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RUSH: You know, folks, it just gets tiresome. I don’t know how else to describe it. It just gets tiresome. The Drive-By Media is just beside itself with the sentencing hearing today of Michael Cohen. They’ve got themselves convinced that Michael Cohen being sentenced is the same thing as Donald Trump being sentenced, and so whatever Cohen gets, they think Trump is next in line. That’s how they’re interpreting this. That’s how they’re reporting this.

They’re reporting Cohen saying things like (paraphrasing), “Yeah, you know, Trump’s right. I was weak. I didn’t have the guts to stand up to Trump when he was trying to get me to cover up his dirty deeds. So, yeah, I am weak. Trump’s right. I should have been a better man.” And he’s copping to everything, and he’s blaming Trump for whatever he made him do and so forth.

Do not doubt me on this. Cohen’s obviously trying to get as little jail time as possible, but he’s also trying to do a 180 here and become a media darling so that going forward in his life he’s going to always be looked upon favorably by the media and be a media hero and get great media coverage. That matters to so many people. And he knows what he has to do to get that. He’s got to throw Donald Trump overboard and under the bus, and he knows full well that’s what everybody in that courtroom, including probably the judge, wants to hear.

But Cohen today, the way to understand, this is what gets tiresome about it. Donald Trump is not in that courtroom, and Donald Trump’s not being sentenced to anything. And Donald Trump is not gonna be in that courtroom and isn’t gonna be sentenced to anything. So they’re acting like Cohen is a proxy or a stand-in.

All morning long it has been impossible to turn on any news network and not see a bunch of breathless anticipation counting down to the Cohen sentencing hearing in federal court in New York, U.S. District Court, New York City. And to those of us in the know, of course, it’s abundantly obvious what this is. Since they can’t get Trump in that courtroom, they’re gonna get Cohen in there, and they’re going to act as though Cohen is Trump, that the two are inseparable.

And Cohen knows exactly what to do here. He’s just gotta beg forgiveness, take the blame for everything, blame as much of what he did on Trump, i.e., covering up for Trump’s quote “dirty deeds.” That’s actually the phrase that he used, apparently. I mean, even Fox cannot wait to tell you what happened in here.

On the other end of this, Michael Flynn has got a sentencing date. Here’s the thing about this. I saw Andy McCarthy on TV earlier today, and he made a great, great point. That if these witnesses were all that valuable in getting Trump, they wouldn’t be being sentenced today. They would be withheld for testimony. A sentencing for somebody that’s gonna turn state’s evidence or become a huge witness for the prosecution against some perp, the sentencing occurs after they testify. Because when they testify, I mean, they can have their sentencing document and they promise to say what they’re gonna say.

But, as we know from Godfather movies, after you agree to testify they come bury a horse head in your bed, then you show up in court and change your story. We learned that in The Godfather. So these people, prosecutors always wait until the witnesses have testified before they actually request sentencing. In fact. let’s grab audio sound bite number 3. This is Andy McCarthy on Fox News today with Bill Hemmer explaining this.

MCCARTHY: Ordinarily, if a prosecutor had plans for a big case that was upcoming, the last thing you would do is let a cooperator get sentenced. What you want is the cooperator to testify first at the big trial and then sentence, because the testimony is going to be the most important part of the cooperation. That obviously didn’t happen here. It hasn’t happened, really, with any of Mueller’s cooperators, which leads you to think he doesn’t have anything very big coming down the pike. Cause you wouldn’t let these guys get sentenced first. You’d make them testify first.

RUSH: Exactly. And you make ’em testify to make sure they say in court, under oath, what they’ve told you that they’re gonna say, and only then do you sentence and only then are their pleas for leniency listened to. So we just found out Cohen has been sentenced to 36 months in jail. For those of you in Rio Linda, that is three years. And Cohen’s now gotta ask, “Is it worth it?” Thirty-six months in jail to become a media darling. Thirty-six months in jail to become a media hero.

Make no mistake that that is one of the objectives of Cohen. I’m sure he wanted no jail time. The thing is, Cohen doesn’t get it. They don’t care about him. He is dirt now. They’re gonna forget about him. His usefulness is over. He’s not gonna be a media darling. They’re not gonna love the guy, unless, unless somehow any of this leads to the Trumpster. And it’s not going to. ‘Cause I’m telling you right now that what they’re accusing Cohen of doing, in one regard paying off these women for Trump, is not a crime. And if it is, there are 276 members of Congress waiting to be charged on the same thing.

I went through this a couple days ago. Mark Penn has written a column about it today, even. Congress has a slush fund where taxpayer dollars are used to pay off women who make allegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment, this kind of thing. Members of Congress aren’t gonna pay that. Hell, no. They’ve got their own slush fund to pay the women off, and there is total anonymity in privacy. Trump engages in a private transaction complete with nondisclosure agreements with two women. Said to be campaign finance violations and they think people are gonna go to jail over this? It isn’t gonna happen. But they’re living in their fantasy world.

So in their minds Trump is already going to jail now, he’s gonna be impeached. This is the mind-set that they have. They got him. Largely because they won the House, they’ve got Washington back. Now they’re gonna get Trump. They got Cohen. Cohen thinks he’s gonna become a media darling, but his usefulness just ended. So he’s gonna have to ask himself if whatever he’s done here is worth three years in jail. And then what happens when he gets out? Maybe gets out time off for good behavior, but what then?

Is some anti-Trump Democrat Hollywood loyalist gonna hire him for a job well done? I don’t know what he’s thinking is gonna happen. Maybe he’s gonna get a couple additional taxi medallions or maybe get Uber stock. No idea. But it’s just, as I say, and I don’t mean to be redundant here, it’s just tiresome. It’s tiresome because it’s sameness. It never changes. And it’s every one of them. I don’t care what network you turn on, it’s a monolithic story. It’s monolithic reaction to the story. Monolithic take. Monolithic analysis. It’s all identical and all the same.

Anyway, greetings, folks. As always, great to have you here. The one thing we are not is monolithic. The one thing we are not is the same each-and-every day. You’ll not get worn out listening to this program.


RUSH: Okay. Here’s the book that was thrown at Michael Cohen. He’s got a fourth and 500 grand. He has to make $1.4 million in restitution. That’s for the tax fraud, and a $50,000 fine. This actually is a light sentence, given his crimes, especially the massive tax fraud he engaged in. I don’t know if he’s paid any of that back. I don’t know how much he defrauded, but he’s got $1.4 million in restitution that he has to make.

I would bet that he’s already heard from people who want to do book and movie deals. And I can just see them now. “The Michael Cohen story based on real-life events.” And then there be some disclaimers in there along the lines of “Some of the conversation and some of the interactions have been created for dramatic effect. Not everything portrayed here is” blah, blah, blah, blah. And you’ll be left to wonder which is real and which isn’t. Oh, yeah, and a GoFundMe page, that will be up and running any time soon.

CNN is all smiles. I mean, it’s been a long time since anybody at CNN’s been this happy. I guess they don’t have any sympathy for Cohen. Cohen’s going away for three years. His life is pretty much over. CNN’s ecstatic because they’re seeing Donald Trump, not Michael Cohen. Incredible.


RUSH: Okay. Now, this is funny. Short little sound bite coming up. Michael Avenatti was at the U.S. District Court in Manhattan today because Stormy Daniels is one of the women here involved that Cohen had paid. And so Avenatti’s there.

And Avenatti, I have to remind you that there are people who actually think that Michael Avenatti is one of the leading Democratic presidential contenders for 2020. And they think it because he’s a sleaze and they think Trump is a sleaze and so since Trump got the Republican nomination, it’s entirely possible Avenatti could. I am not making this up. I’m talking about Republicans who think this. I’m talking about media people who think it. It’s absolute joke.

Now, Avenatti is a former media darling like Cohen is simply because he was up against Trump, and he was very bombastic, and he hated Trump and made it clear. The media loved him. So he stormed the microphones outside the courthouse today to get his two cents in on this and he’s not happy that Cohen only got 36 months. He thinks Cohen needs to go way for the rest of his life or some such thing.

AVENATTI: This is an outrage. He deserves every day of the 36-month sentence that he will serve. And I will also note with great irony, Michael Cohen —

KING: Alright. You’re listening to Michael Avenatti.

RUSH: CNN cut out of the guy! That’s how bad it is for Avenatti! CNN left before he could even make his point! A Democrat 2020 front-runner. And Avenatti suffers the ignominy of being ignored by CNN.

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