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RUSH: As I mentioned yesterday, old-school environmentalist wackos are backing away from unpopular carbon taxes, but young progressives are not giving up. They’re demanding a Green New Deal.

On Monday, hundreds of leftist students (these are professional actors, they’re not students). Anyway, they stormed the Capitol and took over the offices of several Democrat members of Congress. House leaders Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer and Massachusetts Congressman Jim McGovern had to call Capitol police on them. Over 140 of these little maggots were arrested.

They call themselves the Sunrise Movement. They demand that the incoming Democrat Congress form a special committee dedicated to climate change and the Green New Deal. These young militants are telling their old dinosaur Democrat leaders that their time is up. They don’t want to hear excuses or platitudes, they want global warming action now or else, because they actually think that they’re gonna die unless we fix it. And they also are left-wing socialist activists and they’re demanding it for that reason.

But I say, good! Liberals created this hoax, this false crisis, and this panic. It’s about time they had to deal with it and their left wing extremist wackos that they created themselves.

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