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RUSH: Over the weekend, you couldn’t miss the outpouring of kind words and affection for President George H.W. Bush.

The Drive-By Media praised Bush 41 as a symbol of decency. They praised him as an American patriot who served his country as a war hero, CIA director, vice president to Ronaldus Magnus, and of course, president himself.

They spoke of his courage, his selflessness, his humor, his love of family, and his devotion to the country he loved. We saw high tributes that are rarely given to any political figure, a respect for the man and a respect for his great accomplishments.

And all the praise is deserved, and it comes as no surprise to anyone who knew President Bush and knows his family. He was a profoundly decent man, and his lifetime of public service speaks for itself.

It’s also no surprise that the same Drive-By Media, full of praise now, has collective amnesia. They’ve forgotten their own indecent and often despicable coverage of President Bush during his time in office. But they are who they are — and when Republicans die, that’s when they’re good people.

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