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Buy anything, shop for anything in the Rush Limbaugh Show Store right now at RushLimbaugh.com, do so by the end of the day tomorrow. Now through this Wednesday you’re gonna be automatically entered to win a unique trip to see us here in Palm Beach, Florida, in person. A meet-and-greet with yours truly.

This is one of the most eagerly sought events in most people’s lives, a chance to meet and spend time with me. And here is a golden opportunity. And, by the way, when we do these things, we do it top drawer. We do what we would expect if we entered a contest. So you’re gonna get four days and three nights in a five-star hotel.

You are gonna get this for two people. You’re gonna have your flights compensated. We’re not gonna put you in some boxcar. You’re gonna get here in style. Meals are gonna be paid for. Photographs with members of me and the staff here, in person. And you get to pick the date. We don’t pick a date that is off season, on season. We don’t pick a date where nobody would want to come. Like we’re not gonna pick a date in the middle of hurricane season and say you gotta come rain or shine.

You pick the date. The winner picks the date. We figure everything out. You pick the date that works best for you, and we take care of everything else. You sit back and enjoy the experience. All you have to do to be entered in this glorious once in-a-year opportunity is go to the Rush Limbaugh Show Store at RushLimbaugh.com and shop. There are high quality items by popular demand. We have restocked the store, and we have the highest quality merchandise for the price point.

The price point’s very, very fair. We’re continually upgrading, and we’re adding new items. Like we’ve got long sleeve shirts for women and men. We’ve got caps. We’ve got the 2018 collectible Christmas tree ornament. We’ve got all kinds of new stuff added. We’re constantly upgrading, constantly improving the quality, constantly keeping stock. We’ve hired trucks to take everything purchased every day to the post office to get it mailed out. You’re gonna get it sooner than you would get it from Apple — by a long shot, there.

And remember, a portion of the proceeds from this special promotion benefits the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, which is a great organization dedicating itself to providing college scholarships for the children of Marines killed in action. So you’ve got two days. I mean, you don’t have to hurry. You got two days, by the end of the day Wednesday, to be automatically entered in the Meet Rush Promotion.

Official rules are published for your review. Nothing is hidden. There are no asterisks. There’s no super-secret requirement that would nullify you if you win, no tricks whatsoever. All the rules are there wide out in the open for you to see.

You can even transfer this. If you win it but can’t make it and want to give it away, you can do that. You are the focus, whether you’re a customer, or contest winner, or what have you. So head to RushLimbaugh.com and find the EIB Store and shop, and you are automatically entered.

I can’t wait to call whoever it is that ends up winning this because it’s always a wonderful and great time. Check out the new merchandise at the EIB Store for whatever Christmas giving idea you might have.


RUSH:  Thank you, as always, and so much for being with us today.  It’s never taken for granted.  It’s always appreciated.  In fact, I want to remind you: You’ve got the rest of today and all of tomorrow to shop at the RushLimbaugh.com Store, Rush Limbaugh EIB Store, and, just by shopping, you’re gonna be entered into a wonderful contest where you may win a four-day, three-night trip here to Palm Beach, meet everybody, spend some time, great time.  And we’ve got great stuff, constantly upgrading at the Rush Limbaugh Store at RushLimbaugh.com.  So check that out.

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