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RUSH:  And look at this, folks.  Only 7% of Americans say illegal immigration is not a problem.  The first act by the Democrat House majority is to defy the will of 93% of the population.  Only 7% of Americans say illegal immigration is not a problem.  Eighty-eight percent of Democrats.  To insinuate that anybody who disagrees with them is immoral? You know, if the rest of the Republican leadership would fight back, we could win this debate!

Why does Trump have to go it alone?  I’ll tell you why Trump has to go it alone.  Because people like Never Trumpers, like Romney and the rest of this crowd, is sitting here living 25 years in the past, or 20 years in the past.  They have been rendered obsolete.  They have been rendered irrelevant.  They never were relevant, if you want to get down to brass tacks.  In their own minds they were.

But it remains a one-man show:  Donald Trump against the Democrat Party and the media!  Donald Trump against fake news.  Donald Trump against lying news.  And we are very fortunate the guy does not cave.  We’re very fortunate he’s willing to put up with this.  Ninety-three percent of the American people say illegal immigration is a problem; 88% of Democrats.  The first act by the Democrats now who run the House of Representatives was to pass legislation or to tout legislation mocking this, lamenting this, making fun of this, and ridiculing this!

Now, we’ll see how this plays out.  How many of you thought Trump would have caved by now?  Be honest.  How many thought Trump was gonna cave by now?  Well, the media said he was gonna be caving if it weren’t for me. The media said he wouldn’t even have done it if it weren’t for me.  There’s a story out there today by a former Trump supporter who’s gone off the reservation and says, “You know what?”

He said, “There never was gonna be a wall.  We just created the concept of a wall to help this idiot Trump stay on message.”  You believe that?  “There never was gonna be a wall!  We knew before Trump knew how important his message on illegal immigration was, and so we had to create the concept of the wall for him so that he could say something and remember something very simple during all of those rallies.

“To keep him from going off the prompter and going rogue and start mumbling about things he didn’t understand. We just kept pounding, ‘Mr. President, just the wall. You gotta build the wall!’ That’s what we kept telling him.”  So this guy going rogue now basically is trying to say, “Trump never even believed in it! The wall was never real. We, who were smarter than Trump…” Notice they’re not with Trump anymore. “We, who were smarter than Trump, created the whole notion of a wall just to simplify things for him.”


So the one guy holding firm, the one guy standing for it, the one guy who is not buckling in any way, shape, manner, or form on this had to be told to use the wall, had to have this whole concept of a wall created because of his simpleton mind.  This is a former Trump supporter.  Now, this is just one example of the kind of stuff that Trump gets thrown at him each and every day.  I’ll guarantee you the vast majority of us would have gotten frustrated with this long ago and thrown up our hands and said, “To heck with this” and would have done anything we could to make it stop.

Let’s get started on the phones.  David in Denver.  You’re up first today.  Great to have you.  Welcome back, sir.  Hi.

CALLER: (garbled cell) Happy New Year, Rush.  I am one of those 380-some-odd-thousand employees, federal employees that are sitting on the sidelines right now.  Yes, I’m suffering financially.  Yes, it could not come at a worse time for my own family’s personal financial life, and I have to push back creditors and basically run the risk of maybe having my house, you know, foreclosed on, which is not gonna happen because as the president said, we’re good for the money.

Having said all of that, at the same time, I cannot sit here and with a good conscience continue to allow this open-border policy we currently have with our country and the lives that it cost on our Border Patrol agents, the sex trafficking or the trafficking of people from both sides.  We have children that are being kidnapped here in the United States and carried across the border into Mexico because of this open border.

So to me, I will suffer this small financial loss for the short amount of time to help insure that we get something done in this process, because if not now, when?  And the second real quick comment is, there was an article in CNN Business called, “Cable News Networks Air Trump’s Comments in Real-Time. But Should They?”  I’m sure Cookie has that in your Stack, but I had to put that in there because they’re now asking the question could they cover him in real time ’cause basically he’s making them look bad.  (chuckling) Sorry.

RUSH:  I’m not… I didn’t get the CNN part of what you said.  I didn’t quite understand that.  Do you know Cookie?

CALLER:  No.  But normally Cookie has the… There’s an article out there on CNN Business that says, “Cable News Networks Air Trump’s Comments in Real-Time. But Should They?”  is the headline.  And basically the article sits there and says, you know, Trump puts out all this misinformation, should we be airing this in real time.

RUSH:  Why should they not?

CALLER:  Well, that’s the thing is that we then have to… They want to filter it through their lens so that we get the information that they think worthy and is not, you know, with Trump’s lies, as they put it.  Or falsehoods, as they say.  Interesting.

RUSH:  Oh.  Basically, they’re saying should they fact check him before they report what he says since he lies so much?

CALLER:  Yeah.  Well, and I was trying to get on YouTube yesterday when he was going to Camp David to find out exactly what he said to the reporters because it’s really a fascinating interchange.  He makes them look really bad.  One reporter last week asked a question, “Well, Mr. Trump, you said it was gonna be a concrete wall.  Why…?” You know? And the president said (impression), “It’s a wall.  It’s either a steel or concrete, but it still is a water.  It doesn’t matter.  Steel would actually be better for the United States.  I’m sorry.”  I don’t mean to —

RUSH:  All right.  I gotta run, though.  I’m way out of time.  Glad you called.

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