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RUSH: We go to Rochester, Michigan. This is Mike. I’m glad you called, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you doing?

RUSH: Okay. Thank you.

CALLER: You know, when you were saying that the Democrats were saying — or whoever the guy was, the Democrat — that they’re gonna kind of go in easy, a little more conciliatory toward the president, not guns blazing going after him and investigations and all that, what occurred to me is their intent could be to put pressure on him and say, “Okay, look, we’re gonna do the legislation that we want that you might find a little distasteful — and, if you won’t bend enough to meet what we want you to do, then we have alternatives. We can just say, ‘Okay, fine. Scrap the legislation and we are going after you like you won’t believe.’ But if you go along, if you bend a little more, we’re gonna lay off.'”

RUSH: Well, let’s talk collusion. Let’s talk collusion. Let’s say Trump calls Mitch McConnell up says, “Hey, Mitch, Let me tell you what we’re gonna do here. The Democrats have offered me a bone. If they’ll let me… If I’ll cooperate with ’em on their agenda, then they’ll go easy on investigations, they say. So, Mitch, I’m gonna do that. If you stall everything over here in the Senate (like you’ve been stalling Republican legislation), if you’ll stall the Democrats’ bills, then I’ll work with ’em and I can’t get blamed for it, you get blamed for it, and they won’t investigate me.” Do you think something like that, an arrangement like that could be made?

CALLER: I don’t know. I really don’t know. But I’m just thinking of what… I mean, my feeling is the Democrats, they’re not… They are who they are, and, if they are holding out an olive branch, in my opinion, it’s not legitimate.

RUSH: That’s right. It’s not even an olive branch.


RUSH: This is just somebody talking on one of the Sunday shows.

CALLER: So I’m thinking, “Well, what can they get?” And it’s the president —

RUSH: Well, that’s the point. They can’t get anything, because the Republicans in the Senate are not the gonna pass, unless… You know the one thing to be worried about here? What is it? What do you think the one thing to be what is it concerned about here would be? Democrats in the House being supported by Republicans in the Senate. What’s the one thing that you think might be worrisome?

CALLER: I don’t know. You’d have to tell me.

RUSH: Amnesty!

CALLER: Ohhhh. (pause) What, you mean for all the illegals? Who are you talking about amnesty for?

RUSH: Amnesty for those… Look, there’s a dream out there to have amnesty for the 11 or 12 million that are here illegally, above and beyond the caravan, before the caravan and this stuff even showed up.


RUSH: Okay. I got some time here. Let me go back and review the caller’s theory. The caller’s theory is that the Democrats could be offering Trump an olive branch by saying, “Hey, look. If you help us out on some of the legislation we want, then we won’t investigate you as seriously.”

Now, I don’t think Trump would take the deal. I don’t think they mean it. I don’t think you can trust the Democrats. But for the fun of it, we’ll discuss it. ‘Cause, in theory, you could let the Democrats do whatever you want, and you could support them to the extent that it doesn’t hurt you politically, as long as whatever they do gets stopped over in the Senate.

You know, the Republican House the past six years passed all kinds of really, really good — they passed an Obamacare repeal and replace, and it died in the Senate when John McCain thumbs-downed it. This is not to rewrite history. I’m just telling you, the Republicans in the House, they could have done better, the agenda could have been more conservative, but they passed a lot of stuff that went to the Senate and died because the Republicans don’t have 60 votes over there.

Even if they had total unity on the Republican side, they had 51 votes, say, the past two years. They had no way to get this stuff through cloture. And they still don’t, even if they win the Mississippi special election today, they’re still gonna have 53. They’re not gonna have 59 or 60.

So if the deal on the table, “Mr. President, work with us on some of the stuff we care about, and we won’t investigate you as seriously,” Trump could go to Mitch McConnel, “Hey, they’ve offered this deal. As long as you kill everything they pass over there, then I got nothing to lose.” Except if he goes along with hare-brained ideas, then there would be things to lose perhaps with his base, unless he gives the ’em a wink and a nod that that’s what he’s doing. But if that happened, the Democrats in the House would figure out what’s going on too.

But theoretically the Democrats in the House can pass anything they want, and it will die because the Senate, they don’t have anywhere near the number of Democrat votes over there to make it pass, unless Republicans go along with it, which is why I raised the warning sign and the red flag of amnesty, which I think could be the reason Elijah Cummings of the Congressional Black Caucasians is floating this deal.

Follow me on this. I think it’s entirely possible, because of Pelosi and some things that she has said. The Democrats could pretend to play nice. Cummings is already throwing that out there, at first. We’re talking about in January when everybody’s sworn in. They could pretend to play nice, to cast aside this promise to investigate Trump 24/7 so that they can try to get Trump to go along with amnesty.

Now, Pelosi said on Sunday that Democrats are going to prioritize amnesty for patriotic DREAMers and take the first step toward a broader compromise amnesty bill in the next Congress. Okay. That’s when red flags went up for me, because I know Trump doesn’t want amnesty, but you know a lot of Republicans do. This has been one of the big bugaboos. The Bush administration, George W. Bush for eight years wanted amnesty. And it was only us and some anti-illegal immigration special interest groups that stopped it.

You know as well as I do that there are some Republicans that are bought and paid for by the Chamber of Commerce and others, similar donors who want amnesty. And I wouldn’t put it past Pelosi to try to get some ground covered on the way to getting it, particularly if she says here for some patriotic DREAMers.

Now, Pelosi and John Sarbanes, the Democrat from Maryland, cowrote a Sunday Washington Post op-ed in which they outlined the Democrats’ priorities for the upcoming Congress. And they vowed to pass the DREAM Act to protect the patriotic, young, undocumented immigrants who came here as children and then take the first step toward comprehensive immigration reform.

Now, believe me. If Elijah Cummings is on TV on Sunday talking about we may not go pedal-to-the-metal on Trump. We may dial it back, that’s not coincidental. It’s not coincidental and he does that the same day Pelosi and Sarbanes publish their op-ed. They’ve heard Trump talk, “Well, we could cooperate. We could work together.”

Look. This quest for amnesty among the Washington establishment has not cooled. It has not gone away. It’s been moved to the side by other things — the Mueller investigation, the overall attempt to get rid of Trump, the Kavanaugh hearings. But the Democrat wish list — Pelosi just admitted it. The wish list, the thing they want to tackle first off, amnesty for patriotic DREAMers.

So I’m just telling you, keep a sharp eye on this.


RUSH:  No, no, no.  Look, don’t anybody misunderstand me.  I’m not saying Trump would go along with amnesty.  I’m saying Democrats are gonna push for it — and they can kill any Democrat legislation that goes anywhere in the Senate, if they want to.  So always keep that in mind as the Democrats pass what they pass, talk about it, try to sell it or what have you.  The Democrats are gonna know this too, and much of what they go for, they’re gonna realize is never gonna be become law and so they’re gonna take advantage of the opportunity.

They can say all kinds of things, they can proposal all kinds of outrageous things knowing it’s never gonna happen. That can still satisfy their base.  Policy, various acts of legislation, anything that they can possibly imagine that their base might love, they can propose it, knowing full well it’s never gonna come to pass.  Not that that’s gonna make ’em happy.  What I mean is it’s gonna expand the perimeters of extremism.

They’re gonna be able to propose some of the most extreme, outrageous garbage that’s never gonna become law that will satisfy their deranged lunatic base.  It’ll make it look like they’re trying.  Make it look like they’re really fighting Trump, really fighting the Republicans, and the Republicans are holding everything back.  It’ll be a perfect scenario for them to say, “We need the Senate and we need the White House in 2020.”


RUSH:  By the way, something else.  I wouldn’t put it past the Democrats once the new House kicks into gear to start threatening to shut down the government to get their way — and the media will all of a sudden start worrying about gridlock, not government shutdowns.

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