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RUSH: Emmanuel Macron, the boy king of France, has just had his head handed to him. And folks, I’m gonna tell you what’s happening. France was leading the charge to create a climate change economy, massive carbon taxes that were first implemented on gasoline and diesel, $7-a-gallon gasoline in France, and the middle class erupted in massive outrage and protests. Others joined the protests and tried to co-opt it. The communists tried to join the protest and make it look like it was theirs.

But this was a middle class protest, the yellow jackets. Everybody in France is required to have one in their car to put on in case of a roadside accident just to protect yourself so you can be seen. People started wearing the jackets and protesting, and Macron had to withdraw the tax increase and cancel it and announce so.

The worldwide climate change movement has been derailed, and they are livid because this was to be the model and the plan for around the world. This was to come to the United States, people have been trying to make these massive carbon taxes on the premise that we gotta stop using fossil fuels to save the planet. So Macron is in deep doo-doo.

And I’ve also been watching Theresa May, prime minister of the United Kingdom. She was speaking to Parliament this morning to postpone a Brexit vote. She’s trying to get better terms on Brexit from the world headquarters of globalism, Brussels. And this whole Brexit thing and the fact that they just can’t do it the way the British people voted for it, the politicians actually don’t want Brexit to happen. So they’re trying to come up with reworkings and substitutes to make it look like it is, but it isn’t.

Any time you vote to get out of the European Union and you turn over control of the European Union as to how you’re gonna get out, you are losing! And this is what they’re trying to do. The entire country has been roiled, and now it’s such that Parliament will not vote for her plan. She’s had to suspend the election, postpone it.

The efforts — and it’s understandable — the efforts the establishment will go to protect and save itself should not be a shock to anybody. Macron, we got some sound bites of him coming up here in just a second. This is the first speech since the yellow jackets burned down Paris in rampant opposition to his climate change policy.

And this guy was caught short. He really thought, like all leftists do, that everybody was supporting this. He thought everybody wanted to save the planet, everybody believed that climate change was coming, and everybody would readily agree to $7-a-gallon gasoline to save the planet. The problem is people are not gonna accept the blame for this, for something that can’t even be proven to be happening.

In Italy the leader there is a populist in the mold of Trump, and he has huge support from Italians. He has cut immigration by 81%. The guy’s big on law and order. He has made being a proud nationalist something to be celebrated. Unlike the cesspits of much of the European Union, Italy has something truly fabulous going on, and it’s amazing. People in the European Union, the average, ordinary Tom, Dick, and Harry, they’re fed up with all of this limitless immigration.

Merkel is in trouble. Her era is done in Germany. People are just sick of it. They’re fed up with this mass illegal immigration and other socialist crap that’s been stuffed down their throats, and they’ve had it. And even when they vote to get rid of it, the establishment stands up and inserts itself as major obstacles.

But here’s little Macron. We have a couple sound bites here. This poor guy’s so out of his league. Whoever talks to him and advises him is really, really ill serving him. This guy hasn’t the foggiest idea where the people of this country really are. Has this guy forgotten the revolutionary tendencies of the French population, particularly against wealthy elites saving and protecting everything for themselves while making everybody else pay for what they have?

So here is Macron. Listen to this…

MACRON: (via translator) There is worry. There’s indignation. All of us or most of us in France feel it. However, I cannot accept the inacceptable behavior. The anger was about the gas tax and the prime minister responded to that by canceling the gas tax. However, I feel the anger. Give us another chance. I don’t want to be divided! I don’t want the French people to be divided. This is a country of law. Friendship is what must unite this country.

RUSH: “Friendship is what must unite this country”? (impression) “Give us another chance”? ” I, too, feel the anger. I don’t want us to be divided. I don’t want the French people to be divided”? Well, then stop dividing ’em! Stop blaming ’em! You know, you people in government, you blame the people that have nothing to do with any of these problems. They’re just out there living their lives trying to make ends meet and you’re blaming them for the climate being destroyed!

You’re blaming them for the planet being on a precipice of existence or not. You’re blaming them for a bunch of garbage that isn’t even happening, and they couldn’t be responsible for it if they wanted to be! Average, ordinary citizens of the world are responsible for destroying it? So friendship! “Friendship is what must unite this country.” No, no, no. Friendship is not gonna unite the country. And we one more little sound bite.

MACRON: (via translator) I want to fix all the injustice that has taken place. Overtime must be paid without any additional taxes, and I want to see an immediate and real improvement in the salaries. This is why I’m ordering an end-of-year bonus for all employees without any taxes.

RUSH: So he’s trying a buy ’em back, folks. Little Macron here is trying to buy back the French people. He was gonna raise the gasoline tax so that it would be $7. The price would be $7 a gallon. And now they’re mad at him sob he’s trying to buy ’em back with nationwide, year-end tax-free bonuses. “Overtime must be paid without any additional taxes”. Now, he may be proposing this.

But I will guarantee you that the socialist leadership in Brussels and elsewhere, this is not…. When you start doing this, you’re giving their money away. Government’s money is their money. That’s the name of the game. That’s how it’s rigged. Government money is their money. Every bureaucratic department’s budget is their money. So this guy’s starting to give it away now, and he’s gonna be in deep doo-doo with them. He has to do something, though, because they’ve gotta stop the city of Paris from burning.


RUSH: I forgot to mention this little tidbit about the yellow vest riots in France. This is a Bloomberg News story. The headline says it all: “France to Probe Possible Russian Influence on Yellow Vest Riots — France opened an investigation into possible Russian interference behind the country’s Yellow Vest protests, after reports that social-media accounts linked to Moscow have increasingly targeted the movement.” The Russians are everywhere! The Russians are doing everything. The Russians are responsible and behind every problem.

See how this stuff gets started? Meanwhile, no evidence. You know, I still see people on our side saying, “Well, the fact that the Russians attempted interfere in the election is undeniable. Of course it happened!” I’m waiting to see the specific evidence, because when people talk about this, it’s creating this illusion that the Russians actually got into voting machines and tampered with votes.

Now, look, I’m aware the Russians and the ChiComs and every other enemy state is constantly trying to destabilize the United States. There’s nothing new about it! They’re trying to tell us that all this that happened in the 2016 election, now the yellow vest riots, is something new! The Russians are not this great, overwhelmingly competent evil empire as they are being portrayed to be, as though we’re defenseless and there’s nothing we can do about it. After all, Trump won; right? It’s just absurd.

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