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RUSH: All right. Here we are at the closing segment of the year, although with the way things are hopping, it may well be that I have to bop in here for a day or two in the next two weeks. I just don’t know. I’m gonna be trying to be on standby. But, you know, I get sentimental this time of year. I get thankful this time of year, and I can’t let this program go by without once again expressing all of the gratitude I can muster for all of you being out there for so long.

I did the speech last night and I had so many people be so complimentary and tell me how important the show has been to them and how much they enjoy it, and I still revel in that. I still appreciate it. It still means as much to me today as the first time I ever heard any of those compliments. But whatever the show has meant to you, I cannot tell you how much you being there and admitting that you’re there has meant to me and to my family.

I’m just a guy from the middle of the country, Missouri, who loved radio and wanted to do it to the best of my ability and had these wild dreams that it was gonna be better than anybody else ever had — and you’ve made largely those dreams come true. And you keep causing that dream to come true each and every day. Every day for me is an adult Christmas. I wish everybody could experience it. We have always traditionally wrapped up the final segment with Mannheim Steamroller’s Silent Night.

It’s a beautiful song and it’s a tear-jerker as it builds to the end and its final crescendo so I’m gonna get out of the way and let that play out. If this is your first time hearing it, it’s worth getting the CD, listening to it in full-fledged stereo with the volume turned way up. It cannot help but get to your heart and affect you. Thank you again, folks, and everybody have a great, great, great Christmas and rest of the year. We’ll see you soon.

(Silent Night by Mannheim Steamroller)

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