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Dec 19, 2018


AP: Trump Says He’s Eager to Sign Sweeping Criminal Justice Bill
Daily Wire: Amid Gridlock In Congress, Trump Vows ‘The United States Military Will Build The Wall!’
Breitbart: State Department Pledges $10 Billion to Develop Central America, Southern Mexico
CNN: ow Jared Kushner, Kim Kardashian West and Congress Drove the Criminal Justice Overhaul
Axios: Senate Easily Passes Trump-Backed Criminal Justice Reform Bill
Washington Examiner: The ‘Wall’ is Now ‘Steel Slats’ and Trump has Screwed His Supporters
The Hill: GOP Moves to Prevent Shutdown with Stopgap Spending Bill
FOX5: Chinese Nationals Smuggled Across Border in Ultralight Plane
CNSNews: Gallup: Americans Say No. 1 Problem is ‘Government,’ No. 2 is ‘Immigration’
AP: US Pledges $10.6B Aid for Central America, Southern Mexico
The Hill: Why Americans Are So Tired of Trump News
New York Magazine: Donald Trump Hates Christmas Parties – Olivia Nuzzi
The Hill: Dem Pollster Says Voters are Fatigued Over News of Trump ‘Wrongdoings’
Investor’s Business Daily: Fed Hikes Rates, Sees Two More In 2019; Dow Jones Erases Gain
New York Post: Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch Faces Grilling by House Panels
Daily Wire: Trump Declares Victory In Syria As U.S. Moves To Withdraw All Troops ‘As Quickly As Possible’
National Review: Michael Flynn’s Sentencing Hearing Should Be a Wake-Up Call
National Review: Flynn: Fact, and Narrative – Andrew McCarthy


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