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RUSH: Here’s Louella in Clovis, New Mexico. You’re next. It’s great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush!


CALLER: It’s an honor. (giggles) Hey, I’m just calling because I wanted to thank you personally for what your EIB Store did for my adult son who’s battling cancer. I’ll start with… Yes?

RUSH: Yeah, go ahead.

CALLER: Well, my son and I are both veterans, and when we find out that your store supports the Marine-Law Enforcement Foundation, we’re not rich by any means, but we wanted to do something. So I went online and found out that you were sold out of the women’s shirts. So I ordered one for my son, the cheapest one you had — and, lo and behold, I ordered the wrong size. So when I called to see if I could exchange the shirt, in the conversation the gentleman found out that my son was battling cancer and he was like, “Oh, don’t worry about it. We’ll put together a package and send it to him.” So now my son proudly wears your polo shirts to his treatments.

RUSH: Well, isn’t that sweet? I’m glad to hear that the customer service department was on your case.

CALLER: Yep! Sure was. The gentleman was very polite and nice, and when my son wears the “Believe” shirt to his treatments, everybody at the hospital thinks it’s a thing for cancer. (giggles)

RUSH: That’s one of the most popular ones, the “Believe” T-shirt. How old is your son?

CALLER: He’s 32.

RUSH: Thirty-two. And you’re both veterans?


RUSH: Well, you know what? I want you to hang on —

CALLER: We are a family of four generations of veterans.

RUSH: Four generations? Well, I’m sure customer service did a fabulous job.

CALLER: He did.

RUSH: But I want to do a little bit more here and I’ll tell you why. I want to get you a couple of our ornaments. We have received rave reviews about the quality of the merchandise in the store, especially the T-shirts. T-shirts… You know, you always get surprised. Like, I’m proudest of the caps because we were able to get the best cap made in America at a price point we could sell it. The New Era cap. But these T-shirts, people are raving about them because they are of a material that does not remind anybody of a T-shirt.

You’re the second person to call this week about that. We appreciate the feedback like you cannot believe, and we’ve got our hand-forged Christmas holiday ornament this year that is going like hotcakes. I wanted to tell everybody that they’re going fast. If you have any intention or desire to have one, they’re moving fast. If you have not ordered the Rush Limbaugh Show ornament, this weekend is going to be your chance to get a great deal.

Every unique, patriotic ornament is hand etched — hand etched — right here in the United States with the flag and the EIB logo and my signature. Today and this weekend only, if you enter the promo code “DITTOS” (the promo code “DITTOS” at checkout) you’ll get $5 off every ornament and a portion of the proceeds go to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. Now, Louella, I want you to hang on. Even though customer service, I’m sure, did a bang-up job, I want to try to add to it a little bit with a collection of things here to go with that “Believe” T-shirt and throw in an extra one.

I mean, you never know. Somebody might try to steal that thing. That’s how popular that they are. So don’t hang up, Louella, so that we can get your address and add to your collection of stuff that you bought. Again, I’m sure customer service did a bang-up job here. But really the ornaments are going like hotcakes, and we’re so proud of these things. They’re hand etched, they’re forged, and we do a different one each year. Remember today for the weekend only, promo code “DITTOS.” I mean, this is Friday. So today and the weekend, promo code “DITTOS” gets five bucks off every ornament.

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