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RUSH: This is Chris in Bristol, Virginia. Great to have you, and welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Love your show. I’m calling today because I wanted you to help me understand — perhaps your audience too — why, in my opinion, the Trump administration is still acting in such a weak manner about the illegal immigration on the southern border. What I mean is that on the news yesterday, there were reports showing that three NGO organizations are responsible for the bulk of illegal immigration, for the bulk of the caravan movements, and it turns out that these same NGOs receive from the government tens of millions, or perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars, to resettle illegal immigrants once they cross the border. these are contracts by the government with these NGOs.

For example, Pueblo Sin Fronteras. So, all of a sudden it dawned on me this thing could just be a huge racket where these organizations receive millions of dollars of funding, and then they turn around, push these caravans just to increase more immigrants that they have to resettle and charge the government more. So, I don’t understand why the Trump administration still acts in a weak manner controlling illegal immigration. I’m baffled by it. I wish the government would be more proactive. And perhaps they should consider investigating these groups. And, if they can prove that this is a racket, the government should come down on these groups as hard as a ton of bricks and do to them what the government did to the Ku Klux Klan, which was to break ’em financially. So, anyway, that’s the question, Rush. What is your opinion about this whole matter?

RUSH: Well, my opinion of it is somewhat more generic than the specific nature of what you talked about. There’s no question that there are groups like La Raza and two of the others that you mentioned that are financially invested. The Democrat Party is behind them. It’s what’s so frustrating. The Democrat Party is allied with all of these groups. NGO, nongovernmental organization is what that means, folks. And it just means in this case we’re talking about special interest groups that are tied to people by virtue of their ethnicity — Hondurans, Mexicans, Hispanics overall.

And the objective, I mean, without sugarcoating it, the objective is to dilute and eventually eliminate or erase what is known as the distinct or unique American culture. And this is being done by flooding the border and having more people than we can possibly stop or deal with or manage after they get across the border to just fade away invisibly into our culture. And everybody here is very patient. If it takes 20 years for every day’s arrivals or every month’s arrivals to then sprout and grow and begin to infiltrate — you can see it happening, folks — my contention is that we can see why this is crucially important, and we can see the results.

California. Do you realize it wasn’t but a generation ago that the Republican Party ran that state? The governor was routinely Republican. The legislature. When I lived in Sacramento in 1984, Reagan was running for his second term, and the Republican governor, Pete Wilson, before that George Deukmejian. It’s a generation ago, 25 years ago, 30 now, 35.

Arizona, it’s happening in Arizona. If you go look at Texas, if you look at the border, counties of Texas, those that border Mexico, they’re all blue or light blue. They’re turning blue from what used to be red. And you can see it. This is why people call this an invasion, because it is. It’s a very slow and plodding invasion which, at times, doesn’t look slow and plodding when multiple thousands are crashing the border at one time.

But your overall question is, why isn’t anything done about it. Look. If Trump doesn’t follow through on this, reelection in 2020 is going to flit away. And I’m up against it on time, so let me expand on this or complete the thought, actually, when we get back.


RUSH: Look. There’s no question that we’re being invaded by immigration, illegal immigration. Donald Trump ran for office building a wall and stopping it. It’s the reason that he was elected. I’m telling you, everywhere I just sense that the natives are getting restless, that Republicans had the House, Republicans had the Senate, Republicans had the White House, and there isn’t any wall.

We know that the Republican House and Senate had many people in there that didn’t want a wall, not big fans of Trump, the Republican Party not unified, but that didn’t matter. That’s why they elected Trump. Trump was gonna get that done. Trump was going to be able to overcome that kind of opposition on the basis of being elected alone.

This is another reason — I hate to keep tying this back to Mueller and this investigation. They’re trying to nullify everything about that 2016 election, including the issues Trump ran on, folks. He was clearly elected to stop illegal immigration, to shore up the border, to build a wall to stop it. That is the primary reason that people looked the other way whenever there are questionable things about Trump’s character, personality, or the things that might tend to upset people, his tweeting, the Access Hollywood video.

People looked the other way because of the overarching importance of shoring up and securing the border and the fact that there was nobody else in American politics that would get anywhere near talking about it like Trump did. People believed him and elected him, and they stand by him to this day, I am convinced, because they still hold out hope and they believe that he meant it, that he was gonna get a handle on this.

Now along comes Mueller and this band of merry investigators and the rest of the Washington establishment, and they’re trying to nullify the 2016 election, they’re trying to overturn it. They refuse to accept the results, and everything Mueller is doing is aimed at disqualifying Trump. They want to write a report ultimately that would be subject to him being impeached. Not subject. It would lead everybody to conclude that he should be. That’s what they’re setting up here.

The whole thing is bogus. None of this is legal. None of this is justice. It’s all raw politics. And part and parcel of it — do not doubt me — is disqualifying Trump as president while he is. All of this has been about raising questions regarding his fitness, his temperament, his qualifications, and to the extent that they can have people start questioning that, then it’s not a big leap to questioning his opinions on policy, his objectives on policy.

So there isn’t any overwhelmingly loud applause and support in Washington for this economic recovery. Quite the opposite. There’s an attempt to ignore it. There are efforts to sabotage it. Nobody will convince me that General Motors closing plants is not political aimed at Trump. There’s no other reason for it, other than they made some mistakes assuming that everybody’s gonna be buying electric cars by now and they retool for that and nobody’s buying electric cars, at least not enough to sustain General Motors. But they’re not closing plants in Mexico or China.

So there is a lot of pressure on Trump. But the number one policy reason Trump is opposed — and, by the way, all of this, he’s unfit, we don’t like his tweets, the guy’s demeanor, he’s embarrassing, he’s got no class, it’s all aimed at disqualifying Trump on whatever issues he wants, including at the top of the list, illegal immigration.

You must realize the entirety of the Washington establishment wants illegal immigration. They want as many people flooding the border. They don’t think the country’s in crisis. They don’t think that the country’s gonna go as California does. Even if it does, so what? There’s still gonna be an America, and these people are still gonna have of their ways of insulating themselves from whatever trash and garbage results from the collapse of American culture.

They’re not worried about it. They don’t think the country’s in crisis at all, including much of the Republican leadership in the House and Senate. So Trump won, we gotta humor him, we’ve gotta make it look like we’re on board, when he gets a judge appointed we like, we’ll go all the way on that, but when it comes to immigration he’s still a lone wolf. And that’s the reason nothing’s happened. It’s the reason there hasn’t been a wall.

Now, there is always an end-of-the-year budget deal that has to get done. Lame-duck Congress every year does it. We’ve been dealing with continuing resolutions to fund the government for I don’t know how many years now. There is money in there that could be allocated by way of executive order, to get started on building a wall, five billion, 10 billion, get started.

We’ve already got a prototype of the wall that’s been built out of San Ysidro near the Mexican border that is proving impossible for the illegals to climb over. It’s got a lot of potential. A lot of people are getting nervous and wondering why the president isn’t moving on this, especially since the administration seems to be getting behind a prison reform bill, which may in and of itself be okay. But it’s not why he got elected. And it’s not gonna get him reelected.

People are not gonna race to the polls in 2020, “Yeah, we gotta keep Trump in there, you see what he did on prison reform.” It’s immigration, and illegal immigration and shoring up the border. I can’t tell you why the delay. I can only guess. But I do need to tell you that Trump is still a one-man band on this. I mean, there’s some members of the Republican House and some members of the Republican Senate who are with Trump on this, but nowhere near a majority of them.

And Trump doesn’t have a bunch of big donors on his side who are with him on this. The big donors are opposed to him. And it could well be that the Trump people are strategerizing that it may be to their benefit to have immigration as an issue in 2020, that he tried and he struggled and he did everything, but he needs more support.

I can see the campaign now. Got him elected once. They may be thinking it could get him elected a second time. And believe me. Folks, do not discount this. There’s some people in politics very cynical. If you have a problem that’s big and you get elected to fix it, if you fix it too soon, it doesn’t help you, i.e., if you fix the border right now in the next year, then what are you gonna talk about in the final year leading up to reelection? Look at what I did? A lot of people, “Yeah. You fix this and we’ll reelect you for as long as you live!”

But in politics it’s what have you done for me lately? And there is this concept, just like in football, you can score too soon, you can leave the other team too much time to come back in the fourth quarter. Same thing here. A lot of people in politics think you can fix it too soon, solve it too soon, take an issue away from yourself even though it may be the number one thing your voters want. It’s convoluted.

Now, along these lines, I have my little immigration Stack today, and it’s maddening. It’s infuriating. Here’s one headline from Fox News: “One-Third of Migrants in Caravan are Being Treated for Health Issues, Tijuana Health Official Says.

We’re talking here about hepatitis, HIV/AIDS. We’re talking multiple instances of skin infections. If these people succeed in this caravan getting into the country — let me give you the number. Over one-third of the so-called migrants in Tijuana are being treated for diseases, including tuberculosis, AIDS, chicken pox. And there is a major concern about hepatitis due to the unsanitary conditions. They’re living in shelters designed to hold one-tenth of their numbers.

You know, back in the old days if you showed up at Ellis Island in the late 1800s, early 1900s and you had any kind of disease, you were sent back. There wasn’t an ounce or shred of compassion. If you were sick, sayonara. We were not gonna subject the population of our country to an influx of infectious diseases, and we didn’t.

The pressure here is the exact opposite. We must show compassion. We must treat these people. We can’t just ignore hepatitis and AIDS. We must let them in and treat them. And, of course, if you’re a conservative and you oppose that, what are you? You’re a hard-hearted, mean-spirited, inhuman jerk.

MS-13 Gang Member Admits He Hid in Caravan to Reach the U.S. Border.” By the way, you’re not gonna see one word of any of these stories I have here in the Drive-By Media today. If you do, it’s gonna be in passing to finish up an hour, and it’ll be like a little headline status report. But it won’t be full-fledged news.

“An active member of the MS-13 gang admitted to U.S. Border Patrol officials that he joined a caravan of migrants in the hopes of reaching the border and crossing into the United States. Jose Villalobos-Jobel of Honduras was arrested on Nov. 24, after being spotted standing on the U.S. side of the border east of the port of entry in Calexico, Calif.” Well, if one guy has been caught admitting it, the numbers are far greater than that.

You ready for this? “U.N. Envoy Decries Countries Backing out of Global Compact for Migration.” Did you know that there was a global compact for migration? “The U.N. Special Representative for International Migration –”

What? International migration? The U.N. has a special representative? They got a whole office for international migration. And this clown “criticized the decision by several countries to withdraw from the Global Compact for Migration, saying the measure has seriously affected the spirit of multilateralism. ‘I think it reflects very poorly on those who participated in negotiations,’ said the U.N.’s Louise Arbour Tuesday, adding that ‘it’s very disappointing to see that kind of reversal so shortly after a text was agreed upon.’”

So a bunch of nations agreed to this in principal, and then the results began to show and they said we don’t want any part of this. We didn’t know we were signing a massive influx of legal migration into our countries with this. But the point is there is a movement at the U.N. to create a global compact for migration. Full name: The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration. That’s the U.N. title.

It claims to be “a nonbinding intergovernmentally negotiated agreement prepared under the auspices of the United Nations that covers all dimensions of internationals migration in a holistic and comprehensive manner.” And no doubt one of the reasons for it is climate change. There are people fleeing climate change. We must be compassionate and understand the hell that they are living in now and they are trying to escape.

U.N. conference to adopt this compact is scheduled to be held in Morocco on the 10th and 11th of December. Some nations are getting cold feet and are backing out. United Nations is mad.

California Assessing Legal Action Against Use of Force on Mexico Border.” Now, leaders in California have routinely said that they think they are a separate nation in many ways legally and that they are not bound by United States law if they find themselves in conflict with it. And this is a position Governor Moonbeam has taken and others in that state. And this is a classic example.

“California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is assessing whether the state can take legal action over the Trump administration’s use of force against a caravan of migrants or a decision and future threats to shut the border with Mexico.”

In other words, if the federal government decides to take any action whatsoever to stem illegal immigration, including these caravans, the state of California is saying, “You know what? We may not be bound by it, and we’re gonna sue ’em.”

Now, remember when the state of Arizona got frustrated because the Obama administration was not enforcing existing U.S. immigration law and so they passed their own version of it? It was almost a replica of federal immigration law, and the Obama administration sued them, claiming you, Arizona, you don’t have the right. We, the federal government, we have total purview and control over immigration. It says so in the Constitution, and it’s true.

But here’s the state of California saying, screw you, Trump. Screw you, U.S. government. We’re not gonna let you use violence. We’re not gonna let you stop the caravan. You think it’s coincidental the caravan chose to go to the California border rather than Texas? I guarantee you that there were people in California sending signals to the caravan, “Come here. Your best odds of getting across the border are here in California. We in California want to help.”

The attorney general in California is a Trump hater, Javier Becerra, trying to figure out a way to sue the Trump administration and the U.S. Border Patrol for using tear gas. By the way, it might not have been tear gas. It might have been a movie prop. The caravan might have used a movie prop to make it look like tear gas when in fact the Obama administration used tear gas 80 times on illegal immigrants in packs trying to get into the country.

“UN Officials: Caravan Rhetoric Violating ‘Right to Mental Health’ of Migrants and ‘General Public’ — A group of United Nations officials advised the United States that rhetoric –” in other words, things people are saying about the migrant caravan has detrimental effects on the right to mental health of the people. We’re hurting their feelings! We’re hurting the feelings of people in the caravan and we’re creating mental health problems that we now have to solve by letting them into the country.

Now, you can say NGOs are doing this or what have you. This is strictly the Democrat Party folks. And do not discount: If you want to find Russian meddling in the United States, right here it is. You want to find the ChiComs meddling in the United States, right here it is. You want to find communism trying to overthrow the United States, right here it is. Here’s your Russian meddling. There’s your ChiCom meddling. There’s your collusion, what have you. Democrat Party colluding with all of these groups, as they have been for who knows how long, on illegal immigration.

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