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RUSH: I have to walk a fine line here. If I tell you what I think we’re in store for and if it’s really negative, like — I’ll just tell you again. I don’t think any of us are prepared for what we’re gonna see when the Democrats actually take control of the House and start these investigations.

Even though we think we know, even though we know they’re gonna start investigating this and that and they’re gonna issue subpoenas, we don’t know the half of it. In fact, I’ll tell you when this thought hit me, and I want you to grab sound bites 20 and 21. Let me see if I can just play one of these to make the point here.

This is Face the Nation yesterday. Margaret Brennan is the host. She’s got Trey Gowdy on talking about Ivanka Trump’s emails! And there’s an effort here to equate Ivanka Trump using her personal email to do Washington business with Hillary Clinton! When there is no comparison! Ivanka Trump was never secretary of state! She wasn’t trafficking in classified documents. What Ivanka Trump did is chump change, if anything. There’s no comparison to Hillary. And yet that’s what the Drive-Bys are trying to do.

So here’s Trey Gowdy, who many people think is this great Republican, he investigated Hillary, he investigated Benghazi. Okay, well, I was kind of surprised. Here’s the question: “You’ve put in a request this week to the White House for more information about why Ivanka was using private male for government business. People remember you well from the probe you led into Benghazi to help to uncover Hillary Clinton’s use of private email. At the time you said there should be prosecution for her for divulging classified information. Would you similarly call for that kind of prosecution of the president’s daughter?”

GOWDY: They’re two separate issues. The divulging of classified information is a crime. Using personal email upon which to conduct public business is not a crime. You’re not supposed to do it. It’s not best practices. It actually violates statues and regulations. Public work is a privilege. And part of that is you give up the right to use your private email to conduct government work. So you should keep the record. Mrs. Clinton should do it, everyone throughout government who conducts official business should use official email. If you don’t then you should take other steps to safeguard it and that’s what we need to know from Ms. Trump. But I’ve never called for Hillary Clinton to be prosecuted, and I couldn’t possibly have done it for using private email, because it’s not a crime.

RUSH: What? He never called — she was using her private email — there are people in jail for what she did. There are people in jail, couldn’t possibly have done it, I could never have called her to be prosecuted, and I couldn’t possibly have done it for using private email, it’s not a crime. All this time, now it’s not a crime.

So next question, “Mishandling classified information I think some have interpreted your past statements about that to have called for further actions. But in this case the president’s already said for Ivanka that he thinks there’s nothing to see here. Are you concerned that he’s saying that at this point before there’s an investigation by your committee?”

GOWDY: I am concerned any time any president prejudges the outcome of an investigation, whether it’s President Obama, whether it’s President Trump. I’ve already talked to Ms. Trump’s attorney. I’ve already talked to Mr. Cummings. We’ve already written a letter to the White House. Congress has a responsibility to make sure that the records and the Presidential Records Act is complied with. And that is true no matter who the person is, whether it’s Secretary Clinton or whether it’s Tom Perez or whether it’s Ivanka Trump. So we’ve taken steps. We’ve done more in the last week than some of my House Democrat colleagues did the entire time we were looking into Benghazi. So I’m —

RUSH: Right!

GOWDY: — at peace with what we’ve done. But we need the information, and we need it quickly, and then the public can judge.

RUSH: “We’ve done more in the past week with Ivanka than some of my House Democrat colleagues did the entire time we were looking into Benghazi.” Exactly. So when I heard these sound bites and I know there are people like John Kasich out there — he’s not a member of Congress, but I know they’re out there — when I heard this sound bite said, “Okay. This is the one thing we haven’t figured on. And then I remembered Mitt Romney is gonna be in the Senate, and he hates Trump.

So I’m just telling you that when the Democrats begin these investigations, you’re gonna see all of Washington join them. The Republicans will be off the hook because they don’t run the committees, so they can’t be accused of starting investigations against their own president. But you think they’re not gonna try to score points with the media by joining an investigation against Trump by saying, “We must get to the bottom, if there’s nothing to see here, that will be seen and we’ll be fine and everybody will go home. But if there has been collusion, if there has been commingling of funds, if there has been whatever,” I can just see it now.

Gonna have a lot of Republicans. You know who they are. They’re scared to death of the left. They’re scared to death of the media. One of the biggest problems we have in America today is the overall fear people have of the left, including elected Republicans. And so they’re gonna be doing everything they can like they always have, to keep the leftist media away from them.

And if joining an investigation, even if you just signal by way of words, “I totally support chairman Nadler and his efforts to get to the bottom of whether Trump hired prostitutes to urinate on their bed, certainly, who would not what to know about that? You can count me in.” Get ready for this.

Now, this is not me being disheartened. It’s me being ticked off in advance. And maybe I shouldn’t be ticked off. But it’s gonna happen. I mean, what they’re trying to do to destroy this man is unprecedented. At least in my lifetime.

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