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RUSH: Also, I’ve got a lot of people asking, “Rush, are you gonna talk about what happened to the Apple stock?”  Yeah, I am.  But I’ve got other things I want to get to first.  But, of course, I can’t get it all in today, everything that happened over the break that I want to weigh in on.  But that is something that I do want to weigh in on ’cause it has implications beyond Apple. It’s not just Apple. It’s beyond Apple. It affected the stock market, the ChiCom economy. But, more importantly, you have to understand something, folks.  Silicon Valley, the tech community, hates Donald Trump and it’s not even related to business.

It’s pure, pure politics.

They just hate Trump.

So Cook, in explaining what went wrong with Apple not meeting its sales projections for the Christmas quarter, they had to issue a revision that their guidance was even worse than what they thought when they issued it back in November.  They’re required by law to do this.  If they’re gonna come in way below what they’ve told the market they’re expecting, they have to revise it.  So they’ve revised it. “We’re gonna be even $5 billion shorter in revenue than we thought we were gonna be,” and in his statement Cook alleged to the ongoing trade war with China — i.e., it’s Trump’s fault!  Trump did it!  Trump’s doing it!

They just can’t help themselves.

But there are other factors involved in this that, yeah, I do want to weigh in on.

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