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RUSH: Paul Ryan canceled the Republican press conference today. He said that there was too much conflict. There was a scheduled new conference, and there was just too much conflict within the Republican caucus. I was just watching CNN, and here’s their take on all this. They think that this is all for show. They think the Republicans canceling their press conference and going up and having a meeting with Trump in the White House, which was scheduled to start at noon. We don’t know if it did, but it was to begin near then.

CNN says all this is for show.

The meeting, the canceling the press conference, this is just so that Trump… Cause he’s gonna sign the thing. They’re telling each other at CNN, “It’s a done deal. Trump’s never gonna shut down the government before Christmas! It isn’t gonna happen. All this is designed to make you Trump voters think that he’s seriously considering it, and that he’s in there fighting for you, and that he took it down to the wire and he was this close to not signing it, to vetoing it. But in the end, common sense prevailed, and President Trump realizes that he cannot shut down the government before Christmas and therefore they think this is all for sure. That’s what they are saying at CNN. Then they threw it to some reporter somewhere.

Well, I wouldn’t be so sure. You know, the one thing about Donald Trump is we never know what he’s gonna do. Which is true. But they’re trying to comfort themselves in the Drive-By Media that all of this is for show. And they’re talking about the fact that this has happened before, that there have been threatened government shutdowns and Trump has huffed and puffed but in the end, he has gone ahead and kept government opening by giving Democrats whatever they want. In this case, Republicans too.

And that’s true too. This is why all of this argues for drawing a line in the sand. We’re talking… We’re not talking about $5 billion. By the way, can I mention another aspect of this that is not even being mentioned? We’re talking about federal spending here that is out of control. We’re gonna have a total expenditure in this fiscal year of over $4 trillion. We don’t have it. You know, I am convinced that something has happened in Washington and maybe it’s not recent, but I think all of the talk, whenever there is talk about spending restraint or responsibility is just that.

Because there isn’t a person in that town that is actually acting as though they’re concerned about it. I actually wonder, why do we even need a budget? Because there’s no pretense at trying to balance it. We have money raised via taxes, which is at an all-time high, by the way. Washington is collecting more money from all of its sources than ever before, largely because of tax cuts. Tax cuts always result in more money to Washington because more jobs are created. More taxpayers are created.

But as this money comes in, the spending… There’s no correlation of the two. We’ve got monthly deficits now of $300 billion. It used to be that was the annual deficit! Now it’s $300 billion per month that is a deficit. And I’m convinced that most people in Washington don’t think there really is any budgetary reason for not spending money. There is no clerical reason, there’s no pressure to balance a budget, there’s no need to balance a budget. Just spend the money. I mean, we can print it and we’ve got the Federal Reserve over there to keep the economy in check by raising interest rates.

That is an entirely different subject, and that is another attempt at sabotaging Trump. It’s Fed Chairman Jerome what’s-his-face, Jerome Powell, is that his name? Raising interest rates in this economy is crazy, but they’re doing it and talking about even more. It’s not just the interest rates that they’ve raised recently. It’s the promise to keep doing it next year and the market continues to lose value. It’s fascinating to watch the media. You know why the market’s losing value today? Because Trump might shut down the government!

Don’t insult my intelligence! People invest money are not sitting there, (impression) “Oh, my God. Government shutdown? Ah, sell, sell!” That’s not at all how this happens. So much of this trading is automated and done by computers based on algorithms and so forth. The idea that the stock market’s down because Trump might shut down the government, it’s just another bunch of media drivel designed to create the impression that everybody hates Trump because nothing Trump does is right and there’s nothing that he’s doing that anybody understands, and that nobody agrees with anything he’s doing, this is totally out of control.

Yet this guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing and has no business being there and is dangerously incompetent has produced more positive results for the U.S. economy in two years than happened in all of eight years with Barack Obama, who was the most seasoned veteran we could have had, the most responsible, the most sophisticated, the most intellectual, the most knowledgeable. You’d be hard-pressed to find economic activity like this in the first two years of any presidential term. You have all these insiders cannot hold a candle.

And of course, what’s on the table is slowing it down. We cannot allow any of this to be seen as caused by Donald Trump. We cannot allow any credit to accrue to Donald Trump. So possibility of a government shutdown, market sell-off, it’s because of Trump. Everything is because of Trump and this isn’t gonna change. He cannot buy, he cannot purchase their goodwill, he cannot purchase their support, he cannot buy the lack of criticism. He cannot stop them from criticizing and he cannot stop them, he cannot do anything that’s going to change the way they approach him.

Their objective is to get rid of him and they’re going to keep trying to do it throughout the next two years no matter what. So his thinking ought to be just to continue to rack up wins, continue to do the right things based on his own instincts. He ran for office following instincts, and those instincts are correlated and oriented around making America great again. We all knew what that meant, because America does need to be made great again because America’s under attack. America as founded is under attack, and there are substantive reasons why this agenda won the presidency, and there’s no reason to abandon it whatsoever.

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