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Guest Host Todd Herman

Jan 4, 2019

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence

Legal Insurrection: It Begins! Leading House Dem to Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Trump
Fox News: Romney’s Trump attack rings especially hollow when you look at his treatment of Ric Grenell -Tammy Bruce
Legal Insurrection: Report: Julian Castro Will Announce Presidential Candidacy on January 12
Legal Insurrection: Elizabeth Warren campaign already defined by her Native American problem much as emails defined Hillary
Fox News: Ocasio-Cortez tells reporter ‘gotta run’ when asked about shutdown paycheck
Legal Insurrection: Planned Parenthood Will Continue to Support Racist, Anti-Semitic Women’s March
Bleacher Report: Bill Walton Suggests UCLA Should Look to Barack Obama as Next Basketball Coach
Legal Insurrection: Germany Chancellor Wants UN Security Council Seat for the EU
PowerLine: Pelosi Says Constitution Considers Her Equal to the President
PowerLine: Administration Rescinds Obama School Discipline Letter
Legal Insurrection: Poll Finds Government is Country’s Biggest Problem, Guns at the Very Bottom of the List
Business Insider: U.S. Government Warns Americans That if They Visit China, They May Not Be Able to Return Home
CBS: China’s behavior monitoring system bars some from travel, purchasing property
Global Security: China Meets Growing Demand for Armed Drones in Middle East
Fox News: Rashida Tlaib calls Trump an expletive during pitch to impeach
Fox News: 15 Democrats defect on speaker vote to oppose Pelosi
PowerLine: Trump Trolls the Democrats
War on the Rocks: Humanitarian Assistance Has a Terrorism Problem. Can it Be Resolved?

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