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RUSH: Now, Rasmussen has come out with Trump approval numbers at 49%. But I want to play you an audio sound bite, and it is No. 5. Yesterday I made the point that what the media has to do… In order to actually allow other authorities to impeach Trump or to get rid of him, they’ve got to drive his approval numbers down to the thirties. They have to do that, like they did George W. Bush, like they did Nixon. They have to do this. They have to somehow get those numbers down so that it is apparent Trump has no support left.

That’s why this never-ending media onslaught. It’s designed to cause people to abandon Trump, to lose interest in supporting him, or to become afraid to support him. Already there are stories in the Drive-By Media, in the Stack today, about unnamed, very prominent people in Washington on the Republican side who are getting very, very nervous about sticking tight with Trump. Now, this audio sound bite from CNN is of their political director named David Chalian on their program today called New Day.

This is a report on a new CNN poll on Trump’s handling of the Russia investigation…

CHALIAN: His handling of the Russia investigation is back to an all-time low in our polling! Only 29% of Americans approve of the way President Trump is handling the investigation! Fifty-seven percent disapprove! Take a look when you look at it by party. I find this fascinating! The big movement is among Republicans! He’s lost about 17% support here in approval of his handling of the investigation! Only 51% of Republicans now approve of the way Donald Trump is handling the investigation!

RUSH: You note the number 29%, folks, 29%? They can’t contain themselves. CNN! I knew it was gonna be CNN, and they’re the first media outfit out there with a poll showing Trump’s numbers down to 30% or less. This one is a specific poll on the “handling of the Russia investigation.” Trump’s handling of the Russia investigation in a CNN poll comes in at just under 30%. Do not doubt me, ladies and gentlemen.

This is the first step. There are going to be more of these. Others are gonna pick up the CNN poll and report it, and it’s gonna be that number: 30%, 29%, Trump’s approval numbers falling. Trump’s approval on the Russia investigation, whatever. It doesn’t matter what the subject of the poll is. If they can get a poll that shows Trump at somewhere, 29 to 30%, they are gonna run it because that remains their objective.

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