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RUSH: Bradenton, Florida, next. Hey, Claire, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Fine. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Hey, listen. I just want to comment on the Thanksgiving story you shared with us. Thank you so much for that. I really feel like as a patriot that anybody that hears that story today, we still carry that feeling with us and that’s what sets us apart from the people doing all this fighting. I also want to wish you and Kathryn a happy Thanksgiving.

And I want to get to my point and that is we were watching you on TV, that was one of the best rallies I’ve ever seen with Trump. You opened for him in Cape Girardeau, you looked amazing, you looked healthy, you looked happy. And I really don’t want you to say no, but I just think you really should consider running for president after Trump because I think after him, there is no one else. There’s nobody with this personality that he has that’s so big other than you, and loves the country as much as we do.

RUSH: I am deeply flattered. Now, when people have suggested — and I know you mean it, so I’m not gonna joke about it. I know you mean it. In the past when it’s been suggested I run for any office, not president, any office, I said I wouldn’t have a prayer simply because I’ve been speaking 15 hours a week for 30 years. And oppo research can go find anything they want that would kill my candidacy. The word feminazi might kill my candidacy. But now with Trump having busted through all those kinds of barriers, it may be possible now, whereas prior to today, prior to Trump it would not have been. So, well, I’m not flat-out saying no. I’m gonna have to reassess it at some point. I’m just telling you, before Trump, Claire, it would not have been possible.

CALLER: I agree! I agree! But you’re Rush! Everybody loves you! And all I really care about is my grandkids and growing up in a great country like I’ve been privileged to grow up in. And you love this country like he does. And I think, you know, they’re gonna run somebody like Oprah or whatever. They’re very sheepish about that I think, and I think she is too. But just as she has her whatever going on, it doesn’t matter. If you love the person running, you’re gonna vote for ’em. People think that everybody just gives Trump a pass on what he’s doing. We don’t like some of it, but we don’t care ’cause we like what he represents. Does that make sense?

RUSH: Totally! And this is the thing that Trump’s enemies and opponents have yet to understand. I’m watching CNN today, and it’s no different than what they’ve been doing for two years. They are showing examples of Trump saying hypocritical things. They’re showing examples of Trump saying mean-spirited things, they think. They’re still on this quest to kill Trump as a human being. And they’re still trying to educate people like you or convert people like you into thinking that Trump is absolute human debris and has no business being alive in American politics. And they’re beating their heads against the wall when it comes to trying to convert Trump supporters and voters.

And it’s really interesting and amazing to me. They have not yet, even after two years, given one moment to trying to figure out why you are who you are and why you support Trump. All they’re doing is thinking that you’re stupid and dumb and dangerous and that, if they just pummel Trump enough, you will finally wake up and admit the mistake you made in voting for him. It really is a case study in watching these elitists and self-proclaimed members of the ruling class.

CNN today has been a fascinating case study. There hasn’t been one moment of happiness, there hasn’t been a moment of satisfaction, there hasn’t been a moment of patriotism. Every anchor has taken his or her shot at beating up Donald Trump. And the only audience they have is where you can’t watch anything else like in an airport. It’s amazing to see. The willing obfuscation, the willing ignorance, the purposeful ignorance that these people are exhibiting in understanding why somebody like Donald Trump is supported, why he’s elected.

Look, I thank you very, very much. All of you, all the time. To this day I am still so appreciative of all of the great things that you have made possible for me and my family. And there’s no way of ever repaying it all. So that’s why I try to tell you as honestly as I can, as often as I can how deeply important to me you all are and how meaningful you all are. So thank you again, Claire. And have a great Thanksgiving and a great weekend.

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