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RUSH: Environmentalist wackos’ dreams of imposing carbon taxes to fight global warming are going up in smoke.

There are massive riots over fuel taxes in France. Australia repealed its carbon tax after only three years. And liberal voters in Washington State overwhelmingly rejected a “carbon fee” in the midterm elections.

Climate activist Kalee Kreider, a former advisor to Algore, sadly told Politico that Americans’ aversion to taxes is high, and shouldn’t be underestimated. She says she has a lot of scars to show for that.

But despite the growing unpopularity of carbon and fuel taxes, a new breed of liberal isn’t giving up. These lefties, like incoming congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have come up with something they call a Green New Deal. New energy and carbon taxes are a big part of their plans.

Apparently, they haven’t yet learned what the seasoned environmentalist wackos have found out the hard way, that global-warming taxes are a global loser. They actually probably do know and don’t care. That’s what leftists do, is force things on you, sometimes with force, that you do not want.

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