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RUSH: I’m getting a lot of emails from people today asking if I have had my Apple Watch-charging problem fixed. No. In facbt, the problem has spread to a second watch. I put the watches on the charger and they lose charge. The only time they lose charge is on the charger! It doesn’t matter how many chargers I try. It doesn’t matter what circumstances, doesn’t matter what the atmospherics, what the environment, the chargers are eating the battery. They’re not charging it. I take the watch off the charger, and battery does not deplete any faster than normal.

In fact, battery life is excellent.

It’s only on the chargers that the watch rapidly loses its charge!

And, no, there’s no solution yet.


RUSH: Tom in Orlando, you’re next. Great to have you with us today, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Merry Christmas, Rush.

RUSH: Same to you, sir.

CALLER: Well, I was listening with great interest to your discussion on your Apple Watch problems and the sort of aberrant behavior experience and how it’s going on, and I have a theory. I actually literally wrote the book on this theory, and it’s been in the news back in October. You’re probably familiar with it. Chinese hardware hack.

RUSH: I’ve heard of this book. In fact I heard of this book just yesterday. Are you saying you wrote the book, is that what you just said?

CALLER: No, no, the problem is the hardware hack. I wrote a book 20 years ago that had a hardware hack in it, a book called Spyder Web. But it just came out in the news that Chinese did this for real, that a whole bunch of servers that are in server farms had these little rice-size chips on their motherboards because the Chinese controlled you entire supply chain —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — of manufacturing all these servers. They also control the entire supply chain of manufacturing your Apple Watch.

RUSH: And?

CALLER: I think you have a hardware hack, because it’s such a delicate piece of equipment, the Apple Watch is a lot smaller than a server, it could be interfering with something in there and you try and charge it or whatever, something discharges everything. It’s trying to dump its guts somewhere.

RUSH: Well, I’ve actually thought it might be a hardware problem at first and then when the second watch, 18 hours later, began exhibiting the same kind of behavior, I think I have… Well, I think I know what the problem is, because it’s happened once before. But before I address that, your notion of Chinese hackers. I haven’t talked about this because it’s nowhere near the top of the list of priorities.

But yesterday, Rosenstein came out and announced this gigantic indictment of a bunch of people that are hacking us, a bunch of people messing with our computer networks. You know who it was? It was the ChiComs! This massive indictment, with all of these allegations of all the hacking that the ChiComs are doing. I said, “ChiComs? What about the Russians? There still aren’t any Russians in any of this despite this disaster of the past two years!” Now we’re told that the ChiComs are hacking and they’ve been at it for 20 years or longer and we finally found evidence and now we’re indicting some of them.

The ChiComs! Bloomberg had a story about a month ago now claiming exactly what you just said, that the ChiComs had put invisible or very tiny chips on servers that are being used by Apple and others — IBM and Microsoft — in their data farms, their data centers, like where iCloud is or what iCloud is. Apple and everybody has denied it unequivocally. Bloomberg will not retract the story. It’s caused an uproar in the tech world, and it’s real. Now, this particular one, whether the ChiComs have actually been putting spy software or spy chips on all of these servers ’cause they’re made there?

Everybody involved is denying this to the hilt. Apple never denies anything about itself in the media. They never react to anything. But this, they came out and they’re all demanding retractions, and Bloomberg won’t retract it. As to my watch, I think there’s something that’s happening when the watch goes on the charger that is causing a process to go run amok like crazy that I actually think is related to sync process. So it’d be iCloud.

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