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RUSH: I saw a story about massive protests in France. Riots, tear gas, fires, shots, all kinds of horrible things going on in Paris on the Champs-Elysees. I said to myself, “What’s this?” Well, this is one of the stories that qualifies for a busy, long weekend of news suppression. How many news reports have you seen from the Drive-By Media about the protests in France?

They’ve been going on all over France for more than a week. How many of you have seen anything about this? You may have in the last couple of days, but, even if you’ve seen the reports in the last couple of days, you still don’t know what it’s really all about.


RUSH: I guarantee you, you don’t know why these riots in Paris and all over France are taking place, even though they’re being reported on finally, been going on for over a week, the news just hit I think on Sunday, maybe Saturday. I think it was yesterday. It didn’t make the news until yesterday when we finally had footage of fires on the Champs-Elysees. Right next to the Arch of Triumph, for those of you in Rio Linda, the Arc de Triomphe, for the rest of you. By the way, the Arc de Triomphe is where the guillotines were stationed during the height of the French Revolution. Just a little trivia there.

But here’s the kicker. This is what the Drive-By Media refused to call these protests what they are. They said the French were protesting fuel prices. They said the French are protesting fuel prices and the rising cost of living. That’s only 20% of it. You know what the French are really protesting?

The protests are against a massive carbon tax implemented by this young socialist Millennial president over there who believes climate change and all this rotgut, and so he’s trying to price the usage of gasoline and fossil fuels out of existence! A gallon of gas costs over seven bucks because of this new carbon tax. That’s why they’re protesting. They’re protesting because this president believes all this cockamamie bull about climate change and fossil fuels and believes it we’ve gotta get on to wind and solar and nuclear and so he’s got this carbon tax.

Exactly what the left wants to do here! It is a forerunner, it is an advance look at what could happen here. It’s exactly what the left around the world wants to do. This is what the media is not telling. The media’s not telling you it’s related climate change. The media is not telling you it’s related to a carbon tax. They just say rising fuel prices, cost of living. The protests are specifically against a carbon tax that Emmanuel Macron has imposed on gasoline and diesel. And he did it in the name of fighting climate change.

What the tax has done is raised the price of a gallon of gasoline in Paris to $7.06. It has raised the price of diesel by over 30 cents a gallon, and that makes it nearly as expensive as gasoline is. And this is just the beginning, because this carbon tax is slated to increase each and every year. This is what happened to nations who stayed in the Paris Accord. This is what Donald Trump withdrew the United States from. This idiot says he’s got to make good on the French promises and commitments they made to reduce their carbon footprint in the Paris accords.

But he believes it! He’s one of these idiots that believes this cockamamie bull about climate change and the end of the earth, and there’s a related story that the Trump administration knowingly lied to the American people. The administration, the Trump administration tried to hide a devastating new climate change report by issuing it on the day after Thanksgiving. And it’s a horrible set of circumstances that we now face.

Once again, for about the 30th time in the last 30 years, we only have 10 years. This is it. This is about the 25th last chance that we’ve got to stave off the usage of climate change fossil fuels. If we don’t act in 10 years, meaning if we don’t have a left-wing, socialist world government in 10 years, then the earth is not gonna be exist anymore as it exists now, maybe not be able to support life. And you’ve got a whole bunch of Neanderthals, brain-dead, maleducated people believing this garbage, including this little fruitcake that’s running Paris and running France.

This is what Trump pulled us out of. Now, it is not all nations that signed the Paris accords are actually acting on their commitments. Most of them are smart enough to know that it’s all BS, but this guy is a true believer. And he’s not backing down from it. And this is exactly what would be happening in the United States if our signatory status to the Paris accords had remained and if we had an administration that bought hook, line, and sinker this whole climate change hoax.

We have more oil in the world today than we’ve ever had, despite how much of it we’ve used. The earth continues to manufacture it, even though it’s called fossil fuels. Ask your average brain-dead American graduate of public school, high school, what a fossil fuel is. You know what you’ll hear? “It’s gasoline from dinosaurs, and that’s why there’s a shortage because the dinosaurs are dead, and they’ve been dead in a while. Pretty soon we’re gonna run off fossil fuels, and then won’t be able to make any more oil.”

And that’s what they’ve been taught; that’s what they believe. That’s why the use of fossil fuels to describe oil, well, oil still being manufactured, but we don’t have any dinosaurs, do we? And we don’t have a lot of things that are being fossilized, do we? How’s oil still be created? The earth is still doing it, ocean floor and elsewhere. We’re finding new ways to go get it. There is no crisis.

The most advanced economy in the world, the most clean nation in the world, the most advanced standard of living in the world lives on oil. That would be us. The most economically depressed areas of the world are now being denied their chance to use oil in modern-day petroleum products to modernize their economies, all because of a quest for global government. It’s not any more complicated than that.

And this has been going on in France for a week now. And all you’re hearing is French citizens are angry over rising fuel prices, and the French president, Emmanuel Macron, is holding steady. You are not being told the half of it. And ditto this Brexit business.


RUSH: Let me finish my thought or close the loop here on this climate change report that — aw, man, the tech blogs are just ecstatic. They think they’ve got Trump now. Trump tried to suppress the most devastating — these people, and not just the tech blog Millennials, everybody that believes this wants to believe in the biggest bunch of doom and gloom. It’s amazing! They want disaster! And any time news is produced that counters the belief that we’re not headed to disaster, they get mad.

Anyway, we got 10 years. And literally for about the 20th time in 30 years, we’ve got 10 years. But this latest report says if we don’t fix things in 10 years, then by the end of the century – do you know how few of us are gonna be alive by the end of the century? They haven’t the slightest idea what they are talking about! They purposefully say that all these disasters are gonna happen so far out that nobody’s gonna be around to prove or disapprove it. It’s a series of lies and political BS that is progressing geometrically ’cause they can’t convince people to believe it; so they keep coming up with new scare tactics, and that’s all this latest one is.


RUSH: Another question: Why did the Trump administration release a climate report? Well, Trump didn’t. His administration did. That opens another can of worms. But I’m not disheartened, folks. I’m ticked off, but I’m not disheartened. Don’t confuse the two.

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