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RUSH: Here’s Fred in Salt Lake City, Utah. Welcome, sir. Great to have you.

CALLER: It’s great to talk to you once again, Rush. How are you doing?

RUSH: Fine and dandy, sir, thanks.

CALLER: Good. Longtime listener and I spoke to you a number of times before. I first saw you in Fort Collins at Dan’s Bake Sale back in 1994. Long time. But the reason I called is that you are 100 percent right. If you go away for two weeks or three weeks, nothing changes. And I don’t mean that they don’t continue to bring out new news, but it’s all the same old playbook.

But what I wanted to tell you is my wife and I for the past five years, we’ve been traveling all over the world, we house sit for people when they go on vacation. We’re able to enjoy your show via the internet no matter where we are, and what the caveat of the whole thing is is that you have trained us to be able to see through all of the lies and the manipulation and the twisting and the spinning that they do on everything our president does and all the other people that are against the left.

RUSH: I appreciate you saying that, and I realize that this is the case, A, because you are a very smart, receptive audience and I’m a smart teacher. And, you know, it presents me with a dilemma. Ah, “dilemma’s” the wrong word, a little bit of a challenge. And that is, how do I avoid being repetitious? You have learned so well that how do I avoid boring you when I continue to point out examples of this kind of stuff when you already are well trained enough to recognize it all yourselves? It’s an ongoing professional challenge that I have.

CALLER: You need to keep doing what you’re doing because there are many people who have not caught on yet. And the people, even myself, that have caught on, still need to continue to hear it over and over again so we don’t get off track.

RUSH: Well, there is a point to be — yeah, yeah, the constant reinforcement and the reminding. And it’s true; not everybody sees everything I see. I get that. Yeah. But it is a challenge, after 30 years. And I don’t mean to keep harping on that, but it’s a long time. How do you avoid being repetitious because, look, the philosophy doesn’t change, the principles don’t change.

The things, the news, the events, they change, but the reaction to them doesn’t in terms of the core beliefs and the principles. And so it’s a dual-edged sword because the more educated you are and the more trained you are to spot this stuff, and, by the way, that’s an ultimately good thing. And the effort is to expand the number of people who can do that. The number of people who can watch the news and ferret out the BS, who can read between the lines, who understand the bias from the get-go, before you even turn it on you know what you’re gonna get.

This is why I keep harping on the fact that we need to make more people ideologically aware, not just to wear a party label, Democrat, Republican, ’cause I’m telling you, Democrat doesn’t mean anything nearly as insidious as socialist or communist. And, folks, that party, the Democrat Party is a Socialist Party. And it’s trending. It does have its communist elements, and they make no bones about it now. They proudly proclaim it.

They are an anti-American founding party. They are for anything that will upset and disrupt any American tradition, any American institution that can be traced to the founding, they have a single term that they fall back on to justify this. And it is racism or racist. They claim that the entire American experiment is predicated and built on racism, and therefore it is all immoral. And it is all unjust and it is all unacceptable. A bunch of white guys founded a country where slavery was legal. And that’s it. Everything that happened is thus immoral, because everything about America, as founded, is racist.

That’s the primary word they use in opposing a border wall or any kind of border. They call it “racist” to try to close the border. It’s racist because who are we trying to keep out? People of color. What America’s always done. And that’s what they fall back on. And, of course, it’s still effective with a lot of them. Nobody wants to be called a racist. Nobody wants to be thought of as racist. Nobody wants to think their country is. It’s been effective and helpful in that regard for ’em, but it’s an eye-opening thing that we continue to work on.

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