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RUSH: I have to prove it. I have to illustrate it yet again. Yesterday on this program I made mention of the fact that the great basketball artist, the Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry, went public with his belief that the Moon landing is a hoax.

Now, most everybody thinks that anybody who thinks that is a little strange, is a little kooky, a little odd. But we can’t have that. No, no, no. We can’t have anybody thinking that our hero, Steph — ’cause Steph Curry hates Trump so he’s loved and adored and Steph Curry called Trump a racist and Steph Curry loves Obama.

So we can’t have a very famous sports artist out there portraying himself as a kook. And so they wrote a story yesterday, you know, he’s not alone. There are a lot of people who think that the Moon landing was a hoax. Or another headline: “We really hope he didn’t mean it” was actually in the headline. “We hope he’s joking” and so forth.

Today it was felt necessary in the Drive-By Media to continue to cover for Steph Curry, basketball artist with the Golden State Warriors claiming the Moon landing didn’t happen. It was a hoax. Here is Good Morning America and how they did it.

STEPHANOPOULOS: He wasn’t joking?

STRAHAN: No, he wasn’t.

HOLMES: Hold on. We’re being trolled. We’re all being trolled.

ROBERTS: I listened to it. I wasn’t quite sure.


STRAHAN: But, another player said the Earth was flat.

HOLMES: Yes, we’ve gone through that. He walked it back. That was uhh….

STRAHAN: Kyrie Irving.

HOLMES: But he walked that back. I think they’re trolling us but still, Steph, we know, Steph is a sharp dude. He is a sharp — he knows better than this. Come on, Steph.

RUSH: Come on, Steph, you know better, you don’t really believe that, Steph. The people there were George Stephanopoulos, Robin Roberts, Michael Strahan, and ABC News correspondent T.J. Holmes. They actually brought in a sports guy in here to weigh in. “Come on, Steph, Steph’s a sharp dude, he’s a sharp guy, he knows better than this.” Let some conservative say the Moon landing was a hoax and you see what they do with it. Today show thought necessary to defend Steph Curry. Here’s how they did it.

CRAIG MELVIN: So here’s the thing. We like Steph Curry. We love Steph Curry. So maybe he was joking.

AL ROKER: I think he was joking.

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: It sounds like he had to be.

HODA KOTB: It sounds like must have been.

AL ROKER: Yeah, he’s joking.

CRAIG MELVIN: Clear up the record for us Stephen. (laughter)

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: Emoji with sunglasses didn’t exactly tell us.

RUSH: He’s joking. He had to be joking. He couldn’t have meant it. One of our favored basketball artists couldn’t have meant this, he couldn’t have believed it, he couldn’t be a kook. This is how they cover for their own and I just wanted to make sure and point that out.


RUSH: Long Island and Al. You’re next. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Mr. Limbaugh. First time I’m calling so it’s a pleasure to speak with you. I’m gonna say I’m a little nervous, so my apologies. But I wanted to make you and your audience aware. My father was an engineer for Grumman aerospace, and earlier you talked about Stephen Curry. And he’s not the first person to say this, but I just wanted to say that he’s slapping about 23,000 Long Island families in the face every time he does this.

So I’m gonna say on behalf of my father, he was an airframe engineer for Grumman, he worked on the lunar module. He also worked on other products, but I want to stick with this. I just want to try to convey to you, try to land an aircraft on the Moon not knowing whether it’s made out of cheese or it’s made out of hard rock.

RUSH: Okay. Wait a second. I want to buttress you here. This is literally true. When we went to the Moon, we did not know what the surface was. We didn’t know if it was quicksand, we didn’t know if we’d get swallowed up, we didn’t know if it would support us. We did not know. We had educated guesses —

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: — we had sent satellites up. But you’re absolutely right. It’s one of the great risks. Nobody knew what was gonna happen the moment that LEM touched down and if it did survive what was gonna happen when the astronauts got out and walked around.

CALLER: Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, there’s a lot we could say. I just know you’re probably pressed for time. But, again, they spent thousands of hours, of man-hours trying to do this. And my answer to Mr. Curry, any time you really doubt yourself as to whether or not there’s a remnant, if you will, of product on the Moon, you can go to your local museum or even your college and just have an astronomer with their telescope, now they’re computerized to my knowledge, and you can literally find about four — and it’s called the descent module. So there are at least to my knowledge about four of them in different parts of the Moon and these craters have their names to it. So any time Mr. Curry wants to second-guess himself —

RUSH: The flags are there. You can see the flags. His point is you can go to a telescope and you can see the modules that remained after we were there. One of the big risks was leaving. And I remember learning how this happened. You’ve got the lunar lander and LEMs, the module on this where the astronauts are is on top of it, and that gets launched when it’s time to rendezvous with the third astronaut orbiting the Moon, the timing of this has to be precise. There’s not much room for steerage. You’ve gotta lift off at precisely the right point at the right angle to have a chance at rendezvous.

But the real frightening thing was, what if the rockets don’t fire? If the rockets don’t fire, those astronauts, Neil Armstrong and the boys are stranded there. And I remember they tested those rockets in as close to a lunar atmosphere on earth as they could, which is impossible, because you can’t go anywhere on earth where there is not any air. And where you’re outside. But they test fired those rockets something like 750 times. And they wouldn’t authorize the trip until they got 250 consecutive successful firing of those rockets. Anyway, you can see that is still there.

Now, what Stephen Curry and the boys would tell you, “No, no, no, doesn’t mean men went there. Anybody can launch a satellite and have it land up there on the Moon, and that’s all that is.” What’s the hoaxers will tell you. There’s still no evidence they will tell you that a human being has ever been there. But when Stephen Curry says it, he was only joking. He knows better and so forth.

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