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RUSH: According to Politico, Republicans are squandering their limited time left in full power. They only have a few days of business scheduled before the December recess. In January, Democrats take over the House.

Republicans could be working on priorities like funding the border wall that Trump has been after for two years. Also, overhauling Obamacare. Which they’ve promised to repeal for years.

Senator Ted Cruz is criticizing the apparent lack of effort. With only five weeks of Republican control of Congress and the White House, Cruz says they should be working around the clock.

Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy says the problem is, “everybody wants to quit at 4 o’clock so they can go home to watch ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ And nobody wants to work weekends.” I believe both of those are true.

So the bottom line, is sadly: some Republicans don’t want results. They don’t want to “get it done.” Especially when it comes to the border wall.

This attitude, more than anything else, is why voters sent 40 Republicans packing in the midterms. And if it doesn’t change, then a lot of things aren’t gonna get better.

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