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RUSH: I have a story here. It is from The Daily Wire, but actually they’re just reporting this as something that happened in… Where is this? Looks like England. Anyway, doesn’t matter. If it’s not here, it will be here eventually.

Headline: “Baby Jesus Held In Steel Cage As Part Of Church’s Immigration-Themed Nativity Scene – A church in Massachusetts has set up a nativity scene in which the baby Jesus is inside a small steel cage, under a banner that reads ‘Peace on Earth?’ The nativity scene at St. Susanna Parish in Dedham also has the three wise men barricaded from Mary and Joseph by a fence-like structure.”

Again, this is St. Susanna Parish. “The church says it is hoping to spark a conversation about how immigrants are being treated at the U.S.-Mexico border.”
The Boston Globe says that the church wants to spark a conversation. You know, the church needs to spark a lot of conversations, but this is not one of them. But this is classic.

“The idea for the divided nativity scene came out of a meeting of the congregation’s Pax Christi committee, a group that gathers monthly and ‘seeks to educate the community on matters related to peace and justice.’”

So basically we have the lie and the myth that the Trump administration is separating families at the border. Now we have a church in Massachusetts depicting the baby Jesus in a steel cage, in an attempt to raise consciousness about the inhumane and savage and horrible immigration policy of the Trump administration.

As you are well aware, militant leftists have attempted to co-opt Mary and Joseph back during the homeless era. The homeless era also coincided with the Reagan administration, if you recall. During the Reagan presidency, homelessness was said to be three million people and counting. They even had an activist named Mitch Snyder, who lived in Washington, and he ran a homeless shelter.

It became a great cause celebre, folks. Martin Sheen and Hollywood actors would go to Washington on cold nights and kick the homeless off sewer grates and they would sleep on the sewer grates themselves in order to raise consciousness. It was all because Reagan didn’t care. It’s all because conservatism didn’t care. And they literally did have cartoons with Reagan sneaking over to the park across the White House at night and stealing cans of food from the homeless and then sneaking back into the White House to heat ’em up in the microwave and to smile happily while eating food that he had just stolen from the homeless.

Homelessness is never an issue when the Democrats are in the White House or anywhere in power. Well, just as Mary and Joseph were never homeless — and see, the reason for appropriating Mary and Joseph for the homeless, we could be mistreating the next savior. Mary and Joseph were homeless. They had nowhere to go. And look what happened to them. They gave birth to Jesus Christ in a manger!

Well, they were not homeless. And Mary and Joseph were not immigrants. They were subjects of the Roman state. And like everybody, they had to make their yearly pilgrimage to register for a census ordered by Caesar Augustus, which required everyone to register in their hometowns. This was so they could be taxed. And that’s what Mary and Joseph were doing! They were on their way, their annual trek to register for the census so that they could pay their taxes.

And when they got to Bethlehem, they could not find a room at the inn because all of the other subjects of the Roman state had come to Bethlehem for the same reason. And Mary and Joseph had forgotten to guarantee the reservation with the American Express platinum card. And so they had nowhere to go. They went to the manger, and the rest, of course, is history. Joseph had failed to plan ahead and make a reservation.

So here the left, now for the second egregious time, is co-opting a religious narrative and trying to fit it into its political narrative. You want to call this what it is, cultural debasement at the very least. Baby Jesus held in a steel cage as part of church’s immigration theme? Mary and Joseph were not immigrants, legal or illegal, and they were not forced to stay in a steel cage. They were forced to show up every year and register that they were alive so that they could pay taxes. But the church says it’s hoping to spark a conversation about how immigrants are being treated.

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