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RUSH: If the SDNY is right, how come none of the members of Congress have been charged with felonies by the United States attorney in D.C.? They use tax dollars to buy silence, which was approved by the Ethics Committee. Essentially, there’s a slush fund of tax dollars. They were active members of Congress. The deals were made while they were public officials. Here’s one story:

“The ‘duckie pajamas’ congressman used taxpayer dollars to secretly settle a sexual harassment suit. Representative Blake Farenthold, perhaps best known for his interesting taste in pajamas, settled an $84,000 sexual harassment claim with taxpayer dollars,” this is all in a report by Politico, “after his former communications director, Lauren Greene, sued him for gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and creation of a hostile work environment.” He’s a Republican.

Blake Farenthold “reached a secret $84,000 sexual harassment settlement paid with taxpayer funds,” from a fund members of Congress set up with the approval of the Ethics Committee. Sitting members of Congress had their sexual harassment claims paid for by your tax dollars, and then NDAs were signed with the people making the allegations to keep ’em quiet. Why hasn’t the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia gone after these guys for impeachable offenses? Why haven’t we started hearing stories about how these people may be indicted?

“According to the lawsuit, filed in December 2014 in D.C. federal court, [Farenthold], along with one of his aides, made lewd and sexual comments to Greene, and then fired her when she complained. … The two parties reached a private settlement that included a confidentiality agreement barring both [Lauren] Greene and Farenthold [the congressman] from discussing the settlement. It also ‘expressly provides that both parties deny all liability.’

“According to the Washington Post, Congress’s Office of Compliance has shelled out more than $17 million in 264 settlements related to various employer-related disputes, including sexual harassment.” So, 264 settlements, $17 million, and not one story about how this is indictable, about how it violates campaign contribution law? It’s just outrageous — and, if you doubt me, here, I’ll go through this again if anybody wants to hear it.


RUSH: I need to add something to the story here about Blake Farenthold. Hang on here just a second. The Farenthold case — and he’s the case I just mentioned in terms of the slush fund that Congress has. I’m gonna go through this again if you’re just joining us. You could be a welfare recipient or an illegal immigrant who just crossed the border or just got up and is just now turning on the radio. So let me run through this again, and I’ll use Farenthold again. But the thing that you need to know about him is that he claimed all along he didn’t do the deed.

He didn’t harass Lauren Greene, his communications director, and he was found 8-0 not to have harassed her but Paul Ryan settled anyway just to avoid the hassle. Here’s the upshot of this, because the point is that we’ve got Donald Trump said to have committed indictable offenses with these two NDAs to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. He paid them off, had them sign NDA’s. The National Enquirer got involved by buying the McDougal story and burying it, not running it. Cohen was dispatched to make the payment, supposedly.

That makes it all a violation of campaign finance law — and, as such, Trump is guilty, guilty of campaign finance violations and therefore it’s impeachable and therefore Trump could be indicted! And it’s all part of the never-ending smear job designed to get his approval numbers down to the thirties. I’m gonna keep sayin’ this until people instinctively react to it with this knowledge when they hear any of these smears. Now, the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia is sitting on a hotbed of cases if what Trump is done is illegal.

And it isn’t, by the way.

And don’t doubt me.

These are private contractual payments agreed to by two people. There’s nothing illegal about it. In fact, Stormy Daniels wanted to break her NDA and go public with it, and the judge threw her case out and her famous lawyer, Avenatti, has now seen his 2020 presidential bid (laughs) harmed greatly. “Representative Blake Farenthold … settled an $84,000 sexual harassment claim with taxpayer dollars, per a report by Politico, after his former communications director, Lauren Greene, sued him for gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and creation of a hostile work environment.”

Turned out that he didn’t do it. There was a vote of eight to nothing that he did not actually harass her. He was found eight to nothing not to have done it, but Paul Ryan settled the case anyway to avoid any appearance of impropriety for who knows whatever reasons you can probably predict. That’s not the point. The point is, the United States “Congress’s Office of Compliance has shelled out more than $17 million in 264 settlements related to various employer-related disputes, including sexual harassment.

“BuzzFeed reported that Representative John Conyers, a Democrat from Michigan, reached a $17,000 settlement out of his office budget in a wrongful dismissal suit, after a female staffer claimed she was fired for not ‘succumb[ing]’ to Conyers’s sexual advances. Meanwhile, Senator Al Franken is under investigation by the Senate ethics committee after five women accused him of sexual misconduct.” The point is all of these women are paid off with taxpayer dollars.

The U.S. Congress has a slush fund where these cases are settled with taxpayer dollars. There are nondisclosure agreements involved. Both sides sign the NDAs that they will not talk about it, and they are also both said to be not liable. The women are paid to go away. The difference is, U.S. taxpayer dollars are used. This comes out of the federal Treasury! The U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, if what Trump has done is impeachable or indictable, is sitting on 264 cases that he could bring.

To me, this is incredible, that the very thing Donald Trump is said to have committed crimes by doing has occurred 264 times involving $17 million in the United States Congress.

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