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RUSH: As to the deep state still tampering with Trump, I would just point out two things to you. It is without any doubt in my mind — and we call it “the deep state” because it’s come to signify what we’re all talking about. This is this nameless bunch… They’re not nameless. I can give you names of the Washington establishment, the deep state, and tell you who they are when you see ’em on TV.

I mean, there’s millions of ’em, or thousands of ’em. It’s practically everybody in that town, when you get down to it. I’d say that town is 95% arrayed against Donald Trump, 5% with him. This morning, the stock market was starting to recover. We had the jobs news today. More people have jobs today than ever — well, in a long time. I’ve got an audio sound bite story of Barack Obama back in 2000, I think, ’09 or ’10 telling everybody that was as good as it was gonna get; he was frustrated he couldn’t make it any better.

And then we get this announcement today that Mueller’s got this earth-shattering document release coming and the stock market starts going south. How many of you are aware of a Chinese technological firm called Huawei? You heard of Huawei? Huawei makes, among many other things, cell phones. Huawei cell phones are not permitted to be sold in the United States because it is suspected that the ChiCom government has control over those phones and that they are automatic data collectors and spy machines.

They are among… I think they just overtook Samsung as the world’s No.1-selling smartphone… Well, cell phone. They don’t make very many smart phones. Apple owns the smartphone market but all the down-market stuff (you know, the stuff that’s under $600), Samsung and Huawei split that. Huawei is not permitted to sell phones in the United States, precisely because it is theorized that they are direct links to the ChiCom government.

The ChiCom government has a business and professional relationship with Huawei and Huawei phones are actually a technique or a method whereby the ChiCom government spies on its citizens and those phones are not… Huawei, of course, denies this, and they’re not permitted to be sold here. Well, that’s Huawei. So keep that in mind as we now discuss the tariffs and the trade negotiations with the ChiComs. The other day, Donald Trump announced that there was going to be a 90-day extension of the talks on tariffs and that the ChiComs had agreed to it and that we were going in the right direction here.

So additional tariffs — which would have included tariffs on iPhones and Apple products — would not be implemented for 90 days. Trump tweeted out that the ChiCom government was on board. It wasn’t long after that that there started to appear in the media all kinds of stories that the ChiCom government was not on board with it, that the ChiCom government had not spoken about it, and that Trump was a renegade, off the reservation, not knowing what he’s talking about! That was a deep state operation to sabotage Trump’s ongoing tariff talks with the ChiComs.

The best I can tell, the ChiComs had agreed to a 90-day extension and that… Look, the ChiComs cannot afford a tariff war with us. I’ve explained this I don’t know how many times. They have so much of our debt, they cannot afford the United States economy to plunge. It makes no fiscal or economic sense for them whatsoever. They might want to take us over, they might want to become the No. 1 economy in the world. But they can’t afford for our economy to tank. They can’t afford for it to become more expensive to purchase products manufactured in China, that are manufactured and exported for sale here. It makes no sense.

Well, there’s a little addendum to this that I don’t know how many people noticed. But the CFO of Huawei was arrested in Canada just when Trump was having a meeting with President Xi Jinping, and they were trying to move the trade discussions along. The Huawei CFO happens to be the daughter of the Huawei CEO. She is the heir. She’s in Canada, and she was arrested, and I don’t think there is any question that the Department of Justice chose that moment to see to it this woman is arrested in Canada as a means of sabotaging Trump’s ongoing tariff talks with the ChiComs and Xi Jinping.

After all, Huawei is the official cell phone of the Chinese Communist Party, and there’s the CFO — the heir to the company and the daughter of the CEO — being arrested by Trump’s DOJ while Trump is negotiating with them? There’s no question in my mind that this whole thing was timed to have a purposely deleterious effect on Trump’s ability to negotiate an improvement in our trade relations with the ChiComs. This is the kind of stuff the deep state is doing and has been doing for two years, or finding liberal appointed judges to put stays of execution on Trump’s travel bans or any other mechanism he’s trying to use to shut down illegal immigration.

Trump is dealing with ongoing sabotage each and every day. He’s dealing with sabotage from within his own administration. He’s got people there leaking like crazy, and they have since day one. You’ve even got some of these people writing about it, writing stories and columns in the Washington Post about how they’re there to make sure Trump doesn’t take the country over the cliff. They’re warning us that Trump is dangerous, and then they’re assuring us that, “Don’t worry. We’ve got this. We’ve got a handle on it. We’re making sure Trump cannot be Trump.”

So I don’t have a slight doubt at all that this CNN story is true, whatever its real purpose is. Maybe it’s to give them cover for not having actual evidence of collusion with Russia. But they’re not gonna need any evidence of Trump colluding with Russia to write a report. If they’ve already been able to convince 42% of the American people the Russians tampered with votes, with ballots, with voting machines, that Russians affected the outcome of the presidential race…

If they got 42% of the American people believing that after 18 months of steady media coverage, it won’t take much in a Mueller report to affirm that even without any evidence, just a bunch of innuendo here, bunch of implications there. And make no mistake. They have not slacked off one bit in their energy and objective of destroying Donald Trump, his presidency, his family. It’s a grander scale of what’s attempted against Brett Kavanaugh. Except this one is being conducted by far more people than just the Democrat Party.


RUSH: Here is Tony in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Great to have. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Thanks for taking my call. My basic premise here is that all this ties together in the global collapse of socialism, witnessed in Venezuela, witnessed in the European Union, witnessed across the globe, being witnessed now in the United States. Unblocked immigration, our welfare state is based upon a fundamental Ponzi scheme. Okay? Donald Trump, by returning to nationalism and the right of sovereignty and self-determination is in direct conflict with all of the globalists in Brussels, in Washington, across the world who fundamentally being…

That’s the purpose of the United Nations in and of itself and that your deep state that you refer to, the unfixed immigration problems is all directly tied to the collapse of socialism. And it’s all… It’s not a bunch of individual things with individual connections. It’s a bunch of individual things connected globally! And by fighting universality of globalism and global economics and global international law and universal, one-size-fits-all everything, the mere concept of individual, national sovereignty is blasphemous.

And you can’t allow any one nation or any one person representing those nations that have that philosophy to have a voice! Look at what’s happening with Hungary against the United Nations. It’s all about money. It’s all about welfare. It’s all about one small group of people making all the rules to fit all the people on the planet, and this concept isn’t new. It goes back for thousands of years.

RUSH: So are you…?

CALLER: (crosstalk)

RUSH: Look, I understand all that. I need to get specific. Are you suggesting that the deep state, as we describe them here, the Washington establishment, is also devoted to socialism in America, socialism in the world, and that’s why they’re attacking Donald Trump?

CALLER: Absolutely! Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and global power is absolute power.

RUSH: Well, except that it isn’t, because you still have power struggles within the global elite as to who’s gonna run that.

CALLER: Well, it seems to me your epicenter is centered in Brussels. It seems to me — and if you’ll recall, without bias, without, you know, remove the plank from before your eye, George Bush the First brought up the thousand points of light, a new global order. Clintons are part of the new global order. The dynastic families that we have had as choices for government are all part of the concept of global world order.

The Rockefeller family have declared openly — openly and proudly — that they are advocates for and proud of the concept of a new global order, and they have stated historically — you can look it up — that we will have global socialism. It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when! I say to you that this is right now — this period of time, this moment in history… These acts of chaos and confusion and anarchy being carried out under the auspices of this, that, and the other thing are just kabuki theater being put on to present the image that these are individual instances instead of collective instances designed to destroy from within. You got the —

(ear-splitting tone)

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