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RUSH: Well, these are exciting times for you California residents. Your new governor, Gavin Newsom, is including in his budget one of the biggest new social welfare proposals in history. He will give families six months paid leave when they have a new baby.

Right now, the state provides a measly six weeks paid time off when parents have young-uns. But that’s all set to change, thanks to Governor Gavin the Magnificent.

There’s just one little hitch. Even though Californians will soon be able to take six months off, with pay, to have a baby, nobody knows how this will be paid for. The governor’s budget doesn’t include a funding source, and nobody in the Democrat Party legislature has come up with one.

But paying for free time with free money is not a big deal. Somebody will pay for it, somehow, someday. Or maybe abortions will increase and it won’t cost as much.

In the meantime, California, go ahead: celebrate this genius political achievement for the children. A half a year off, paid leave. Why not a full year, why not two years, why not five years? Why not just not working and have babies and be paid. Where does it stop?

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