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RUSH: This is Joe in Denver. Joe, I’m glad you waited, sir. It’s great to have you here with us. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Happy New Year to you.

RUSH: Same to you, sir.

CALLER: Looking forward to 2020, how do you feel that us conservatives can help our independent friends not to be influenced by the deluge of negativity that seems to be happening day to day on not only your CNNs and your MSNBCs, but your New York Times, Washington Post, the three majors. My concern is that true or not, all of this negativity is going to weigh on the minds of those independent voters that we need so badly in 2020.

RUSH: It could very well be. I mean, I addressed… First thing, the direct answer to your question is: I’ve been trying to answer this for 30 years. How do we keep people from being affected by the lies of the mainstream media? I don’t care whether they’re independents, Martians, Californians. How do we do it? It’s been an ongoing challenge, even as the overall size of conservative media has risen. I’ll give you an example.

There’s a story today on Drudge. It’s actually a link from a great site called Campus Reform. What they do is they go to college campuses and illustrate the abject ignorance of college students. What they did today or recently is they went to a bunch of campuses (I think it was one campus; it’s always a liberal campus) and they started reading students quotes they said were from Donald Trump about immigration, and they got the students’ reactions.

The reactions were, “That’s jingoistic! That’s racist! That’s bigoted! That’s hate! That’s illegal! That’s crazy!” And then the Campus Reform guy said, “Sorry, Trump didn’t say those things. Those were said by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton,” and the students are unfazed. They don’t change their minds at all. They still hate Trump, even after learning they have been lied to about what they were just told. Now, what will you do in a circumstance like that? Now, admittedly these are college kids, young skulls full of mush. But even after having been proved that they were lied to, that Trump did not say those things, it didn’t change their opinion of Trump at all.

So what would you do?

CALLER: Yeah, well, all I can say is… (chuckles) You know, they are full of mush, and thank God for you and Hannity and the Young America’s Foundation, because I’ve seen those man-on-the-streets where they go up and they ask a person a question and they say, “Oh, that’s a bunch of garbage. He’s a racist liar.” “Oh, I’m sorry. That was a Bernie Sanders idea.” “Oh.” Silence.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, he would… In fact, Bernie was one of the people who’d said something about this. By the way, all of these quotes were about support for a wall. Obama has offered support for a wall. Hillary Clinton has said that she would support it and would vote for it. Bernie Sanders ditto. It was all about a wall to control illegal immigration, and these students, when they thought Trump said these things, were just… (chuckles) It was amazing how ignorant they are — and their responses were purely, 100% cliched.

“He’s a racist. He’s a bigot. He’s stupid. He’s dangerous. Why, I can’t believe the inhumanity.” And then the guy said, “Wait. I’m sorry. Trump never said any of those things. This was said by Obama.” “Oh, really? Really? Well, Trump’s still a creep!” “And Hillary Clinton said…” “Oh, really? I still hate Trump. (sputtering) Trump’s still… He’s still… He’s still a danger!” So look, the question comes back to something that I addressed yesterday. What this year is gonna be, what it’s gonna hold — and there is the possibility that it’s gonna be devastating.

It’s gonna be frustrating as it can be, because the one thing that isn’t gonna change is the left isn’t gonna soften. They’re not gonna dial it back. They’re not gonna be able to help themselves. There’s gonna be… The only thing the House of Representatives is gonna do is investigate, and this little bit tonight with Trump’s speech? This is just a little microcosm of what they’re gonna be doing to Trump on a daily basis. I mean, they’ve proposed a new piece of legislation to require presidential candidates to reveal the last 10 years of their income tax returns, purely because Trump hasn’t.

It’s voluntary. There’s no law requiring it.

Trump has told them to go pound sand. Trump’s voters don’t care. But they think there’s information in his tax returns which would cause people to want him impeached or that would prove Russian collusion or some such insane thing. Okay. Well, if you do that, then what the Republican response should have automatically been to this (and, of course, there wasn’t any) is, “Hey, Nancy, let’s see yours! You just said that you have coequality in terms of power with the president because you’re on the succession list. You’re at the top of it. So let’s see your tax returns, Babe.”

There’s not a single Republican that reacted that way.

But that ought to be the response! “Hey, you want see Trump’s tax returns or any other Republican presidential candidate for president’s tax returns? Where are yours? You keep touting that you’re just two seats away from the presidency.” But they’re gonna be investigating his tax returns. Adam Schiff’s not gonna be able to control himself. So the impact of this on people? How’s it gonna affect you? Is it gonna depress you, gonna make you mad, gonna keep you fired up? Is it gonna make you feel like we can’t beat ’em? ‘Cause I guarantee you, that’s gonna be the atmospherics of all this.

The media is gonna make it the look like the Democrats are unbeatable and that nobody can survive what they have planned for Trump. Trump remains, as I said yesterday, a one-man show. It’s Donald Trump against the media, Donald Trump against the Democrat Party. There’s some Republicans in Congress and governors that are supportive of Trump, don’t misunderstand. But in terms of actually joining the battle and getting involved in it day after day and pushing back, he’s pretty much the team.

So this year we know it’s gonna be filled with Democrat attempts to get him out of office, either by way of the election in 2020 or by way of impeachment or by way of resignation or by way of shame, that is gonna be the objective. The objective remains overturning the 2016 results and somehow, and I’m not exaggerating, somehow getting Hillary Clinton or somebody like her back in there. The fact that Pence is up next just means he’s the next one that’s gonna be targeted and destroyed.

The effort is to erase the 2016 results, however long it takes. Now, are they gonna be persuading Americans that it’s the right thing to do? Are they gonna be increasing their support as they do this or are they gonna be doing the opposite? Are they going to be ginning up such opposition, are there going to end up being people that voted for Democrats who had no idea this is what they had in mind and are gonna be repulsed by it? We don’t know.

Every day is gonna bring its own surprises, along with the things that are very predictable. But it’s gonna be I think a challenging year in this regard. And they’re gonna continue forward on their march to literally overturn our society, our culture. They are going to do what they can to obliterate morality. They’re gonna do what they can to obliterate the concept that men are men and women are women. They’re gonna obliterate every societal norm that has sustained this country since our founding.

They are going to be attacking these things day in and day out. And not just in Washington, but throughout and across the country. They’re gonna be doing it at the at the national level, gonna do it state level, local level, they’re gonna continue to bombard bakeries and photographic shops that will not service transgender weddings or gay weddings or receptions or whatever. These kinds of things are going to continue. There will be ongoing harassment of conservative and Republican citizens that aren’t doing anything to anybody. They’re gonna continue to do whatever they can to intimidate all who are opposed to them to silence and basically shut them up.

They’re gonna be doing everything they can to intimidate their opposition into giving up. And I want to remind you — and I touched on this yesterday. There’s a little bit more news about it. Remember this Dry Alabama result that we had yesterday? There was I think some pretty big news made yesterday that has not even been repeated that was revealed on this program. What happened was Reid Hoffman, a tech Silicon Valley gazillionaire who cofounded LinkedIn contributed a hundred thousand dollars or more to an operation run against Roy Moore in Alabama, the special election there against Doug Jones, the Democrat.

They engaged in an operation made to look like the Russians were meddling and tampering in the election. It was a Democrat, leftist-run plot that was made to look like the Russians did it. It was a test as much as anything else. It was an effort to use Facebook and Twitter and bots to make it look like the Russians were tampering with the election, meddling in the election to elect Doug Jones, to help Roy Moore and to gin up opposition to Roy Moore. And it featured lies about Moore and lies about Doug Jones, both good and bad.

But the point is, it was exactly the kind of operation they say that Trump and the Russians cooperated in to defeat Hillary! Now, here are these people actually running one of these operations, made to look like Russians. Who’s to say that all of this Russian meddling from the get-go hasn’t been run by Democrats right out of the DNC, right out of the Hillary campaign?

And one of the prominent people in this organization running this op was one of the strategists running the Stop Rush movement, the harassment of advertisers. Creating bots and flooding advertisers’ emails with lying, stinking emails about things I was saying that I hadn’t said, trying to harm and damage the business here. The same people were doing it against O’Reilly, Tucker Carlson, Hannity over at Fox. The same guy running that operation was involved in the Dry Alabama.

Democrats are thick as thieves in this. And this kind of stuff is gonna be happening throughout. So the irony here is that while we’ve had the last year and a half of our lives torn apart by an investigation into whether or not the Russians meddled and somehow cheated and arranged Trump getting elected when in fact the Democrats are the ones running these operations right out of the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democrat National Committee!

And reaction in the Drive-By Media (snoring). Nothing. Matt Osborne is the guy who ran this operation, instrumental in it, as well as the Stop Rush movement. And conservative media is not even picking this up and running with it. It’s just standing out there all alone. Dry Alabama. Tech, Silicon Valley, LinkedIn co-founder, the money behind the operation.

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