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RUSH: The incoming attorney general of the state of New York is Letitia James. She’s a Democrat and she has announced her agenda. It’s to get Trump.

That’s right, my friends. When she takes office in January, Letitia James says that she’s gonna immediately launch an exhaustive investigation into Donald Trump and his private business dealings.

She says that she’s gonna examine anything she can find from Trump’s life from as far back as she can find! She says everything in Trump’s real estate holdings and his “dubious tax schemes” is fair game. She’s also going to investigate everybody that’s ever been in Trump’s orbit.

She’s even going to investigate things that Mueller is investigating. She’s going to use the power of her elective office to do anything and everything she can to get Donald Trump.

I mean, this is raw hate, folks — poisonous, political, vindictive. It’s brazenly discriminatory and unethical. But Attorney General Letitia James doesn’t care. This is what Democrats do. This is what Democrats call justice when people like Donald Trump win elections they had no business winning.

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