mean, I had people coming up to me on the driving range Saturday, who never talk to me about what happens on this show, talking about that. So it’s really gratifying. I thank all of you.


RUSH: That young caller’s name was Delia and she was calling from Charlottesville, Ohio, on Thursday. She’s the one who wanted to know if it should be hard to become a citizen via immigration, should it be easy. And I told her why I think it should be hard, should take time, should take study. Also, we got a caller up here who thinks that Trump is being a genius endorsing Pelosi for speaker. Lots of other stuff on the other side. So hang on.

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