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RUSH: You know, folks, the sad fact is that, even in the best of times, there are really very few people who get in the arena — and, even then, there are fewer that stay in for all 12 rounds. Now, right now, this is your country — if you can keep it. Right now, this is your country. It’s not theirs. I don’t care how they’re making it look. Don’t be these two guys at my dinner party who want to throw everything overboard because the media has destroyed Trump or whoever else you hold dear.

Yeah, they won the House of Representatives, and, yeah, they’ve got the media, and, yeah, they can create narratives and so forth. But Donald Trump’s still in the White House, and he’s still advancing his agenda. It is still your country. It’s still yours — if you can keep it. And you don’t keep it by shouting from 20 feet behind the front row (grumbling), “You need to do that and you need to do that,” and start whining and moaning. I’m not speaking of any of you here specifically. I’m talking about an overall attitude of one that you should not be caving and not falling prey to.

I know how hard it is. Believe me.


RUSH: Troy, New York. This is Brian. Great to have you, Brian. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for having me. Longtime listener. You’re an American hero. I’ll cut to the chase. I know your time is precious. I’m offering a little holiday hope and cheer. They will fail, the left. These lies are from the top to bottom. And philosophically, fundamentally, you have to operate in societies with a pre-assumption that people are telling you the truth. You can’t even have red and green stoplights work if there’s no truth. We can prove this in a church table. They will fail.

We’re at a state where it’s like Bleeding Kansas. We’re at loggerheads and, you know, these impassioned arguments come from both sides, and they both point fingers. “Liar, liar, liar.” But when you have to really say, “Well, who’s lying?” I mean, it’s as simple as, you know, for example, a man who has surgery, that surgery, a woman, and it’s not. It’s just not true. The lies are, you know, apparent to everybody.

The other thing I wanted to add is I really like how Trump — everyone hates his comments and his tweets and he embodies free speech by exercising the right. And that’s the best thing that he can do for it. Meanwhile, the CEO of Google doubles down and their identity politics embodies that by just — no, we’re not censoring conservatives but, you know, it’s I guess because, well, we don’t identify that way, we identify as anything that is not, you know, Marxist as hateful. So the fraud is apparent to everyone, and, you know, eventually they will lose. It’s just a matter of how many people they hurt before they do.

RUSH: Well, they are taking a lot of people out. I mean, that’s the thing. They are destroying a lot of people. That’s one of the powers that they have. They’re destroying people’s entire lifetime net worth. They are able to take actions that result in people losing their homes. And this also happened during the Enron trials. It happened during the Ted Stevens trial. When I was reading about that in Sidney Powell’s book, there was a glee. The prosecutors were backslapping themselves. They were happy when they ruin somebody.

It was like a notch in the belt kind of sense of achievement when they force somebody to plead guilty because they’d run out of money, they were having to borrow money, sell their house to be able to pay their lawyers, the prosecutors were doing dances on the graves. And I’m sure they’re doing that now. I’m sure they’re dancing on the grave of Flynn, they’re dancing on the grave of Manafort, they hope to be dancing on Trump’s grave.

They’re just despicable people. And there is no sense of humility whatsoever. If these are really serious crimes that threaten the structure and stability and security of the United States, then there ought to be some solemnity here about stopping it, bringing it to a screeching halt and convicting the people that are engaging in these horrible practices. But there isn’t any of this. This is just notching the belt, getting scalps, using power for the sake of it.

People who are not having to use any of their own personal money to conduct these witch hunts are taking glee in destroying people. And for what reason? They don’t even know them personally. It’s all political! They know Trump, they worked for Trump, they raised money for Republicans or what have you. It’s really no more complicated than that. But it was eye opening to read how happy and celebratory these prosecutors were as they destroyed people. And the people they destroyed, in many cases, were innocent.

By the time the legal system had run its course cases had been overturned and convictions vacated as high as the United States Supreme Court, the United States federal court, Washington district in the case of Ted Stevens. But the damage had been done.

So that other aspect, just the human nature aspect of this, the glee that these people are experiencing as they don’t have to use their own money. They’ve got Uncle Sam’s Treasury, and they have limitless access to it. And they take great pleasure in destroying people. They savor the power they have to do that. It’s a gross misuse of power that is being engaged in right now, and for no crime to have been committed.


RUSH: I want to say something about this, and I want to open a little bit of a window into this program. You realize on any given day, I can take any direction I want, and I can go wherever I want when I do this program.

If I wanted to, I could spend today talking about last night’s football game between the “Cheaps” and the Chargers. If I wanted to, I could update you on the status of my funky watches which lose charge only on the charger. If I wanted to, I could say, “This is the holiday season. I’m not gonna get bogged down in all this media garbage. I’m gonna sit here and we’re gonna have fun. We’re gonna do holiday-focused things and so forth.” I could go any way I want to go on this.

And every time I start thinking about the direction I want to go, the first thing that I ask is, “What do I want to do?” because that’s paramount. ‘Cause if I engage in things I’m not into, you’re gonna be able to tell, and it’s not gonna be compelling. The next thing I ask myself is, “What is the audience expecting today?” or, “What do you in the audience want or hope to hear?” That is a very important question, and it requires a certain degree of empathy.

The point is that because of the time of year and everybody’s desire for this time of year to be as festive as it can be and as upbeat as it can be and as fun/optimistic as it can be, there still is a degree of responsibility. And it goes back to what I was referencing in the opening hour of the program, and that is being in the arena or outside of it and how you conduct yourself from either or both positions. And I have… You know, I don’t have any choice in the matter.

I’m perceived to be in the arena, and so that always ends up being a top-level determinant in asking myself, “Where do I want to go today? What do I want to do?” Because, folks, let me tell you: It would be easy to broom this stuff. It would just… There are so many other things out there that I really would love to chat about. But there’s something in me that says that would not be right. “Well, why don’t you do an hour of that then two hours…? Well, ’cause once you start, you’ve carved a path.

Granted you go wherever you want to go. I can. I can go wherever I want to go once the thing starts, but it really has to do with core beliefs and things that I think important — and, above all, a desire to not be seen by people as not taking this stuff seriously. It is very serious. It’s about our country and our future and what kind of country it’s going to be. So I feel compelled to talk about it. I feel compelled to talk about it as honestly and straightforwardly as I can, and I’ll be honest.

It sometimes leads to frustration because there are, you know, many other things that I would have probably more fun discussing. But I put it all together, and there remains this indelible desire to cut through all the noise with the truth and to try to reach as many people with it as possible. Now, these last two years have been markedly different from the 28 years prior. I can guarantee that in most of the 28 years prior, by the time we are 10 or 11 days from Christmas, we are chatting about things that are not nearly as heavyweight as all of this.

But these two years have been different, because there is a focused effort (from the highest levels of our clandestine government we’ve ever seen) to undermine that which a majority of Americans voted for in 2016. There’s no way to treat that lightheartedly. There’s no way to treat it singularly with humor, although you try to find it. Humor is a very persuasive tactic, but it has to be done in the right percentages. You can’t go all humor, because then people aren’t gonna take it seriously.

The point of all this is that I don’t like running the risk of being considered a Debbie Downer with all this. But at the same time, there is a certain degree of responsibility that has befallen me simply by virtue of the way I’ve chosen to do this program over the years and the places that that has taken this program and me. So there are expectations that when you tune in here, you’re going to get things, and that’s why you’re here. So I can’t just shelve it. I can’t just shove it aside and say, “You know what? It’s Christmas.

“Forget all this Trump stuff! Forget all this deep state stuff. Let’s talk about whatever,” my watch that won’t charge or the NFL and whatever is happening with that. So that’s why we’re spending time on all of this, and it’s why I’m doing it with a sense of sincerity because I do think this stuff is very serious — and in media terms, we’re outnumbered. In terms of population at large, we’re not, but nobody would ever believe that simply based on media coverage.

So that’s essentially why I have chosen — even though it’s the festive holiday season — to continue to delve into this. ‘Cause one of the things I’ve always done — and those of you who have been here for many, many moons know this. One of the things I’ve always done is if anybody that I believe in or like — or anything that I believe in or like — comes under assault, I’m instinctively programmed to defend it or the person. It’s just my natural reaction to these kinds of things.

And we’re under assault. We’re under constant assault. It was predictable. In that sense, it isn’t a surprise, but it still is what it is — and it’s outrageous what is happening. When you boil this down to what has happened and been going on the last two years, it’s simply outrageous, and it’s intolerable, and it’s not just gonna go away. It’s not just gonna fix itself. It’s not just going to… “Don’t worry, Rush. It’ll all work out. Don’t worry, Rush, there’s not much you can do about it.”

That may be true too. There’s not a whole lot of any of us individually can do about it. But it is important to buck up the one guy trying. In this case, it’s Trump, and the fact that they have not been able to separate Trump supporters from Trump is one of the things that keeps egging them on and urging them on here. So it’s kind of a simplistic explanation, but that’s a little bit of an open window into how I’m deciding to handle things here at this particular time of year.

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