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RUSH: Barack Hussein Obama has decided to take the gloves off. Barack Hussein Obama is obviously tired of seeing his wonderful presidency unraveled and ripped to shreds. So Obama says that Donald Trump has “mommy issues” and this is part of what makes Trump incapable of fixing the nation’s problems. Well, I thought Trump was doing a bang-up job of fixing the nation’s problems, particularly on matters of the economy, and he’s doing his damnedest to fix our immigration problems but people like Obama and his judges that he appointed are standing in the way.

This is a purposeful attack on what the United States of America was founded to be. Donald Trump is… There’s nobody else, folks. Donald Trump is the only person in Washington willing to stand up against all this tide and try to stop it. So they’ve got every long knife out. Every gun, metaphorically, they have pointed at him, and now they’ve unleashed Obama. Trump has “mommy issues.” Trump was the subject of the talk Obama gave at the Obama Foundation Summit, which was held at the Marriott Maquis hotel in Chicago.

This was Monday, and Obama said the world “badly needs remaking,” and he said that Trump is “confused and angry, racist,” harboring “hate,” and has “mommy issues.” Now, this hate business. You know… This is something that I recoil against. This is a favored leftist label and talking point that is designed to shut up any opposition. I remember when I was first starting out with this program — like, late 1988, ’89 — and it was growing, and I was getting new stations in every city.

I would go to these cities and do a Trump-like rally to acknowledge the new affiliate and so forth, and in each one of these cities, somebody in the local media would want to do an interview with me for the local newspaper or in some cases local television. Remember, all this is new to me. I’ve never been on a success track before other than the three years prior that was in Sacramento. So I had never really been a target of anything because I hadn’t succeeded.

I mean, I was doing okay. I was not an acknowledged failure. But I hadn’t succeeded to the degree I wanted to or to the degree that anybody else would call what was happening to me success. But then it did. It started to happen, something like 16-17 years after I started in radio — maybe longer than that — and I remember being interviewed by somebody at the Los Angeles Times when we got our Los Angeles affiliate, and she said, “Why all the hate?”

I said, “What?”

“Why do you harbor so much hate?”

I said, “I don’t hate anybody. What do you mean, ‘hate’?”

“Well, I hear what you say about women and feminism, and I hear what you say about African-Americans.”

“You call that hate? Have we gotten to the point where any disagreement on policy is the result of hate?”

“Yes! You conservatives, you just hate everything. You hate everybody.”

I recoiled, and I read her the Riot Act, and I even included a bit on this in my performance (which was actually in Irvine, California) that night, and I was just outraged by it. Little did I know that it’s just a specifically and pointedly used word to basically stifle any opposition. You just say that whoever is opposed to whatever the left wants is harboring “hate,” and that’s what Obama is doing with Trump. I can tell you, Donald Trump doesn’t hate anybody, and I don’t hate anybody, and I don’t know anybody that hates anybody.

The hate… There is real hate, and the left has it. These mobs storming the hallways of the Senate during the Kavanaugh hearings? What the hell was that? These mobs trying to burn down Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, Maryland? What is that? Antifa? Black Lives Matter? They are rooted in hate! The left has been consumed by hate! The left has been poisoned by it each and every day! They exist in pure, raw hatred!

Contrary to them, we don’t hate anybody. We want the best for literally everybody. We think this is the one place on earth where that can happen: The United States of America. I just recoil every time I hear it. Here comes Obama. It’s the laziest allegation you can make about somebody. “Trump is obsessed with hate.” Why? Because he doesn’t believe in allowing people to pour over the border illegally? Because he’s trying to unravel some Obama policies which would literally erase and wipe out American society and culture as we know it?

Wanting to preserve the United States of America is rooted in hate? It’s absurd, and it’s one of the ways that they get Republicans to shut up, one of the ways they get their critics to shut up. They don’t want anybody thinking they hate anybody, and I have the deepest of resentments for it. I think it’s intellectually lazy; it’s nowhere near correct. Then the media picks it up and they start running with it and they start throwing the word around, and it’s always aimed at people who disagree with whatever perversion or corruption the left is trying to implement.

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