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RUSH: At the swearing-in of California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom (I was just swearing, myself) something unusual happened. Just as the judge asked Newsome to raise his right hand, a hubbub erupted. “I object!” shouted a protester.

He yelled that Newsom had blood on his hands. The demonstrator began shouting about “sanctuary states” as he was being thrown out of the place.

Now, it’s pretty rare for Democrat officials to experience protests like this, especially on their home turf. And this was mild, compared to what left-wing activists do. This protester didn’t unfurl any obscene banners, throw pig blood, chain himself to the stage, or demand the judge “impeach the M-F-er.”

But there are two possible outcomes here. One, this protester will be outed on social media, the hate-mob will surround his house, he’ll be fired from his job and forced into hiding.

Or, second outcome. We’ll never find out who he is, and his family, friends, and loved ones will never see him again.

But either way, this guy, who dared stand up to a Democrat governor, is done. This guy’s toast. Tell me if you see or hear anything about this in the next couple of days. You won’t.

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