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Dec 4, 2018


National Review: Why Bush 41, a Great President, Won Only One Term
Daily Caller: New York Times Revives Debunked Bush Scanner Piece For H.W.’s Obit
Breitbart: The Nuclear Option: Media’s Love of George H.W. Bush — About Hatred of Donald Trump
AP: GOP Laments Bush’s Death as End of ‘a Culture of Civility’
Breitbart: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Refuses to Retract $21 Trillion Whopper
Wall Street Journal: Macron Blinks in Fuel-Tax Dispute With Yellow Vests
Reuters: French Student Unrest Gathers Momentum
Washington Post: We Mourn George H.W. Bush, and the Presidency’s Loss of Dignity – Patti Davis
FOXNews: Slate Writer Roasted After Attacking George H.W. Bush’s Service Dog
Slate: Don’t Spend Your Emotional Energy on Sully H.W. Bush – Ruth Graham
FOXNews: Media Swipes at George H.W. Bush Legacy Fuel Outrage: ‘Should Be Ashamed’
CBS: Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Trump “Meshugge” Over Climate Accord
Breitbart: Joy Behar Calls Meghan McCain ‘Entitled Bitch,’ Threatens to Quit ‘The View’
Politico: Emails of Top NRCC Officials Stolen in Major 2018 Hack
Washington Examiner: Census Confirms: 63 Percent of ‘Non-Citizens’ on Welfare, 4.6 Million Households
Bloomberg: Wall Street Rule for the #MeToo Era: Avoid Women at All Cost
Mediaite: Bob Dole Pays Emotional Tribute to Bush at Capitol
National Review: One-Eyed-Jack Law – Victor Davis Hanson
Daily Caller: Dershowitz: Mueller’s Tactics Are ‘Common When You’re Dealing With The Mafia’ And ‘Terrorists’


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