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RUSH: Well, the Christmas season is… I guess you could say it’s officially here. We’re still on the 26th of November, but after Thanksgiving, it’s here. I mean, we got a tree lighting ceremony where we live tomorrow. Did you know that? Yeah. And it’s starting to build, the entire Christmas season. All the Black Friday sales now, the Cyber Monday and Black Monday sales, and it’s gonna be in full swing both religiously and commercially. And it’s a wonderful time of year. It’s a great time, if you can keep it all in perspective and not become overwhelmed by the commercialization of it.

Now, I like to involve myself in it. I’ve been fascinated by the Christmas season since I was a kid — and, you know, one of the reasons that I have the hobbies I do is the hobbies that I have allow me to feel the excitement and the anticipation that I felt when I was a kid at Christmastime. It’s a weird thing to want to hold on to. But, as you get older, become an adult, it’s just harder and harder to have childlike excitement over things. So I reach back, and I try to share these kinds of experiences every time, or as often as I can.

So we decided to do something special here at the Rush Limbaugh Store, the EIB Store at RushLimbaugh.com. So, listen carefully. Here’s the deal. At our new store — which is stocked with some of the finest gear we have ever made available at price points that are the best we could find — we’ve got the best golf polo shirts, not just for golf, but the design. We’ve got the finest T-shirts that you can get for the price point. We’ve got the best cap. We’ve got items for men and women.

We’ve got a brand-new Tervis tumbler with a special design. I have it right here. It has the Golden EIB Microphone on it. We have Christmas ornaments. We have these every year. These are handmade. They are available. We got all kinds of holiday stuff that we have made available in the Rush Limbaugh Show Store. And starting right now through this Wednesday — that would be today, tomorrow, Wednesday (three days, for those of you in Rio Linda) shop at the Rush Limbaugh Store, and you will be automatically entered to win a trip — a unique trip right here to sunny Palm Beach, Florida — to meet me and the EIB staff in person.

A meet-and-greet with yours truly. This trip includes — and meeting me is incidental. The trip itself is the big deal. Four-day, three-night stay right here for two people — flights, meals, photos with members of Team Rush, and of course time with me, the Doctor of Democracy, in person — and we’ll figure out a date that works best for you, and the rest is taken care of. And we try to structure these things so that whoever wins doesn’t have to pay anything. Nobody does contests like we do. Nobody does promotions like we do.

Nobody has the consideration or the respect for winners that we do. All you do is go to the Rush Limbaugh Show Store and shop. There are high quality items, great gift items for Dittoheads everywhere. There’s an all-new 2018 collectable tree ornament, long sleeve shirts, hats from New Era, and a whole lot more to help you with your Christmas shopping list, like this new tumbler that we have. We update these periodically as well.

Remember a portion of the proceeds from this promotion benefits the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. This is an incredible organization dedicated to helping the children of heroes killed in combat or in domestic tragedies like 9/11. College scholarships provided, and a portion of the proceeds goes to MC-LEF. So, hurry up. You got three days. Shop today to be automatically entered — we’re calling it the Meet Rush Promotion.

But four days and three nights here, and we pay. By the way, you’re not gonna be staying at some fleabag. You’re gonna be staying at a top-drawer place that we’re gonna probably have to kick you out of. You’re not gonna want to leave. Top-drawer food, top-drawer everything. I can’t wait to call up whoever ends up being the winner here. All of the official rules are posted at RushLimbaugh.com for your review. And the prize can be gifted.

If you win it, but for some reason can’t come, you can gift it to somebody and they can bring a plus-one. So, if you win and you want to give the trip to a family member or die-hard show fan, you can do that too. You could end up being the best gift giver of the year. Not lame socks. Not a tie or something, but a trip to Florida. However you want to deal with it if you’re the winner. So all you have to do, RushLimbaugh.com to the Rush Limbaugh Show Store, shop between now and Wednesday, you’re automatically entered, and great things are available as we have restocked the store, and we’re waiting for you.


RUSH: By the way, we have the best customer service anybody’s got, and we’ve got the best shipping. Unlike Apple. You’re not gonna wait 10 days with something in customs in Shenzhen, China, when you order it. You’re gonna order it and you’re gonna get it. We insist on it.

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