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RUSH: No, we haven’t talked about Michael Flynn yet today, either. But, man, I unloaded on that yesterday. You know what? I’m telling you in a very short way. I don’t think this judge… I was so let down by this judge. I thought this judge knew what was going on because of his involvement with these same prosecutors, not only in the Enron case.

But he actually presided over the Ted Stevens case, which featured prosecutorial fraud and misconduct that he detected and overturned by vacating the guilty verdict. So I thought this judge was aware of what these prosecutors can do, and I read the transcripts of some of the hearing yesterday, and I’m convinced that he was unfamiliar with the facts. And then throwing out haphazardly because he got the timeline wrong, that he thought Flynn might have engaged in treason?

And then he had to apologize for that because he had the timeline wrong regarding when Flynn had spoken to the Russian ambassador, Kislyak, and he was profoundly embarrassed. But it didn’t matter because it was already out there. The news media saw that and ran with it, and it was all the way around the world before the judge apologized for it. He said he felt really bad about it, that Flynn had not engaged in anything close to treason.

He was sorry for the misrepresentation and so forth. But he seemed to not know (sigh) what all of us knew about this case! He continued to focus on Flynn as being the bad guy, which allowed the media to take shots at all of us. “You who thought that the judge was gonna throw the book at Mueller? Well, we learned in the first five minutes that you were wrong! Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah.” CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, even Fox. Fox has been overcome with people now who seem to be siding with Mueller and against Trump and anybody else that’s with Trump on this.

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