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RUSH: Boynton Beach, Florida. This is Wayne. Wayne, welcome. Great to have you here, sir.

CALLER: Well, Merry Christmas, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Fine. Same to you, sir.

CALLER: Yeah. Thank you. Before I go off the air, I was wondering if you wanted… My brother’s an electronic engineer. He’d be able to help you with your Apple charger, I’m sure. He’s been an electrical engineer all his life. Anyways, I’ll get to my question. I’ve always wondered where Obama got his $150 billion of cold cash from and why Donald Trump can’t go through that same federal ATM machine and pull out $5 billion?

RUSH: Yeah. Not only that, Obama got $150 billion, much of it in cash, and that was done… Cash is hard to trace. Where did it come from? But everybody on the team would have been an Obamaite, as opposed to anybody Trump would call wanting to do that would try to sabotage it. So they put together whatever the amount of money, and they delivered it in cash on pallets to the Tehran airport, $150 billion. $150 billion.

Democrats didn’t scream. Nobody screamed. It was part of the Iran deal to make sure that Iran got a nuclear weapon. They tried to tell us, “No, no, no, no, no! This deal is to ensure that Iran does not get a nuclear weapon.” Really? We’re paying them and we’re facilitating their nuclear infrastructure so they can someday get a bomb, and you’re telling us it’s not for that? By the way, the European Union… This did not make any news earlier this week or maybe lake last week.

The European Union… After the Iranians test fired a nuclear device, the European Union very sheepishly said, “Gee, I guess you were right.” The European Union were believing the Iranians were not developing a nuclear bomb. One of the reasons why is Obama told them that the deal was that was not part of it. Now they are out there testing things that have relationships to nukes and so forth and the European Union says (muttering), “Oh, gosh, I guess you were right.”

You haven’t seen that story, have you? I guarantee you haven’t seen that story. If you Google it, you might find it on page 25 of Iran nuclear search page results. It won’t be at the top. But about this $5 billion for a wall. You understand, ladies and gentlemen, that no matter what Chuck and Nancy say about it, there is no way they are ever going to agree to a wall. They’re never going to agree to a deal. If they did, it would be fatal to them.

Whatever they say about it is designed for public consumption. They have to make it look like they care about border security. But, my friends, they could never, ever sign on to and assist in the funding and construction of a wall. You know why? Because walls work! These people that we’re talking about put walls around their homes and their estates! They know that walls work, and that’s precisely why there isn’t gonna be one (if they have anything to say about it) on the southern border, because if there ever is a wall, guess what?

We finally will have control over who gets into this country and who doesn’t. They have walls around their estates in Malibu, don’t they? They have walls around their homes up in Napa Valley; Silicon Valley; Austin, Texas; wherever. Walls work. But a wall would be bad for two things. Imagine the optics! A wall? A wall sends the signal: “Don’t come. You can’t get through.” The wall says, “Don’t even bother trying.” The Democrats need these people!

They’re never gonna stand for a wall being built. The optics would stop them from succeeding and the wall itself would. No more caravans. You put up a 30-foot concrete wall or whatever it is, and I’ll guarantee you illegal immigration in the southern border of the United States is brought to a screeching halt. That’s why the Democrats are never gonna go for it! You put a wall up, and you free the Border Patrol to go after illegals already in the country and deport them.

The wall is the single greatest obstruction to the future of the Democrat Party. They do not want a wall. They will not support a wall. A wall would bring about the end of the Democrat Party. That’s why all this that they’re talking about is nothing but smoke and mirrors. They’re never gonna support it. They’re never gonna fund it. They want people to think they might. They’ll argue about money, government shutdowns. But they can’t survive as a party if that wall is ever built. That’s their permanent underclass that would not be permitted to enter the country.


RUSH: I can’t emphasize this enough, either. This is why the wall is so important. Not only is the wall important for the preservation of our culture and our society and our country — and if you doubt that, look at California. You could make… If you wanted to, you could make an argument that Mexico has already succeeded in taking back California. If you wanted to lay that out and make the case based on certain criteria, you could do that. That’s how far gone California is. California is its own country. We had the news yesterday.

They’re thinking of actually taxing texts. They’re so out of money. There’s a story from San Francisco. People who work in San Francisco restaurants can’t afford to. They can’t afford to live anywhere near the city where they work. The amount of money it takes to commute, many of them… Even in 1985 when I was in Sacramento, there were people who worked in San Francisco every day who lived in Sacramento. It’s a 90-minute commute.

Now, back then, it was being done for a lot of reasons, lifestyle and such. But today, it’s necessary financially, and a lot of California is this way. People can’t afford to live where they work. They’re so out of money, they’re now gonna start taxing text messages? The story I have says that iMessages on iPhones would be exempt. Yeah, well, not for long. You know most of these elected officials don’t understand tech whatsoever. They don’t know the difference between a text and an iMessage. It’s all the same thing to them.

You have to tell ’em, “Well, no. The text messages are the green bubbles and the iMessage are blue.” “You mean we’re not gonna tax the blue bubbles?” Yeah, your law is not tax the blue bubbles.” “Well, we’re gonna change the law,” which is what would happen when these dummkopfs fitted out what they were exempting. They don’t know diddly-squat about what they were doing. All they know is they don’t have any money. This state is already gone when it comes to climate change.

If you want to see a proving ground, you don’t have to go to France. You just have to go to California. It’s gone, and France is too, and you see what happened. Eventually this kind of revolt may not be possible in California because the people who would revolt are gone — and those who aren’t would realize the futility of it. The people who would never revolt are the people that are mostly living on government largesse anyway. So what difference does it make to them? Arizona’s gonna be next.

You go to the southern border of Texas and the entire border of Texas that borders Mexico is either already blue or turning that way. So the Democrat Party has made all this happen without a wall. They’ve made all of this happen with illegal immigration. It has been as much a part of their part of their political forecasting and belief system as anything else in it is. And a wall they simply cannot permit.

No matter what they say, no matter how understanding they appear to be in conversations about border security, they cannot afford there to be a wall. It would bring an immediate end to their primary constituency, which is the great unwashed and permanent underclass. And then the derivatives off of that. This is what President Trump’s up against. Now, Trump wants to build a wall to save America, the culture, and basically to enforce existing federal law.

You know, simpletons are that way. There’s a law says we shouldn’t break it. Well, let’s enforce it! People are breaking it every day. This is not good. We need to enforce the law. That becomes, “This guy’s not qualified! This guy doesn’t get it! This guy represents a threat.” All he wants to do is enforce the law. It’s why he wants to enforce the law the Democrats can’t permit. As far as they’re concerned, Donald Trump is trying to make sure that future Democrats don’t get to register to vote!

That’s what the wall represents to them. So don’t believe any Democrat chitchat that they agree with it or that they understand the need for border security or any of that, ’cause they don’t! And they don’t care about preserving America as founded. It’s the exact opposite. Their power, their perpetual power, their never-ending power depends on the country not remaining as founded. Back to the phones we go to Sudbury, Massachusetts. This is Paul. Great to have you with us, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Can you hear me okay?

RUSH: Yeah, I hear you fine.

CALLER: Perfect. Merry Christmas, and I wanted to give kudos out to the peach iced tea that you guys sell. It’s awesome. I really love it.

RUSH: I’m glad to hear that. That’s great. It is the best-tasting iced tea that anybody has ever made or sold. I appreciate your compliment.

CALLER: Sure. No the problem. If there’s any time left, I would like to ask you a quick question about a cell carrier. But my main question today was talking about the government shutdown, and then doesn’t the executive or the president himself have the ability to determine what gets defunded or will not go forward? So couldn’t the president say, “You know, we’re gonna start the shutdown and we’re going to hold off on congressional pay to sort of get those folks to come to the table and really work with Trump on getting some of this fall funding down?”

RUSH: No. When you start talking about the president telling Congress what’s gonna happen, you can’t do that. You can’t eliminate congressional pay. He can authorize the expenditure of money under the aegis of national security, which is what he’s threatening to do. “Okay. If you guys aren’t gonna authorize $5 billion for the wall, I’m just gonna go get it from the defense budget and I’m gonna claim that it’s a national security expenditure and I’m gonna have the military build it and you don’t stop me.”

Well, they would. First thing they’d do is go to court and get some federal judge somewhere in Hawaii or say, “Trump can’t do what he’s doing because he just can’t ’cause we don’t like him and we don’t like what he’s doing.” Get some judge to stay it and then Trump would obey what the judge says because Trump’s a law-and-order guy, and they’d have to go through the whole process of taking this to the Supreme Court and so forth.

That’s what they’re gonna do. Whatever he proposes that is in any way injurious to them, which is open borders. They are the open-borders party. They need it. They need the border to remain open and porous. They don’t care who comes in. They’re all potential Democrat voters. If they’re drug cartel members, if they’re thugs, if they’re MS-13 or if they’re just poverty stricken people escaping a war-torn place, they’re all potential Democrat voters. It doesn’t matter anything beyond that.

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