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RUSH: On Monday, former mayor of New York, Michael “Doomberg” went on The View. The  mayor and also former nanny of New York, started bashing Republicans for not reining in Trump. He bashed President Trump for being Trump. And he promoted a documentary that he paid for that bashes Trump for pulling out of the Paris Accords.

Doomberg said he’ll decide next year whether or not he’s running for President. He also told The View that Democrats will find a “middle-of-the road” strategy to run on in 2020. Democrats want to get things done, he said. They don’t want to push things that can’t be paid for. Really?

He listed immigration, health care, job creation, and gun control as Democrats’ middle-of-the-road issues.

The loons at The View didn’t ask Bloomberg about his Aspen Institute speech a few years ago, where he detailed his “middle-of-the-road” plan for gun control. He wants to disarm minorities between 15 and 25 years old. He says, in order to keep them alive.

Yup! Civil rights and civil liberties need not apply to minorities, according to Michael Doomberg. Democrats going back to their roots. In the middle of the road, denying minorities constitutional rights. That’s out guy!

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