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RUSH: By the way, folks, I need to remind you that at our store, the Rush Limbaugh Store at the RushLimbaugh.com website, you can still get stuff delivered for Christmas if you make your choices by tomorrow. We have special shipping deals if you end up by early tomorrow — sometime during the day tomorrow — making up your mind. I mention this ’cause we’re being asked, “Hey, Rush, when do I have to order to make sure it’s delivered by Christmas?” Tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, and if you get it ordered tomorrow, it’s gonna be delivered in time for Christmas. I tell you, the emails are coming from people who want to know about… They’ve heard callers here raving about the T-shirts that have fabric unlike anything they have ever experienced, and they want to know. They’re hearing by word-of-mouth, third party, and they want to know how long they’ve got to order. So Wednesday is the last day for anything in the store.

By the way, folks, I was looking at some product the other day, the new polo shirts and the caps. This stuff is just… We are really, really, really proud of it, and I’m grateful for all the questions we’re getting about it. The T-shirts people are raving about, the material, it’s not something I can describe. But it’s not at all like the cotton you’re used to in T-shirts. You can see all of them at RushLimbaugh.com or the EIB Store. But if you want to deliver it by Christmas, tomorrow is the day to make up your mind.

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