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RUSH: A stunning development in college football. The iconic Arkansas Razorbacks suspended a couple of defensive backs.

Kamren Curl and Ryan Pulley were both suspended, said the coach, Chad Morris, for behaving in a manner that is completely unacceptable to what the Razorbacks are all about. They’re going to miss at least a week.

What did they do? What was their offense? They were spotted flirting with cheerleaders from Mississippi State, the opposing team.

Defensive Coordinator John Chavis piled on. He said the team is trying to build a winning culture, the players actions didn’t help, and he’s very disappointed in them for scouting out the cheerleaders of the opposing team.

And it is. It’s outrageous that young football players would notice a group of cheerleaders — and it’s even more outrageous that they’d flirt with them! It’s incomprehensible how this would happen! Young men flirting with scantily clad young women in this era? Darn right they should be suspended! Maybe even… Well, maybe not that far.

Now, if these two players had been flirting with each other, or taken a knee during the national anthem, it would be a different story. They would be heroes! They might even score a big endorsement deal from a sneaker company that might even pay for their wedding.

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