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RUSH: We now move to the audio sound bites. We start at No. 1. Last night’s ABC’s World News Tonight with David Muir.

BRUCE: Conservatives are outraged. Rush Limbaugh says the president “got less than nothing.” Tonight, Capitol Hill is heading for a short-term fix to keep the government open until early February. But by then, Democrats will control the House and the chances of the president getting money for his wall will be even more unlikely.

RUSH: I’m sorry. That wasn’t David Muir. He introduced it. That’s Mary Bruce. She’s one of their reporterettes. So you see, “Conservatives are outraged. Rush Limbaugh says” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Here’s more Mary Bruce, ABC’s World News Tonight.

BRUCE: The White House says the president is now willing to consider a short-term fix, but he has not yet committed to signing this. And now here on the Hill, some conservative members are launching a last-ditch effort to try and change his mind.

RUSH: Right. “Oh, no! Oh, no! We’ve been dancing on Trump’s grave and, oh, no! There are people trying to change his mind.” That was yesterday, ABC’s World News Tonight. This morning, ABC’s Good Morning America, Dan Harris talking to the same infobabe, Mary Bruce. Question: “The Senate passed a stopgap spending bill to avert a government shutdown but there’s a huge question hanging over all of this: Will Trump sign this bill without any extra spending for his border wall?”

BRUCE: Some on the right are criticizing the president for retreating. Rush Limbaugh says the president got, quote, “less than nothing” in this deal, and Fox News is declaring the president lost.

MUIR: In the end, here, do we think he’ll get on board with this spending bill and sign it if it doesn’t include any money for the wall?

BRUCE: The White House says the president is now willing to consider this short-term solution, but he has not yet committed to signing this. And here this morning on the Hill some conservative members are launching a last-ditch effort to try and change the president’s mind about this. But the political reality is that there is just very little appetite here, even from the president’s own party, to fund the wall right now.

RUSH: Hey, Mary? There never has been an appetite from either party to fund the wall. That’s why there is Donald Trump. That’s it, in a nutshell. Neither party has ever had… Both parties want the borders to be open! For all intents and purposes, the majority of both parties want open borders, and they want amnesty on top of it. That’s why there is Donald Trump. The guy that won the presidency! The swamp can’t figure this out. They can’t figure out why Trump won!

They’re still scratching their heads. They think the Russians might have had something to do with it, something else went wrong, the Electoral College. There’s a simple reason. Donald Trump was the only guy running for political office, nationally, in 2016 who was believed when he said he was going to illegal immigration. One issue. I’ll tell you something else, folks. The American people have been fighting this since the early 2000s. The American people have had no assistance.

They have called, they have faxed, they have emailed, they have inundated that town on a number of occasions and they have stopped amnesty in its tracks, and the establishment is fit to be tied over it. But it is a powerful thing to realize that Donald Trump was elected president, and what was his No. 1 issue? Stopping this, shutting down illegal immigration, building a wall — which is essentially border security!

Which every one of the Democrats and Republicans has always conceded (sputtering), “Well, we’ll do it. We’ll do amnesty, but we need border security first.” Knowing full well they’re not gonna do border security! “Okay. We’ve gotta do border security first, and then we’ll deal with the amnesty.” They set it up that way knowing full well they’re never gonna deal with it — and there isn’t any, is there? What border security additions have been made?

What new policies have there been? There haven’t been any. They’re looking for reasons why Donald Trump was elected president? Well, here you go! (chuckles) I mean, it’s undeniable. They can deny it all they want, but there you have it — and if the issue goes away here, and if it’s punted again to February, it’s gonna be punted forever. Last night on WABC TV in New York, Channel 7 Eyeball News, the anchor Bill Ritter was talking about all of this…

RITTER: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced a continuing resolution today — that’s to temporarily fund to federal government for the next two months. It also does not include any funding for President Trump’s (pause) wall. Conservatives are outraged over this; Rush Limbaugh leading the way. If approved, the measure will provide the funding necessary to continue normal operation of government agencies through February 8th.

RUSH: Yeah. If signed. Normal operations. These guys can’t even sit down and do a legally required, full-fledged 12-month budget. Even when we run both houses, we can’t even seem to do that. Continuing resolution here, continuing resolution there. This went up to February 8th, right before Valentine’s Day. Here’s Bret Baier, Fox News this morning. Bill Hemmer says, “Mark Meadows called the continuing resolution without funding for the wall a fumble. He said that if you don’t do the shutdown now, then when? So he’s a member of this Conservative Caucus talking to the White House urging the president to stand tough on this and to not give in.”

BAIER: Yeah, it’s not just Mark Meadows. I mean, you have some voices that obviously the president listens to — uh, some opinion makers. Rush Limbaugh was railing against this saying he should not sign it and go to Mar-a-Lago and let the government shutdown. That is not where the administration overall is.

RUSH: No, it isn’t. It isn’t. Trump is up against opposition wherever he turns, whatever direction he turns — except in yours, except when he looks at you, the American people. When he looks at you, the people who voted for him — when he looks at the people most profoundly affected by this — he sees support. The Washington establishment, the inside-the-Beltway crowd in Washington, however you want to characterize it or term it, honestly I’ve seen enough commentary on this to know that they think all this is a joke.

Five billion! They’re laughing that it’s so insignificant an amount of money. They literally think this is a joke. They think that people that care about this are not worth paying any attention to. It’s a huge disconnect, folks. The people who are supposed to be our representatives, who are supposed to be concerned with and aware of the expressed will of the people as in votes at the ballot box… But it’s not just them. It’s media commentators who think that they’re all on the same team inside the Beltway — and not just leftists.

I mean, you’ve got plenty of so-called Republican and conservative media commentators on the various cable networks, and they all are holding firm on this, and their basic belief is that it’s just unserious. It’s a joke, and they can’t believe that so much time is being spent on this, and they get sooo excited talking about a possible government shutdown, ’cause they looove conflict, apparently, and they looove being able to report that the Republicans are committing suicide.

The fact is history does not show that Republicans commit suicide when blamed (fairly or unfairly) for government shuts down. You want to know why this is important? I have a story here. You know, but this is a story Strategic-Culture.org. This is a globalist website following globalist kind of news. “The United Nations Will Soon Try to Enforce Open Borders as a ‘Human Right,'” and then they talk about a member of the German government here.

His name is Markus Frohnmaier. He says he “is most disconcerted by the latest developments. Piled up on his desk, is a mountain of papers with the headers showing the logo of the United Nations. ‘Every MP of Europe, every MEP and even every mayor should be forced to read this,’ says 27-year-old Frohnmaier, one of the youngest deputies in the Bundestag” said. The United Nations is going to attempt to enforce open borders on every member nation as a human right. Now, this story dates back to October.

But I’ll bet you haven’t heard anything about it. But this story gives us an open window to what we are up against when it comes to having any borders whatsoever. The left is fighting like mad to eliminate the whole concept of nation states — and to do that, to further that is getting rid of the idea of borders all across the world and actually make this a global commune. Look how hard it is fighting this two-year-old vote for Britain to leave the borderless EU. What do you think the EU is? The European Union wipes out borders, creates this gigantic commune of nations that once were Europe.

Every nation had its own currency, had its own language.

The Brits voted to exit the EU, and they’re not implementing the will of the people.

They’re doing everything they can to stop it and now even calling for a second vote, thinking that the people of Great Britain may have changed their minds. If they’re not already, get ready, because the American left is gonna be talking about illegal immigration the same way they talk about… Uh, what’s the word? I’m having a mental block on the word. Uh, uh, uh. Asylum! They’re gonna be talking about it as a human right. Asylum! Illegal immigration, a human right — that human beings have the right to pack up and go to the United States and nobody can stop them.

That’s why for many other reasons this is so important.


RUSH: Grab audio sound bite No. 24. So we just heard from members of the Drive-By Media — ABC, Fox News — talking about the efforts here to reach President Trump. I don’t think President Trump needs to be reached on this. He knows. What President Trump needs here is assurance that he’s not alone. You can’t… I replayed an interview that I did with him in August about all of this, and he openly talked about how hard this is because there isn’t much support from even the Republicans.

There wasn’t much support the Republicans on repeal-and-replace Obamacare because back then the Republicans didn’t think Trump was gonna survive the Mueller investigation. They actually believed there had been Russian collusion. They thought Trump was not long for the world; so they didn’t have the guts to sign on. As time went on and they realized that it was bogus and that Trump was gonna happen survive, they began to turn around and support him on things.

We got tax reform. But this is… You know, all the Republican donors, the big money is so against anything that would tighten border security, and he was talking about how hard that it is. And here’s another reason. This is a Republican strategist named Kevin Madden. He was on CNN this morning. He was asked, “Is a win for the president possible here? Either he keeps the government running or gets funding for the wall. It just seems like there isn’t a good situation to the president either way you cut it here.”

MADDEN: The White House knows that they’re not gonna be able to get the funding, but have they been able to convince the president, and have they been able to convince those allies on Capitol Hill that are pressuring the president to veto this? There’s a huge canyon between that reality and what the president, I think, is willing to accept. The folks up on Capitol Hill have to find a way to communicate that, uh, to this president in a way that where they can come together on a coherent strategy. They’ve been entirely at odds now for the last week, and that’s why we have a situation where we really don’t have many good options left for Republicans — and we’re sure to sort of bear the brunt of the bad headlines if there were to be a shutdown.

RUSH: There you have it. That’s the Washington mentality, the Republican political consultant mentality. (sobbing) “Oh, my God. We can’t do this! I mean, we’re gonna they’re gonna have bad headlines about us are gonna blame us for the government shut.” People are worn out on this! A government shutdown never hurts anybody! It’s become almost a straw dog. But, see, the White House knows they not gonna be able to get the money. Congress knows. Now they’ve gotta be able to convince Trump. So the pressure on him is immense not to veto this and to go ahead and keep our precious government running.

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