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RUSH: Michael Cohen has begged a federal judge for mercy after his guilty plea. I should tell you, Paul Sperry, who writes for the New York Post and Real Clear Politics, took a look. He did a deep dive into Cohen’s plea that has been publicized by Mueller. We’ll link to it at RushLimbaugh.com. I’d have to read the whole thing to you, basically get in the weeds, but his conclusion is that this plea deal actually exonerates Trump, but that that’s not the way Mueller is gonna end up reporting this.

Now, Rudy Giuliani is out joining the criticism of Mueller because it’s apparent from Jerome Corsi and Manafort that what Mueller is doing, which we discussed last week, is trying to force people to say what Mueller wants them to say. He’s trying to force people to lie in order to make the case that Mueller wants to make. And Giuliani is now calling Mueller out on this as well. So Cohen apparently has done this. Cohen has apparently told Mueller what he wants to hear about some things, particularly his Trump Tower meeting.

And again, folks, I can’t stress enough here, this is so crucial and so important to illustrate how actually literally bogus all of this is. The original Russian collusion story that the media and the deep state reported for now two years is that the Russians and Trump got together and conspired — they really want to use conspiracy instead of collusion, but they don’t dare. And they haven’t needed to. Collusion people are interpreting it to meet conspiracy anyway. See, conspiracy is a crime. Collusion isn’t. And that’s why they have to be very careful in not using the word “conspiracy” ’cause there isn’t any crime here.

They have literally created the impression in nearly half this country’s population that the Russians tampered with votes and that Trump was aware of it and agreed to let them do it in order to benefit from it, i.e., being elected president, Hillary losing. This is what they made the American people think the Mueller investigation is.

I can’t tell you the number of left-wing Democrats and American leftists, the Democrat voting base who literally to this day still think that’s what all this is and that Mueller has the smoking gun, the silver bullet or what have you. And Mueller doesn’t have anything of the sort because nothing of the sort happened. So now Mueller has got these witnesses and he’s asking them to say various things that may not have happened. Manafort, Jerome Corsi, they’re alleging that this is what Mueller is doing.

And, by the way, the reason I tend to believe it — I don’t know either Manafort or Corsi — but the reason I believe it is because the same people on Mueller’s team did this exact thing during the Ted Stevens trial, the senator from Alaska, and during the Enron trial. They did the exact same thing.

And, in fact, get this! James Comey has been subpoenaed to testify behind closed doors to a House committee. Comey sued! And he got some DOJ lawyers to represent him, trying to shut this down. Now, the DOJ has nothing to say to the Congress. The Congress can do open session or closed session, and there’s nothing, because of separation of powers, that anybody can say about it.

And yet Comey had his lawyers sue on the basis that he didn’t want closed session. He wanted open because he’s afraid, he says, that they’re gonna leak what he says to make him look bad. Imagine that! James Comey, who leaks like a sieve to make everybody else look bad, is afraid he’s gonna get the same treatment, so he wanted an open hearing. And he got some lawyers to go out and sue on that basis.

Well, they had their hearing before the judge late last week. You know what Comey’s lawyers for — the judge pointed out that what you’re asking here is essentially impossible, not constitutional. Comey’s lawyer said this is your chance, judge, to write new law.

I had friends of mine who have worked in the DOJ who were appalled by it. And I said, “Why? We’ve been trending in this direction for who knows how long. We have a two-tier justice system. Doesn’t surprise me at all that lawyers in the DOJ would ask for a judge to make law.”

Anyway, Comey has rescinded. He’s dropped the lawsuit because there’s no way his lawyers would ever prevail. And this judge was a Trump appointee. Said he would take it on advisement. They were never gonna tell Congress whether they can do open or closed session hearings. Nobody’s got the purview to tell Congress that. It’s the other way around. Congress tells the courts what to do and how to do it. Congress set up the federal court system.

So Comey has agreed — everybody thought Comey was trying to run out the clock and not have to testify until January or after when the Democrats take over the House of Representatives. But he’s gonna go ahead and do it now. But the point is there’s all kinds of monkeying around here with the law and what is and what isn’t and various testimonies that are being sought and changed.

And with Giuliani joining this allegation group saying that Mueller is simply trying to get witnesses to say what he wants them to say, the fact that this is revolving around people — again, I’m not trying to insult anybody here. Please don’t misunderstand. But two years ago the name Jerome Corsi, nobody knew who it was, particularly in relationship to collusion between Trump and the Russians to steal an election. And now Corsi and Roger Stone are star witnesses?

So it’s patently obvious what Mueller is trying to do. He’s trying to create circumstances via testimony that he’s demanding, and he’s got leverage, he can send people to jail, he can ruin ’em financially, whatever he wants to do to get them to say what he wants to say so he can write a report that is going to rip Trump a new one.

There was another thing that happened on Friday. NPR ran a story on Donald Trump Jr. that they let live for six hours which they knew was totally untrue. And this is another example of why more and more people are becoming livid and outraged at the Drive-By Media.

The NPR bunch published a report Friday claiming that Donald Trump Jr.’s testimony to Congress conflicted with the current claims Michael Cohen is making about the Moscow Trump Tower deal. Cutting to the chase. NPR wanted everybody to believe that Cohen had a new version of what happened at the Trump Tower meeting and it proved that Trump Jr. had lied about it.

What’s really wrong with this is that the only reason anybody knows what happened at the Trump Tower meeting is because Donald Trump Jr. has already explained it. He’s already testified about it. So what Cohen was saying about it was not true in many different ways, and yet NPR is running a story that Donald Trump Jr. had lied and misrepresented things, that his testimony conflicted with Cohen.

And even a bunch of Drive-By Media reporters from a bunch of different networks knew that this report was wrong and were demanding that NPR pull it back. “You guys are making a big, big mistake here. You got this dead wrong.” And they got it wrong because they’re believing Cohen and they’re believing Mueller! So the story’s out there for six hours that Donald Trump Jr. has been caught lying because of Michael Cohen. There was not a shred, there wasn’t a syllable, there wasn’t a vowel or a consonant of truth in it. So that’s where we are in all of this. They’ve been making it up from the get-go.

Now, a bombshell happened that has not hit the Drive-By Media, and it’s from John Solomon who, on Friday, reported that there were at least six different deep state operatives who attempted to infiltrate and set up the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. Now, we know of two or three. We know of Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor and his involvement with George Papadopoulos. And we know of Stefan Halper. And we know of the Australian ambassador, John Howard.

Solomon is claiming that there were six of these people from the U.K. as well as from the United States, all from various intelligence agencies. They were all part of the Obama administration. They were Obama deep state operatives. And they attempted to get hired. They attempted to be hired by the Trump campaign for the purposes of infiltrating the campaign for the purposes of setting up the campaign.

Solomon says that essentially what happened is that six different deep state operatives from the Obama administration — FBI, DOJ, intelligence services — tried to get jobs in the Trump campaign, and if they had succeeded, then they would have begun to act as though they were colluding with Russians.  This thing, this plan to disrupt the Trump campaign happened long before it became obvious he was gonna get the nomination.

This goes back — and I think Trump knows this, by the way. I think this is part of what everybody’s clamoring for Trump to release that he won’t yet, because he thinks that what he has on these people will destroy them and he wants to wait for whatever he thinks is the right time.  Up to now, we’ve thought that what Trump will not declassify is simply documents that would betray the actual beginning of the investigation.  I think it goes deeper than that.

I think what has been learned — and John Solomon, he’s been with the AP, then with the TheHill.com where this piece was written. Six different spies, six different Obama administration operatives attempted to be hired.  We know that Halper tried to get hired as a foreign policy adviser. He called Sam Clovis.  Apparently, others did, too, and their purpose was after they were hired they were then going to openly — or at least openly enough to be caught — do things that could be seen as colluding, conspiring with Russia.

This thing goes back further than anybody knew, and it’s deeper than anybody knew — and this, I think, is part of what Mueller was trying to cover up by spending all this time investigating essentially nothing, trying to create a narrative that does not exist while covering up the things that really did.  “The operatives were sent out BEFORE the official FBI investigation of Trump was launched in July 2016. Interviews with more than 50 witnesses in the Trump case and reviews of hundreds of pages of court filings confirm” this:

“At least six people with long-established ties to the FBI or to U.S. and Western intelligence made entrees to key figures in the Trump business organization or his presidential campaign between March and October 2016; Campaign figures were contacted by at least two Russian [people] whose justification for being in the United States were rare law enforcement parole visas controlled by the U.S. Justice Department; intelligence or diplomatic figures connected to two of America’s closest allies, Britain and Australia,” that would be Halper and John Howard, “gathered intelligence or instigated contacts with Trump campaign [people] during that same period.

“Some of the conversations and contacts that were monitored occurred on foreign soil and resulted in the creation of transcripts…” In other words, this has all been uncovered and is known — and it’s been known by key people for quite a while.  I don’t know how widely known it is by the Drive-By Media, but John Solomon has ferreted all of this stuff out. It is…  Folks, this attempt here to prevent Trump from getting the nomination, then prevent Trump from winning the presidency, then to undermine Trump’s presidency goes all the way back to early 2016.

They were afraid of Donald Trump long before it became apparent that he was going to win the nomination, and this degree of sabotage and subterfuge would seem to be… Within a legitimate presidential campaign, it would seem to be unprecedented.  And all of it is being ignored by the special counsel, I think purposely.  I think it’s being covered up. (interruption)

Oh, yeah, Michael Avenatti is in the news.  Wait ’til you hear this.  This is a laugh riot, the stories about Avenatti.  His dreams of being the Democrat nominee may have flittered away.  You mean people were serious that this guy could have been the nominee?  They were people dead serious that Avenatti could be, and you know why?  Because Avenatti demonstrated that he’s the Trump slayer with Stormy Daniels.  I kid you not.


RUSH:  Here’s Rudy.  He was on the radio in New York yesterday talking about the special counsel, Robert Mueller…

GIULIANI:  I think the special prosecutor has stepped over the line now with the way he’s intimidating people in order to tell what he believes is his version of the truth.  This is what’s wrong with these special prosecutors and independent counsels.  They think they’re God.  I mean, they think they know the only truth that exists, even if there’s a lot of doubt about it.

RUSH:  He’s going mild on this, by the way, I think, and understandably so. But the point is that Mueller is pressuring witnesses to tell him things that Mueller wants to hear.  This is what Corsi and Manafort are both saying.  So Rudy is joining the chorus now of people noting the allegation.


RUSH: Hey, one thing I forgot to mention, this John Solomon blockbuster story on the six deep state operatives, Obama DOJ, Obama FBI, Obama intelligence people, both in the U.K., the United States, that tried to get hired on to the Trump campaign for the purposes of infiltrating it? It’s deeper than we knew. It’s not just that the FBI embedded a couple of people at some point. They put six people to work. They tried to get hired by the Trump campaign.

And what they did, if they got hired, they were then going to actually commit crimes. They were going to collude with Russia. They were gonna leave bread crumbs to be discovered that would make it look like the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia. This is in like February, March 2016. This is long before Trump’s even got the nomination. I guess at that time people were getting really frightened and really worried that he could because he was winning these primaries and dismantling every Republican opponent. I think they were getting scared to death.

But this predates any of the embed — they tried to tell us this investigation began with Papadopoulos spilling the beans in July, early August of 2016. Anyway, one of the six is a guy named Felix Sater. Does that name ring a bell, ladies and gentlemen? Felix Sater has just been in the news in the last few days. Felix Sater claims to have been negotiating the Trump Tower-Moscow deal. Felix Sater claims to have been a longtime Trump confidant.

And in Mueller’s world, Felix Sater is the guy who, and according to Cohen, Sater is somebody who was attempting to put together the Trump Tower building in Moscow deal. He’s been identified by John Solomon as an FBI informant. He is individual number 2 in the Cohen plea deal this week. Trump is individual number 1. Felix Sater is individual number 2.

And he is one of the six deep state operatives put in the Trump campaign for the express purpose of committing illegal acts and leaving bread crumbs to be discovered. And look at what’s happening! The guy is hip deep in this so-called collusion case of the Trump Tower meeting! I can’t wait ’til the lid blows on all this stuff, if it ever does.


RUSH:  Are you ready for this headline?  “Avenatti in Trouble as Potential Democrat Nominee in 2020.”  This is the creepy porn star lawyer, Michael Avenatti, who — after a couple of appearances before the media at a press conference outside a courtroom — was said to be a serious contender for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2020.  Really?  This is the media saying this, there are other Democrats saying this, and you know why?  Well, let’s see here.

Here’s a quote from somebody named “Roger Salazar, a Sacramento-based operative who advised the Bill Clinton White House and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign… ‘Michael’s got a very important voice with respect to holding Trump’s feet to the fire. He doesn’t need me to speak for him. I’m not engaged at this point,’ Salazar said Friday. ‘I’m not working for Fight PAC any longer.'”

He’s in trouble because he’s got all kinds of sexual misconduct allegations against him, plus he hasn’t paid rent where his law firm is.  The guy is a total fraud and a mess.  The idea that this guy was ever a serious Democrat presidential nominee contender is a laughable joke, all because they thought he had an instant way of embarrassing and defeating Trump because of Stormy Daniels.

Now, last I looked, Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit was thrown out of court by the judge as frivolous.  Avenatti was her lawyer.  I’ve told people over the years that the way people on the left get anointed and the way they are celebrated and why is how successful they are at defeating us.  That is the primary reason Bill Clinton was loved and adored, and do not doubt me on this. And that’s how somebody like Avenatti can be considered a serious candidate?

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