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RUSH: Mark Meadows, North Carolina congressman, spoke in a special order on the floor of the House of Representatives last night and, among other things, said this…

MEADOWS: As I close out this particular special order, I think it’s appropriate for us to remind the American people that there is a bad case of Potomac fever up here in Washington, D.C. They forget what they promised the American people, and yet what they must do is not forget this time. Mr. President, we’re going to back you up. If you veto this bill, we’ll be there. But, more importantly, the American people will be there. They’ll be there to support you. Let’s build the wall and make sure that we do our job in Congress.

RUSH: Mark Meadows assuring President Trump that they will have his back — and, more importantly, that so will you, who… By the way, I know this is true. I know that every Trump voter and probably a few additional will have his back on this. Because, folks, I can tell you this. The Washington, D.C., swamp thinks all this is just a game; it’s just a joke. They’re privately laughing. The Democrats last night were singing Christmas carols on the floor of the House in celebration.

Democrats! Christmas! They don’t even believe in Christmas and they’re out there singing Christmas carols! Remember, Donald Trump doesn’t like Christmas parties, they say, because he’s jealous that it’s Jesus getting all the attention. They’re singing Christmas carols and Pelosi’s out there dancing, consuming adult beverages. This is all a game to them! That $5 billion is the kind of money that they engage in fraud to send off to people. It’s nothing. It’s all a game.

They’re playing a game. They don’t take it seriously. But we have volumes of proof. It’s called history, national and state. When Democrats implement their agenda, they lose. When Democrats show their cards and tell everybody who they really are, they lose. When Republicans do not implement their agenda, they lose. When Republicans fail to implement their agenda, they lose — and that, not a shutdown, is what’s at stake.

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