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RUSH: A couple of senators gave their farewell speeches from the Senate last week. Claire McCaskill was one. Jeff Flake, Arizona, was another. You know, senators often use their final floor speech to praise the place. They praise the Senate as a great institution. They offer fond memories of their time there. McCaskill was having none of that and Jeff Flake kind of bombed out too.

McCaskill used her farewell address to call the Senate dysfunctional. She knocked her colleagues as a bunch of cowards who live in “fear” of tough votes. She said the Senate isn’t the “world’s greatest deliberative body” any more.

Now, she closed with a quote that no family is complete unless they have an embarrassing uncle upstairs in the attic. She said, “We have too many embarrassing uncles in the United States Senate.” She added lots of embarrassing stuff happens there. Well, we have a lot of “embarrassing Aunties” or did, but now that she’s gone…

Flake’s speech? He thought it was going to be rousingly approved and appreciated. There was a smattering of applause because nobody cared, either way.

Bye, both of you!

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