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RUSH: Well, this is funny. The media is outraged again by President Trump — who may be the greatest president of our lifetimes, with one or two exceptions. Trump’s out there saying he can’t imagine anybody, anybody but himself being TIME magazine’s Man of the Year. He just can’t see it. There’s not anybody even close. Of course, the media says, “How dare he speak this way? This is just so unseemly! This is not how polite society refers to themselves. It’s not done this way.”


RUSH: Trump’s out there telling the media that an “Obama judge” struck down his new asylum executive order, and this must have really ticked off the chief justice of the United States, John Roberts. (laughing) John Roberts issued a statement (summarized), “We don’t have Obama judges, and we don’t have Bush judges, and we don’t have Clinton judges, and we don’t have Bush judges, and we don’t have Clinton judges, and we don’t have Obama…” (laughing) We sure as hell do!

What the hell is the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals? That’s where they all go! That’s why we know we have Obama judges. Obama has appointed left-wing hacks to act as judges. But… (laughing) Trump’s also saying he’s through submitting questions to the witch hunt. (laughing) Not the Mueller investigation, do you know whether the witch hunt. The Drive-Bys are beside themselves! It is funny to watch this.

Also, the media cannot handle the fact that Trump is not gonna somehow punish the Saudis for supposedly killing the so-called Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. What Trump is saying is imminently sensible. (summarized) “Look, there are much bigger things that this, and the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia is far more important, and I’m not gonna tank it because a bunch of you people think that a legitimate journalist got murdered.

“This guy was a legitimate enemy of the Saudi regime, and he was disguised as a journalist and columnist at the Washington Post. And I’m not gonna ruin the United States’ relationship with the Saudis just because you are demanding it.” Of course, now a bunch of Republican officials are criticizing Trump. This stuff just never ends. You know the great thing? It never seems to get Trump down. He doubles down on this stuff still.

He revs up and he rams it back down their throat every time. Like CNN is beside itself all day long with the idea that Trump is calling Mueller’s investigation a witch hunt and that Trump now thinks there’s nobody but him who could possibly be TIME magazine’s Man of the Year, and that Trump will not condemn Mohammed bin Salman (the crown prince of Saudi Arabia) for the supposed murder of Khashoggi. Trump won’t even listen to the tape.

There’s a tape supposedly of the last moments of the murder. “I don’t need to listen to it. Why should I want to listen to that?” He just… Do you realize how many people would have caved by now? Folks, do you realize how many people, years ago, would have totally caved to this never-ending assault? I mean, it is an oppressive assault that never stops on Trump personally! Now, he’s an alpha male, and if you’ve ever wondered what one is — because they’re exceedingly rare in America today.

Would you agree with me on this? Alpha males… If you want to know, alpha males are the problem as far as modern-day feminazis and their wuss male supporters happen to be. The alpha male is exactly the kind of male that the left thinks we need to exterminate, and you’re seeing one in action. Now, most people today care so much about what people think of them, and they care so much about what’s said about them, and they care so much about what’s written about them that they would have caved within two weeks.

Trump survives it and he seemed to feed off of this stuff. He seems to love provoking these people. They take themselves so seriously, and they’re constantly in a state of hand wringing, like they constantly need the vapors to prevent them from fainting in outrage and apoplexy over what Trump is saying and doing and not doing and not saying. It is… I’ll tell you, it is a joy to watch, and it is why I said when I introduced him at the final rally in Cape Girardeau on the night before the election, “Thank God that Donald Trump puts up with all of this.”

He doesn’t just put up with it. He returns fire. He just points it right back at them. He knows exactly how they’re gonna hit him, and he just throws it right back in their face. Here’s the thing with Khashoggi and the Saudis. I’m gonna put it to you, in a nutshell, here. Jamal Khashoggi was a friend of bin Laden. Jamal Khashoggi was anti-Saudi royal family. The Washington Post gave him a column here and there. He really…

He’s not a journalist. Jamal Khashoggi is not a journalist. It’s another myth that the media perpetuated simply because he wrote a column now. He’s not a journalist. He was a Middle Eastern activist. He was pro-Muslim Brotherhood, anti-Saudi royal family. And, by the way, they’re not… (chuckles) You wouldn’t let ’em into the club in your town, but we have to deal with ’em. They have a lot of oil. They also hate some people that we hate, which makes them allies. They have a big problem with the Iranians, and so do we.

They’ve even become allies with us — pro-Israel — largely because of Trump and the crown prince, who literally does want to eliminate the influence of the crazies in that country, the imams that are out there sponsoring Wahhabism. It really is a big deal what this guy’s trying to do. He may be rough around the edges, and it’s the Saudi royal family, and they get to choose who lives and dies in their country. Khashoggi is no reason to wreck the Saudi-American alliance.

It just isn’t!

But the media wants everything that can be damaged during the Trump administration to be damaged — everything that can be — because they want to take Trump out. They want Trump gone, and it doesn’t matter what they have to ruin in the process. They would love to do it! And Trump is standing up to them. Khashoggi is no reason to wreck the U.S.-Saudi alliance. Now, look, you know the Saudis suck. But they at least oppose some people who hate us. So that means they suck less.

Khashoggi sucked, and he liked a lot of people that hate us. It’s a sucky world out there, folks, and we have to deal with all kinds of people who suck! That’s what world affairs is made up of. It’s not Romper Room out there! It’s not left-wing kindergarten. We are a great nation at risk in a dangerous world, and we have to deal with a lot of things that suck! And we have to put up with a lot of things that suck.

We deal with ’em when we have to deal with ’em, but we never forget that they suck. In fact, that’s what Trump is doing in his foreign policy. He’s actually implementing a long held foreign policy idea of mine, and that is if you get foreign aid from us and you don’t love us and you don’t thank us and you don’t say good things about us, then you’re on the excrement list, and you get removed from all foreign aid for five years. And you have to love us for five more years in a row, say great things before you get back on the foreign aid list.

That’s how Trump is conducting foreign policy. We are the United States of America. We are great. We are the hope of the free world. America and the United States are the solution to the world and its problems. That’s Donald Trump. Anybody who helps us (even when they suck the way they run their own country), fine. We’ll look the other way when they suck. If they do things against us that suck, then we’ll take action against ’em.

But there isn’t a regime out there that doesn’t suck in some way. The Brits suck now and then. So do the French. You just have to pick and choose when you’re gonna deal with those who suck and those who don’t. But everybody sucks one day or the next, and this is something that requires adult understanding. We don’t live in a Pollyannaish world. We can pretend that we do, but we don’t. And it simply is…

Like the magazine Conservative Review says, “Jamal Khashoggi Is No Reason to Wreck the U.S.-Saudi Alliance.” The U.S.-Saudi is too crucial. It is too important. There is no reason to kowtow to the Democrat Party or especially — especially — there is no reason to kowtow to the American media based on what they want. Because, unlike is known to them, they do not run things. They like to think they do, and they may try to make it look like they do, but they do not.

The fact that Trump continually hits ’em back and continually provokes them? Do not take it for granted and appreciate it each and every day, folks, because there isn’t another one of him. There isn’t anybody. The Republican Party is full of a bunch of Jeff Flakes and Bob Corkers and you fill out the rest of the list. This is it! This is — and it remains — the singular opportunity we’ve got to hit back and slow this other side — the left and its affiliates — down.

Trump needs encouragement, he needs support, he needs applause, and he needs to be exceedingly, consistently defended by his supporters. Do not… In other words, do not adopt the attitude, “Hey, you know, Trump can handle it. He’s a big boy. He knows how to deal with it.” Cannot do this alone. He’s willing to. And he’s putting up… Donald Trump has already put up with more grief than the average human being can withstand in the average human being’s day-to-day life.

And Donald Trump asks for more because he’s continually provoking these people. What do you think it was when he said, “Hey, Russia, if you’re listening, maybe you could find Hillary’s emails”? He was provoking ’em! And they’re too stupid to know it! They actually think Trump was asking Putin to go hack Hillary. So now they’re asking him serious questions about this imaginary collusion, which Trump continues to refer to as a witch hunt.


RUSH: Okay. This is Mahmoud in Denver, Colorado. It’s great to have you, sir. How are you doing?

CALLER: How are you doing, Rush? Good to be here. Listen, I’m an Iranian-born American, and I emphasize American because I’m 100% American. You know, having lived out there in the Middle East and Iran, I just have this theory on the geopolitical impact of Khashoggi’s death. By the way, that’s how you say it. How it actually impacts the Iranian relationship with China and how having a less powerful Saudi Arabia is in a lot of ways beneficial to the Iranian government as they go through this whole sanction process with all the new sanctions that our president has put on them. So I think I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a hand in his death. This guy, this new guy that wants to have relationships with the U.S., wants to —

RUSH: Wait, wait. Hold, hold, hold it a minute. You wouldn’t be surprised if who had a hand in the death of Khashoggi?

CALLER: The Iranian government.

RUSH: The Iranian government.

CALLER: Yes. They’re known for this kind of stuff. They have their hands in everything, their tentacles. I mean, I lived there for the first part of my life. It’s the propaganda and the way they go about this. They say one thing and they do another. It creates an entire scenario of how this is not their fault. But it is, because you know how they’re the No. 1 sponsor of terrorism around the world, and I believe that because I’ve seen it. So I think having a Saudi Arabia that is at odds with the U.S. is extremely beneficial to them. I mean, think about it. If —

RUSH: Well, yeah, obviously so. That’s why Trump is not backing down from it and isn’t going to. It’s why Trump is not acknowledging any of this demand that he criticize or in some other way punish Saudi Arabia by distancing the United States from it. It isn’t gonna happen. I don’t know how the Iranians could have gotten in the Saudi embassy or the consulate in Istanbul, and I’ve not heard anybody else allude to the fact that the Iranians might have had a hand in the death of Khashoggi.

In fact, our own CIA, our own intelligence community (which is never wrong) has said that the crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, ordered the demise of Jamal Khashoggi. Once again, folks, the Trump position on this is very clear. We have a very important, crucial geostrategic relationship with Saudi Arabia. It is built on more than just oil. We actually may have more oil reserves than the Saudis. Our economy is much more diversified than the Saudis’. We are by no means as dependent on the Saudis for oil as we used to be.

But the region that Saudi Arabia is in — the Middle East — is one of the most dangerous in the world, and we have an ally there named Israel. They happen to be, the Saudis happen to be aligned with us against the Iranians. They’re not even, amazingly, as pro-Palestinian as they used to be. But there’s something else that the crown prince is doing that is not getting any attention. The media doesn’t want to focus on this because they have no interest in making the Saudis look good right now.

All the media wants to do is damage Trump, however they have to do it.

The crown prince is a Millennial himself. He is of the opinion that Wahhabism, which has created militant Islamic terrorism in the name of bin Laden and so forth, is no good. He wants to eliminate the influence of Wahhabi Islam, which has made him a huge, huge target. This is one of the things that ticked off Khashoggi, by the way. But the relationship between Khashoggi and the Saudi royal family and the government… He was not just a journalist being critical of the regime. He had far greater designs in overthrowing the regime than just writing about it in the Washington Post.


RUSH: Do you know how many Mexican journalists have been killed, how many Mexican journalists have been murdered since 2016? Anybody know? Well, I do. That’s why I’m asking the question. The answer is over 30. Over 30 Mexican journalists have been murder since 2016. There have been more than 100 Mexican journalists killed since 2000. Mexico is considered to be the most dangerous country in the world for journalists. Why is it never talked about?

Why aren’t American journalists demanding that we stop having anything to do with the Mexican government? Hmm? This is so blown out of proportion. How many journalists have been killed by the Iranian government? Too many to count. Did the mainstream media care about Iranian journalists when Obama was giving them their nuke deal and dropping pallets with billions of dollars on the tarmac at the Tehran airport? Did they care about that? No. All of this is focused on getting Trump, and this phone concern for Jamal Khashoggi is nothing more than that.


RUSH: Bill in McHenry, Illinois. You’re next. Great to have you, sir.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. Aviation dittos from flyover county. I want to agree with you wholeheartedly about what you said. The president is adept as presenting the press — or beating the press at their own game, the media, in terms of shiny objects. He diverts attention from the topic at large and moves them around like you refer to a laser pointer with a cat. He’s very adept at it, and I’m glad he’s on our side.

RUSH: I agree. He’s a singular such person. I mean, you really shudder when you think of this, but there’s not a single other Republican that would get anywhere near fighting our political opponents the way Trump does — and that’s a very sobering thought. And people say, “That’s why you people like Trump! You don’t care that he’s destroying this country. You don’t care that he’s a rube, and you don’t care that he’s tweeting, and you don’t care that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It’s just because he fights.” Yeah, well, nobody has for the longest time.

Somebody has to. Yet nobody has. It’s got so many people frustrated for so long and that’s why Trump is appreciated. This is why, try as they might, they’re gonna have ongoing problems turning public opinion against Trump. You know, Trump is hovering anywhere from — depending on the poll you look at — 45% to 53% public opinion. Can I ask you to think? Is there any politician in Washington who could have withstood the two years ongoing that Trump is withstanding and have an approval rating between 45 and 53%?

Look what they were able to do with George W. Bush. They got his approval numbers down to the low thirties. It took them into the second year of his second term to do it, and they did it by telling the American people that a Great Recession was on the way, that the economy was really, really bad and the Iraq war was an absolute disaster. So was the War on Terror. They pummeled and they pummeled and they pummeled day in and day out. Finally, they were able to have their big party. They got Bush’s numbers down into the thirties.

There isn’t a single politician in Washington who could have withstood this past two years and, A, stayed in office; B, remained combative and triumphant; and, C, maintained an approval level like Trump has. Now, you would think that there would be somebody noticing, somebody else in the Republican Party noticing here that this is the way to do it! Or a version of the way to do it. But we don’t know. We don’t see anybody else who’s willing… I mean, Trump takes ’em on four or five times a day. Whatever narrative they start, he throws it right back in their face within minutes.

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