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RUSH: Speaking of the election, I want to get into this a little bit more detail, but I noted yesterday that in Orange County every Republican congressman lost. Orange County is one of the last counties in California where Republicans have a chance, and they lost every congressional seat. But I only told you half the story.

Over half of those Republicans won on election night. Some of those Republicans won by eight points — and then counting the undervotes and counting the overvotes and counting the late votes. I mean, we didn’t see what was going on out there because everybody was focused on Florida, the recounts in Florida. But they played games out in Orange County. To show you how odd it is, in Orange County the vote for the Republican candidate for governor of California was 200,000 votes higher than the Democrat candidate got.

Yet every Republican member of Congress loses? Some people think this is highly suspicious and are looking into it.


RUSH: Coronado, California. We start with Mary. It’s great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you. I love talking to you this morning, and happy Thanksgiving.

RUSH: Same to you.

CALLER: I am probably the last Republican in California, and because I got so fed up with the RINOs that I reregistered as an independent, and before the election, because I’m somewhat disabled, I requested online an absentee ballot as an independent. Immediately, I received two emails with absentee ballots and an invitation and welcome from Taylor Swift, and would I be able to help other voters to the polls? The following day I received four more ballots in the mail. So here I am with six ballots, and there’s nobody to report it to because nobody in the state would do anything about it.

RUSH: Well, wait a minute.

CALLER: There’s total apathy in California.

RUSH: Why didn’t you use them?

CALLER: Unlike Florida.

RUSH: Why didn’t you use them?

CALLER: Well, there is a penalty on it.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: I did not… Because of that, what I did was I went directly to the polls on Election Day and voted in person without the absentee ballots.

RUSH: You know, it’s still, though — and Taylor Swift. One of the ballots you got was with a note from Taylor Swift who’s out there endorsing Democrats in Tennessee and all over the place. Taylor Swift has got some kind of an attaboy email included in an absentee ballot mailing? She gets six ballots sent to her. She didn’t use them, but how many other people do you think did? She registers from Republican to independent ’cause she’s fed up with the RINOs.

That opened the door for some shenanigans to be played. But what we know happened in California, in Orange County… Let’s just stick with Orange County on election night. Again, nobody knows this because everybody’s attention was directed toward the Florida recount. That’s the one that was sexy. Most people are no idea what was going on in Orange County until the news was magically reported a couple of days after the election or maybe a week after that, “Well, look at this!

“The Republicans lost every seat they had in the only county in California Republicans have any strength! They lost every one!” But it wasn’t true on election night. California congressional seats, Republicans won them on election night and then they just disappear days after they won the elections — and you know why? It’s exactly what Mary is talking about here is dubious Department of Motor Vehicle/ Motor Voter registration and ballots were sent out.

Mary here got six applying for absentee. People that went motor voter to register were also sent a bunch of ballots, and many of them were returned. Here’s an example. David Valadao, a conservative congressman in California, won by 8% on Election Day and is probably now going to lose as they keep counting the, quote-unquote, “late votes.” It doesn’t make any sense when you look at what happened. The Republican candidate for governor in California?

I mean, he had no prayer, but in Orange County he got 200,000 more votes than the Democrat candidate did, and yet every Republican congressional seat was lost? Would there been that much ticket splitting? Could it be that a number of Republican voters did vote for the Republican gubernatorial candidate but then on the same ballot decided to not vote for any Republicans because, like Mary, they were fed up with RINOs? This is what we’re gonna be led to believe.

But in the case of Congressman Valadao, he won by eight points on election night. They… (chuckles) Folks, they just never sleep, and they never stop and they do not accept losing. They do not acknowledge it. Stacey Abrams still won’t! Stacey Abrams is still on the warpath, and it has gotten to the point — she went so far overboard — she’s asking Hollywood actors not to do the boycott that they had planned in Georgia because Georgia’s a bunch of racists since they wouldn’t elect her.

Georgia is a state of a lot of hate. That’s what the Hollywood actors say: Too much hate in Georgia and too much racism ’cause they didn’t vote for Stacey Abrams. Except Georgia set a turnout record for a midterm election. They set a turnout record and yet here’s Stacey Abrams running around saying, “Not all ballots were counted! (grumbling) Games were played and so forth.” What’s the recourse for this? You look at…

You used to be able to depend on courts, the law and order, the criminal justice system. Any number of institutions existed to deal with lawbreaking or behavior outside the guardrails. It doesn’t seem that there is much accountability anymore for people who go outside the law either outwardly or overtly, and there doesn’t seem to be any shame. You know, I really thought that the mobs on television all day and all night harassing senators during the Kavanaugh hearings…

I thought that would have a tremendous impact on people voting in all elections, congressional and Senate. I thought people would see that and want no part of the party that’s sponsoring that or is behind it. But the party won big. The analysts will say, “But, Rush, that stuff didn’t matter.” Yeah, I know, it didn’t matter, but why doesn’t it matter? Why does not a bunch of mobs attempting to destroy the life of a good and decent man…? Why does that not hurt the party that sponsors that?


RUSH: Here’s Jay in Toronto. Are you there, by any chance?

CALLER: I’m there, Rush. Thank you.

RUSH: Great to have you with us. How are you?

CALLER: Very well. I want to make my comment. I’m a law enforcement officer here, okay? I work for the Canada Border Services Agency. These are my opinions that I’m giving you, not the opinion of our Minister of Public Safety or the Canada Border Services Agency. I want to say that I believe in the rule of law, okay? And I follow it. I do my best to follow it. Now, when the rule of law is not being abided by — when they are trying to overthrow your president with some sort of counsel ’cause they didn’t like the outcome of the election, when they make up stuff about a justice of your Supreme Court, when they stuff ballot boxes with fake ballots — that is unacceptable. That’s not the rule of law. I’m not making a call to arms. I want it to be more cerebral and more intelligent, but you guys have to rise up against that. They’ve declared some sort of war on you, and you must fight back.

RUSH: Well, a lot of people think that that’s what Donald Trump is and what the election of Donald Trump was and represents ongoing. A lot of people have also depended on time-honored institutions that you can seek out — like you mentioned, law enforcement — to address some of these. Even those have been taken over and corrupted. So it’s an ongoing battle. That’s the point.


RUSH: Here’s Patrick in La Grange, California. You’re next. It’s great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, thanks for having me again, another reason to be thankful this week.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: I want to thank you for teaching us how to read the stitches on the curveball here.

RUSH: Fastball. Fastball.

CALLER: I’m in California. I was watching the midterms. I thought Cox had a shot early on, but after about 60% was reporting realized he was gone. But I was watching the House races and there were like five Republicans that with 75% reporting have like 15, 20 point leads, I’m thinking good. Now, specifically, the Korean American, Young Kim, just a few days ago I heard she won, I’m reading the chyron during Laura Ingraham last night, and she loses to Cisneros. And she had like a 1,500-point lead, it dwindled to 431, and now she loses.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And it just really pissed me off. I posted to a group I belong to on Facebook. It’s conservative group. And then I’m about to —

RUSH: That means nobody saw it.

What’s that?

RUSH: That means nobody saw it if you posted to a conservative group on Facebook. Just a lighthearted comment.

CALLER: There’s like 500 of us.

RUSH: I know. I know. But nobody else is gonna see it except you 500. And some of you 500 may not ever see it! Facebook puts that stuff up there, it’s called shadow banning. Twitter does it, any number of ’em do it. You think people are seeing what you post, and some of them may never see it. But you won’t know it unless you ask them, “Hey, did you get my post about the screwy stuff here in the elections?”

“No, when did you send it?” Anyway, there were eight raises. Orange County is where this was really strange. Young Kim would have been great. There was another great candidate, Elizabeth from Vietnam – Elizabeth Heng would have been fabulous to win as well.

But in Orange County which, I mean, that’s pretty much the lone — maybe parts of San Diego – the lone bastion of Republican, slash, Reagan conservatism left there, and six or seven of those races, the Republican candidates had leads of five to eight points after election night, and they all end up losing because of late votes and other oddities out there.


RUSH: Marty in Huntington Beach, California. You’re next. It’s great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you very much. Hey, Rush, I’m from Huntington Beach, California, Orange County, which has always been, you know, a great Republican bastion or whatever. So I vote every time there is an election, and this time — like some of the others — I’m standing in line in the voting area, and two people in front of me and one behind me were not asked for any ID, were not asked what their address was. They said they lost their voting info or whatever their excuse was, and they were given a ballot. Just like that, without any questions. So I’m just curious because all of these election results that come in afterwards are all probably those types of returns.

RUSH: It has to be. Has to be. But I think a lot of them are being called “late votes.” Now, late votes are… (chuckling) When liberals run precincts, late votes can be anything. They can be absentees, provisional. Do not discount the provisional ballots. These people that don’t have any ID that you talked about in front of you are supposed to be given provisional ballot. If they can’t prove who they are, rather than be sent away, they’re given provisional ballots — because, as you know, every vote must count. We must preserve our democracy.

Every vote must count no matter what Martian casts it, and so they’re given provisional ballots, and those ballots are not supposed to be counted and used unless it’s so close that it’s necessary, because they can’t be confirmed as legal until they are examined. Meaning who submitted them? Somebody shows up with no ID and no proof of who they are. They still have the give their name and acknowledge who they are. They’re given a provisional ballot, and then after the fact, they are tracked down.

If it’s determined that, yeah, they were telling the truth, that’s who they are; they just didn’t have ID that day, then the ballot will go ahead and count. What happens is (chuckles), Democrats find votes wherever they need them, and they get ’em from provisional. They ould be late arriving absentees in the mail. Anything’s possible. But again, the strange thing about Orange County is that the Republican gubernatorial candidate won by 200,000 votes, and yet every Republican member of Congress loses!

Many of them were easy winners on election night, by five points, by eight points. But I know what you’re talking about. I’ve seen it. I’ve been in line to vote and people that… In fact, I have never witnessed a provisional ballot being given, but I know the circumstances where they are supposed to be. I have seen people who do not have the ability to prove who they are be turned away — which, to me, is what ought to happen. It’s very clear what you have to do to vote.

You have to be registered. You have to be honest about where you live. But let’s be honest. I mean, how many people…? You can’t even get people to read an instruction manual on where to find the on/off switch on a remote control, for crying out loud, and you expect them to go out and handle this most complicated aspect of registering to vote. The Democrats realizing the stupidity of their voters have made it very simple. Just show up and we’ll count ya — or, better yet, get on the bus that we have going to the polls and we’ll make sure it counts.

Since we must count every vote.

I’m glad you called.

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