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RUSH: Here is Alan in Austin, Texas, which is Silicon Valley east. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Dittos, Rush. I was gonna comment on Michelle from Atlanta — I happen to have taught at a major university and still do for the last 29 years — and tell you that your advice was perfect. I wish more people like her would do that.

RUSH: Let me refresh the members of the audience. Hang on just a second. Michelle was a caller yesterday from Atlanta. She’s a college professor. She teaches some kind of writing. I don’t know if it’s English comp or creative writing. She hears about all of the left-wing, liberal activism by professors in classrooms, and she asked me if she should incorporate the same kind of conservatism activism in her classroom, and I said, “Yeah, but don’t label it.” You know, just don’t tell anybody what you are. Just find conservative examples of great writing. Just find conservative philosophy that’s written down that you would like to teach people how to write well. Use that as a sample. Don’t say you’re conservative. Don’t make yourself a target. You’re on college campus. That’s what you heard, right? That’s what you’re commenting on?

CALLER: That’s what I heard. I happen to be a Jewish nationalist civil libertarian, pro-Trump, Dittohead, listened to you for 30 years.

RUSH: You got a lot of bull’s-eyes on you.

CALLER: Oh, yeah. Yeah. I’m also in business. I have 350 employees. But somebody called you in 2000 to say someone gave a graduation speech and mentioned you. I was the person.

RUSH: Oh, you were, eh? You gave a graduation speech…?

CALLER: I mentioned you in a graduation speech before 3,500 people.

RUSH: Oh! Oh, I’m sorry.

CALLER: At my university. I want to tell you what I said, and people clapped. Can I do that?

RUSH: Well, yeah. Yeah, go ahead. I’m having trouble comprehending what you’re saying. Just say what you want to say and I’ll follow you along.

CALLER: All right. Here’s what I said. In a graduation speech I said, “This is an exciting day, now that the chairman has invited a Rush Limbaugh Dittohead to deliver this graduation speech.”

RUSH: Oh, man, and there was a —

CALLER: People clapped, and then I said, “To paraphrase Michelle Obama, ‘I can tell you it is the first time in my life I’m proud of my department.'”

RUSH: (laughing) I love it! What kind of reaction did that get?

CALLER: Claps. People loved it! That was ten years ago. I don’t know if it would happen now. I find your analysis — the way you can get outside the context — brilliant, at times recommended my students to listen to you just for that. I have liberal and conservative students. They know I’m very conservative. We have a great relationship. There are kids in the university who want to learn, and we conservatives need to let people know they can learn.

RUSH: How…? Wait a second. Now, wait, wait, hang on. Quick question: How have you managed to survive? You’re teaching at a university in Austin, Texas. How have you managed to survive by being a self-identified, proclaimed conservative?

CALLER: I tell ’em the truth as I see it, and they’re welcome to argue and they’re welcome to say what they want, and I don’t diss them over it. I appreciate that they’re willing to say whatever they think. I probably have two of the most conservative leaders on campus in my class this semester. I mean, I love ’em. You know, we have wonderful talks.

RUSH: No. I totally understand. I just my… Because you agreed with me when I told the caller yesterday, “Don’t label yourself. Do not tell these kids that you are Miss Conservative USA in the class. Just implement it. Just teach it.” But you have identified yourself —


RUSH: — and you have not been run out of campus, off campus. You’ve not been reported to the regime that runs campus. So how have you managed to do that? How? Why is it leftist, liberal students are not afraid of you?

CALLER: I’m not sure. Look, I was Republican county chairman for eight years when they did a study of who gives money.

RUSH: Wait a minute. That’s not even the question. How did you get hired?

CALLER: I came here to teach for the first time in ’69 ’til ’74 and then I —

RUSH: Ahhhh. It was a different time then. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

CALLER: Oh, yeah, but they just interviewed me about Jews and activism, the civil rights era, which I was an activist. Conservative activist. I was an activist.

RUSH: Yeah, but you would not have been seen as a conservative activist in ’69 as a civil rights activist, a Jewish civil rights activist. The odds are you would have been seen as playing on the right team. Okay, so you got yourself in on the ground floor back then. So every example is different. It’s great news, though, that you’re able to be identifiable as you are and still connect with those kids. I’m glad you called.

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