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RUSH: On ABC’s This Week, Minnesota Democrat senator Amy Klobuchar accused President Trump of “weaponizing” and “politicizing” the immigration issue.

Klobuchar told Democrat Party hack and ABC supposed journalist George Stephanopoulos that Congress was willing provide money for better border security. But only if they get sensible things in return like amnesty, like a path to citizenship.

Klobuchar said that President Trump “gut-punched“ Congress when they were trying to come up with reasonable immigration reforms.

Senator Klobuchar, let’s be clear. Holding funding for border security hostage to get amnesty isn’t reasonable. It’s a gut-punch to the rule of law!

Why do you think we have caravans of immigrants who believe they’re entitled to cross our borders illegally? It’s because people like you encourage them to come and then encourage them to stay. All your talk about “reform” is just that. It’s just a bunch of talk. You’re not fooling anybody! we know what you want. You want a permanent underclass of deprived people who you think are never going to vote for anybody but you.

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