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Nov 27, 2018


UK Guardian: Manafort Held Secret Talks with Assange in Ecuadorian Embassy, Sources Say
Mediaite: WAR! Wikileaks Rages Against Guardian: We’ll Bet a Million Dollars and ‘Editor’s Head’ Manafort Meeting Never Happened
National Review: Evaluating Paul Manafort’s Alleged Violation of His Plea Agreement – Andrew C. McCarthy
ABC: Mueller Report Will Be ‘Devastating’ for the President: Frequent Trump Defender
FOXNews: Dershowitz Urges Trump Team to ‘Be Ready’: Mueller Won’t Release ‘Balanced, Fair Report’
MarketWatch: Assange Tells Hannity that Podesta’s Password was, um, ‘Password’
Washington Free Beacon: MSNBC: Majority of Caravan Members Are Men, Some Not Talking About Asylum
Daily Wire: Was Photo Of Migrant Mother ‘Fleeing Tear Gas’ With Children At U.S. Border Staged?
American Thinker: Caravan Migrants Fake Photos for Gullible, Biased U.S. Press
NewsOne: Elijah Cummings Vows Evenhanded Investigation Of Trump Instead Of Dragging The President
StreetInsider: Senior House Democrats tap brakes on investigating Trump
Washington Post: Democrats’ Senate Losses Jeopardize National Spotlight for Possible 2020 Hopeful
Breitbart: Illegal Immigration Under Trump On Track to Hit Highest Level in a Decade
Washington Examiner: DHS: 110 percent Surge in Migrant Men Using Kids to Enter US, ‘Rampant Fraud’
Washington Times: Tear Gas Used Once a Month at Border Under Obama
Reuters: Mexico Calls for ‘Full Investigation’ of U.S. Tear Gas at Border
Daily Caller: Revealed: Trump’s Stark Message For General Motors
Daily Caller: Border Agents: Rock-Throwing Migrants Pushed Women And Children to the Front of the Horde
BGR: Elon Musk Says There’s a 70% Chance He’s Going to Move to Mars


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