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“Professor In Ohio Sues Over Transgender Pronoun Flap.” This is a story at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio. Philosophy professor Nicholas Meriwether ran into a problem last year. One of his students, a male who identifies as a female, insisted the professor refer to him as ma’am instead of sir. The professor disagreed and offered a compromise. “You know what? I’ll call you by your name.”

That didn’t go over well. The student sued, claiming he was being disrespected and treated less than human. What do you think the school did? The school took the student’s side. The student was male, identified as female, wanted to be addressed as ma’am instead of, sir. The professor offered a compromise. He suggested calling the student by his name rather than agree to address him by an inaccurate pronoun. You are not a ma’am.

Now, according to the Kansas City Star, the student threatened to have the professor fired if he refused and went on to alert school officials. University officials then told the professor he had to use the transgender pronouns and said that he had created a hostile environment for the distressed student. Now, the professor hasn’t yet been fired, but he has sued officials from the University. Now the professor is seeking damages, claiming his First Amendment rights have been violated.

So the news is that the guy hasn’t been fired yet, but he’s being pressured by the school to fall in line with the transgender agenda. The transgender agenda! Which has led us to a tweet that I shared with you last week. Eastern Michigan university canceling all performances of the Vagina Monologues. Well, if you missed this one, folks, wait ’til you hear this.

Eastern Michigan U is canceling all performances going forward of the Vagina Monologues because not all women have vaginas anymore. And it’s insulting to transgender females who don’t have vaginas because they haven’t yet had the chopadickoffamy operation. And until that happens, they’re canceling the production! The feminazis behind the production are canceling it! That’s the transgender agenda. And there are other aspects.

What is the percentage of the population we’re talking about here? Like one half of 1%, tops. But it has an agenda, and it is being bowed down to by Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio.

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